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Hongkong (180 gram vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: FIELD 35. Rel: 01 Jun 23
Cyan (11:41)
Index (10:35)
Lantau (13:04)
Macau (8:48)
Arte (9:19)
Occam (7:39)
Mass Transit Railway
Review: Back in 1997 Monolake was still a project in its earliest development, as Robert Henke and Gerhard Behles were experimenting with the possibilities of computer music while most people were still very much in the analogue era. There had however been some major drops on the seminal Chain Reaction label, and then they released Hongkong as a compilation of these early singles. It made sense, given the way the early Monolake sound trod the line between dancefloor techno and home-listening head trips, and so they presented the likes of 'Cyan' and 'Lantau' on CD, embellished with a little field recording magic from a trip to a computer music conference in Hong Kong, hence the title. Now Field Records have reissued this seminal compilation and given it a first vinyl pressing, remastering the music in the process and ensuring it sounds the best it possibly could.
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 in stock HK$284.53
Balance 031
Balance 031 (gatefold 2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: BAL 030LP. Rel: 02 Jun 23
Underworld - "Two Months Off" (Tim Green remix) (11:12)
Tim Green - "Time Doesn't Have To Heal" (6:02)
Sebastien Leger & Tim Green - "Duel" (9:36)
Tim Green - "It's Only Lightning" (8:21)
Tim Green - "Eteri" (8:37)
Tim Green - "Monster It" (8:33)
Tim Green - "Citron" (9:57)
Ranta - "Valor" (7:51)
Review: Just as it says on the tin, Balance Music presents a stunning mix by Tim Green, a prolific artist and DJ, with his skills in the latter department put on full display on this, his first ever mixtape here. Featuring eight exclusive tracks by Green himself, as well as a remix of Underworld's classic 'Two Months Off', this mix shows off Green's advneturousness, blending deep house, techno and ambient.
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 in stock HK$256.13
The Other Maria
Cat: AX 114. Rel: 02 Jun 23
The Dance Rebellion Starts (8:46)
The Other Maria (5:35)
Freder's Reality Switch (5:35)
Review: As Jeff Mills returns to his third deepest obsession after 909s and UFOs, he presents an addendum to his renewed Metropolis Metropolis soundtrack which doubles down on three of the themes and gives them a different framework through the lens of a 12". This is still the more cinematic end of the Millsian spectrum, but there's some intensity which may well be of use to the more dramatic or daring techno DJ. 'The Dance Rebellion Starts' is plenty loopy and disorienting, full of interwoven, clangorous patterns which should stay nicely in time if you get them locked in the mix. 'The Other Maria' might well be the star of the show though, a nightmarish, ever-building drone piece with some half-time percussion stalking around the edges for guidance. 'Freder's Reality Switch' completes the picture with a slightly more stable synths n' strings piece, but there's still that innate sense of otherness Mills always threads into his work.
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 in stock HK$128.12
Oga For Oga/Eye For An Eye
Cat: DFA 2699LP/MMJ009. Rel: 01 Jun 23
Poison Tree (3:04)
Oga For Oga (5:09)
Skammen (3:47)
Sorgen (4:00)
I En Skogg (3:13)
Time Machine (3:53)
Det VI Inte Far (4:04)
Spit Three Times (3:42)
Tiden (4:33)
Review: Oga For Oga is the second solo album by Swedish musician Elin Engstrom, who records as Loopsel, and is also one half of Monokultur. The album is a collection of atmospheric and experimental songs that blend guitar, vocals, synths and field recordings, owing something to the recently popularised sensibility of "gothic folk", with the lines between acoustic and synthetic heard on standout pieces like 'Svart' and 'Hjarta' thoroughly blurred. A formerly DIY-centric project from Engstrom, she's now turned the tide to worldwide distribution, coming to New York's finest DFA Records for the first time.
