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Latest reviews

Good Love (reissue)Backatcha
Proper boogie-funk stylee from Rome Jeffries, first recorded in 1983 as a paean to confident, smooth loving. The sultry mood of the song is backed by its cut-up claps, bouncy synth piques, and weighty veneer, which all went on to contribute to its later status as a sought-after diggers' slab. As much is ever-more evidenced on the instrumental B-side, which has an unprecedented - dare we say cheek-slapping - grit to it.
Music From The Withered Orange TreeCocktail D'Amore Germany
Originally released in the mid 80's on UK cassette label Bite Back!, this nearly lost gem finds new life 30 years later on Cocktail D'Amore Music. Steve has cobbled together a superbly melancholic electronic concept album. Wistful melodies often evoke sentiments of a lost childhood and hazy English mornings. Each song within remains untitled allowing full perceptive freedom as to what they all communicate, a language for the feelings that have no name. Untitled A1 - A6 leads one along intimate soundscapes of pattering drums and tinkering piano, a sense of closeness and trust develops with the introduction of each new idea much like the beginning of a bed time story. Untitled B1 - B3 then begin to breathe more openly awash in angelic colours before abruptly turning downward on B4, a wall of booming drums and atmospheres from the furthest reaches of the galaxy before the last trio of songs settles gently back on Earth.
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Charles Ostrov / Blueberry - MINERAL 06
MINERAL 06Mineral Cuts
The Mineral Cuts label looks back through the fine discographies of Charles Ostrov and Blueberry here and serves up one track each from the mid-nineties. Ostrov is first with 'Annoked' from back in 1998 originally on the World Of House label. It's a big house cut with lithe synth work and nice loose jumbled toms to get the floor in a lively groove. On the flip, Blueberry's 'Can't Hold It' from 1996 on Orange Records is a dynamic and powerful house cut that leans into garage for its inspiration. Add in some celebratory paint chords and you have a timeless good time anthem.
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One Touch - Morning Thunder
Morning ThunderFine Image
You know what they say. After 'Morning Thunder' comes afternoon sunshine, and this is certainly the case with One-Touch. After a run of jazzy, springy keys and hammering breaks comes a powerful ray of euphoric sola heat a la Krome & Time records. Looking for something just a little dark and spacious in its intention? Flip for 'Nexus' and zone the heck out. Excellent weaponry from this mysterious artist. You know what they say - One-Touch, zero-artist information available.
Lyra - Give It Up 2 Me
Give It Up 2 MeCollective Leisure
.Anthem incoming! Having generated some powerful hype and attention online through an unofficial stream, Lyra's take on Ojerime's 'Give It Up 2 Me' now finally gets an official release on Leisure Collective. Capturing the universal turbo movement that's taking most genres by storm right now, each version tickles a different spot. The original is a pounding speed bass bumper, L Major brings some jungle magic to the mix while Limoux drops the tempo for a bubbly bass house cut. Finally Jag Limbo takes us all the way to trance town. All corners covered.
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Taiko - Crumpets
CrumpetsWhite Peach
.Grubs up groovers! Taiko gets his jig on with White Peach and he's serving up some crumpets. Linking with good friends and able chefs Ed Hodge and Sam Emery, 'Crumpets' is a beautiful funk cut that nods towards the vibes of Silki and Swindle. It's backed up by three more club-focused originals: the harp-plucking 'LM', the creepy, creaky floorboard groaning 'Rise Above' and the graveyard stalking 'We Do' Juicy peaches, each and every.
Zha - Two Shades Of Blue
Two Shades Of BlueNaan
After a short break from the controls, White Peach maestro Zha returns to his own Naan imprint to drop two more of his signature eastern-twinged swagger-jams. Following the intense flavours of cuts like 'Spice', 'Mumbai' and 'Tale Of She', both of these tracks pack a beguiling punch and some really interesting sample craft. 'Two Shades Of Blue' wheezes and teases with traditional dubby effects while 'Voices' hits the head and brain with a lot more of a physical punch and powerful layering effects. Premium gear. Zha is the man.
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The Summit EPDub Colony Music Switzerland
Destination Switzerland: Teffa lays down four smoking slabs of traditional dubwise dubstep on his own brand new label DubColony. If you know his steez, you'll know the flavours... Smouldering, swaggering and spacious deep 140 dynamics to completely lose yourself inside. Highlights are the alien ray beam firing zone-out 'RMC' and the remarkable drum-heavy finale 'Riders Of The Dub' where layers of percussion and a trippy vocal loop will fry your brain. Life is better with Teffa.

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