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 in stock HK$150.46
(Whirring Marvels In) Consensus Reality
(Whirring Marvels In) Consensus Reality (limited green vinyl LP + MP3 download code (indie exclusive))
Cat: TRR 406LPC2. Rel: 02 Jun 23
Escapement (1:28)
Swift Automatons (2:37)
Vibration Consensus Reality (For Spectral Multiband Resonator) (7:35)
Scatterbrains (3:33)
Phantasia Telephonics (5:35)
The Violet Light (2:27)
Void Manifest (4:02)
Clockwork Fables (2:12)
Mass Lossless Interbeing (3:18)
A Floating World Of Demons (2:31)
Endless Flower (3:34)
Review: If postmodernity is what really rivets the minds and hearts of music listeners today, then longtime music-maker Eluvium (Matthew Robert Cooper) certainly has his finger firmly on the pulse. His latest album is a musical weigh-up of the concept of ontological relativism, a way of thinking that has seen an uptick in recent years thanks to the oncoming tide of new intelligence-mimicking (or, shall we say, cloning?) technologies such as AI and psyche-predictive algorithms. Through dour string movements, rattling soundscapes and neoclassical tropes, a sense of inevitability is put forth by the likes of 'Swift Automations' and 'Scatterbrains'. Whether the overarching conclusion of '(Whirring Marvels In) Consensus Reality' means we'll be overtaken by robots is really up to you.
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 in stock HK$213.49
Secret Life
Secret Life (gatefold LP in spot-varnished sleeve)
Cat: TEXT 055. Rel: 09 May 23
I Saw You (4:25)
Secret (5:04)
Radio (4:04)
Follow (1:39)
Enough (5:22)
Pause (2:23)
Safety (2:43)
Cmon (5:20)
Trying (3:41)
Chest (4:55)
Come On Home (5:12)
Review: If you don't know the backstory then Fred Again and Brian Eno being on the same record might seem rather unlikely. One is an ambient innovator and long-time musical wizard who has worked with the like of David Bowie on his most seminal albums, and the other is a dance music powerhouse who has turned out plenty of pop hits under his own name and worked on even bigger ones with stars like Ed Sheehan. But as a youth, Fred was mentored by Eno, so there you go. Together they fuse their respective sounds perfectly - Fred's diary-like vocal musings over Eno's painterly synth sequences, the whole thing an immersive and escapist masterclass.
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 in stock HK$174.85
The Nation's Most Central Location
The Nation's Most Central Location (orange vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: CIS 127. Rel: 26 May 23
Just Off The M56 (J13) (3:02)
Rocksavage (5:34)
Daresbury Laboratory (4:45)
London's Moving Our Way (7:04)
Thelwall Viaduct (4:35)
Europa Boulevard (6:58)
Busway (3:13)
A Brighter & More Prosperous Future (4:13)
Review: Warrington-Runcorn New Town Development Plan is the musical project of Gordon Chapman-Fox, who creates electronic music inspired by the history and architecture of the New Town (capital N, capital T) he grew up in, Warrington-Runcorn. The Nation's Most Central Location is his fourth album, and explores the theme of the north-south divide in the UK and the broken promises of regional town development - brutal concrete expressed in musical form. Its eight tracks mix ambient, synthpop and industrial, with samples from documentaries, speeches and adverts making up its vocal parts. The album is a nostalgic and critical reflection on the past and present of his hometown, exclusively reflecting on its place in the nation.
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 in stock HK$268.23
A Tribute To Ryuichi Sakamoto: To The Moon & Back
Cat: 196587 37981. Rel: 01 Dec 22
David Sylvian - "Grains (Sweet Paulownia Wood)" (7:04)
Thundercat - "Thousand Knives" (5:15)
Electric Youth - "Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence" (4:58)
Cornelius - "Thatness & Thereness" (3:37)
Hildur Gudnadottir - "World Citizen - I Won't Be Disappointed" (5:39)
Alva Noto - "The Sheltering Sky" (4:48)
Fennesz - "Amore" (4:39)
Devonte Hynes - "Choral No 1" (feat Emily Schubert) (3:02)
The Cinematic Orchestra - "DNA" (4:33)
Gabrial Wek - "Forbidden Colours" (6:22)
404 Zero - "The Revenant Main Theme" (3:54)
Lim Giong Follow The Steps - "Walker" (4:43)
Yoshihide Otomo - "With Snow & Moonlight - Snow, Silence, Partially Sunny" (12:51)
Review: Released to coincide with Japanese musical Goliath Ryuichi Sakamoto's 70th birthday, To the Moon & Back was almost inevitable. Even without worrying reports about the maestro's health, there's no way anyone can have such a significant impact on global music for so long and not have people wanting to pay tribute upon reaching septuagenarian years.
And what a tribute it is. Taking elements from a huge back catalogue that stretches back to the mid-1970s, contemporary greats including Thundercat, Alva Noto, Hildur Guonadottir, The Cinematic Orchestra, and David Sylvian offer new versions and remixes of the master's stuff, with each track here chosen by Sakamoto, which is about as significant a seal of approval as you could hope for. Like the man himself, it's widely varied, consistently innovative and just really, really good.
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 in stock HK$254.09
Selected Ambient Works 85-92
Cat: AMB 3922LP. Rel: 24 Oct 19
Xtal (4:51)
Tha (9:02)
Pulsewidth (3:48)
Ageispolis (5:21)
I (1:12)
Green Calx (6:05)
Heliosphan (4:50)
We Are The Music Makers (7:45)
Schottkey 7th Path (5:02)
Ptolemy (7:14)
Hedphelym (6:04)
Delphium (5:27)
Actium (7:36)
Review: In line with the timely reappraisal of all things R&S related, the resurgent Apollo have seen the opportunity to bring one of their most celebrated records back for another round. Aphex Twin's ambient recordings mature magnificently with age, sounding ever richer and more emotive as the rest of electronic music continues to play catch up all around. From the gentle breakbeats of "Xtal" to the aquatic techno lure of "Tha", the airy rave of "Pulsewidth" to the heartwrenching composition of "Ageispolis", every track is a perennial example of how far ambient techno could reach even back then. It's just that no-one quite had the arm-span of Richard D. James.
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 in stock HK$189.10
Pulse 02
Pulse 02 (coloured vinyl 12"+ MP3 download code limited to 200 copies (comes in different coloured vinyl, we cannot guarantee which one you will receive))
Cat: PITPPULSE 02. Rel: 24 May 23
ASC - "Tidal Disruption Event" (11:33)
Joachim Spieth - "Subtle" (7:38)
Joachim Spieth - "Subtle" (Nitechord remix) (4:45)
Review: Past Inside the Present's 'Pulse' series is an investigation into ambient tech and beat-driven ambient sounds. Who better for the job on this second edition than master craftsmen ASC and Joachim Spieth? ASC opens up with 'Tidal Disruption Event', an understated, underwater rhythm with jittery percussive patterns and bright shards of melodic light piercing through the mix as more coarse soundwaves break over the top. Spieth's 'Subtle' is just as artful and delicate a mix of persuasive rhythm and melodic beauty. A classy Nitechord remix closes out this fascinating EP.
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 in stock HK$150.46
Kinder Der Sonne
Cat: N 0581. Rel: 24 May 23
Kinder Der Sonne (intro)
Die Untergrundigen
Ungewissheit Im Sinus
Kinder Der Sonne (reprise)
Die Untergrundigen (Redux)
Nie Anhaltender Strom
Review: Alva Noto is the alias of Carsten Nicolai, a German artist and musician who explores the intersection of sound, art and science. He is also the founder of the Noton label, via which his latest album Kinder Der Sonne comes. Containing music composed for the score of the theatre piece Komplizen by Simon Stone, its title comes from Maxim Gorky's play Children of the Sun, written in the context of the 1905 Russian Revolution. 14 tracks of glitchy minimalism and electronic-classical bend the concepts contained therein to pure sonic abstraction, reflecting the themes of the play: social unrest, human nature and existential crisis.
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 in stock HK$128.12
Petrovo Uho
Petrovo Uho (2xLP limited to 250 copies)
Cat: DIALLP 047. Rel: 07 Jun 23
Tramuntana (7:05)
Uspon (6:38)
Odsjaj (6:14)
Bura (7:19)
Katamaran (6:46)
Ludilo (7:04)
Tohatsu (7:07)
Oluja (7:56)
Review: Swiss producer Ben Kaczor joins Dial for the release of his new album Petrovo Uho, an 11 track opus that comes hot n the heels of his last album only back in April, Sun Chapter One. He taps into the classic sound of Dial here with bottomless and heady depths. The artist says a trip to Dubrovnik in summer had a big influence on the album as he was inspired by the sound of a foreign language and tried to reflect the sounds and atmosphere of the trip in the music here. There are just 250 copies of this so move quickly.
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 in stock HK$284.53
Live At The Gothic Chapel
Live At The Gothic Chapel (limited white & black vinyl LP)
Cat: PITPLIVE 01. Rel: 25 May 23
Signaling (7:22)
Fernweh (7:14)
Wanderlust (0:39)
Knowledge Rooms (part I & II) (5:24)
Lament For Strings I (2:16)
Alpha (2:50)
Hearken (4:32)
Lament For Strings III (1:37)
Review: Back in February, the prolific Past Inside The Present label boss Zake hooked up with Marc Ertel, James Bernard, and From Overseas at Crown Hill Cemetery in Indianapolis for a very intimate live show in a historic Gothic Chapel. A vast array of instruments were used including a Fender Telecaster, Meris Mercury 7, Eurorack modular synthesizer, Stingray bass guitar and literally tens more tools and toys and the resulting eight tunes of absorbing ambient are all presented here. It is another mystic and mystifying release from this label that reaches sublime new emotional highs.
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 in stock HK$221.59
Labyrinths & Coral Caves EP
Labyrinths & Coral Caves EP (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: TW 01. Rel: 26 May 23
1000 Julys (7:24)
Deep Beneath The Ocean Waves Of Labyrinths & Coral Caves (9:54)
Review: Since making his debut as 33.10.3402 11 years ago, Nenad Markovic has built up quite a catalogue of experimental, left-of-centre musical treats, most notably via frequent outings on L.I.E.S and ESP Institute. Here he makes his bow on another label, Third World, in the process providing DJ Evan's imprint with its debut release. First up, he provides a fresh '2022 mix' of the previously compilation-only '1000 Julys', a minimalistic epic where wayward electronics, intoxicating industrial sounds, hazy chords and marimba style melodies rise above a deep, weighty bassline and sparse, shuffling drum machine beats. 'Deep Beneath The Ocean Waves Of Labyrinths and Coral Waves' is similarly informed but warmer and deeper, with melodic motifs that lap like waves, pads that wash over your soul, and beats that bubble and spit attractively.
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Played by: Alexis Le-Tan
 in stock HK$117.87
El Pulso De La Madera (remastered)
Cat: GLOSSY 013. Rel: 26 May 23
Radio Tarifa (4:56)
El Secreto De Las 12 (6:46)
Luna (3:03)
Zoo Zulu (4:41)
Juana Y Rosalia (1:48)
Hybla (5:28)
Managua (3:52)
Bahia De Los Genoveses (9:01)
El Viento Mece Los Juncos (9:52)
La Costa De Le Muerte (2:26)
Petroleo, Petroleo (1:49)
Las Reglas De La Regata (3:55)
El Viaje De Iradier (6:10)
Alma Ata (4:50)
Los Restos De Naufragio (2:35)
Pulso De La Madera (3:30)
Geosinclinal (Fragmento) (4:49)
Played by: Manu Archeo
 in stock HK$292.63
Are You Shpongled? (remastered)
Are You Shpongled? (remastered) (heavyweight vinyl 3xLP)
Cat: TWSLP 4RM21. Rel: 23 Feb 23
Shpongle Falls (8:17)
Shpongle Spores (7:13)
Vapour Rumours (10:56)
Monster Hit (8:28)
Behind Closed Eyelids (12:29)
Divine Moments Of Truth (10:17)
And The Day Turned To Night (14:42)
Review: What goes around, comes around, at least when it comes to dance music culture. The rise in new productions informed by early psy-trance and hallucinatory ambient techno jams has led to a swathe of reissues of long-forgotten releases from the 1990s. Here's another, and a chance to cop London outfit Shpongle's 1998 debut album, Are You Shpongled. As an LP, it's very much of its time, with the pair brilliantly blurring the boundaries between spacey ambient, dub, chill out room-ready downtempo grooves, intergalactic-sounding drum & bass, flute-sporting soundscapes and the kind of bustling rhythms and shroom-fuelled electronics that were once the preserve of new age travellers in brightly coloured trousers and slightly damp woolly hats.
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 in stock HK$308.92
Music From The Withered Orange Tree
A1 (6:50)
A2 (3:49)
A3 (5:46)
A4 (2:02)
A5 (3:15)
A6 (1:41)
B1 (1:19)
B2 (4:11)
B3 (3:44)
B4 (3:08)
B5 (3:08)
B6 (3:45)
B7 (2:34)
Review: Originally released in the mid 80's on UK cassette label Bite Back!, this nearly lost gem finds new life 30 years later on Cocktail D'Amore Music. Steve has cobbled together a superbly melancholic electronic concept album. Wistful melodies often evoke sentiments of a lost childhood and hazy English mornings. Each song within remains untitled allowing full perceptive freedom as to what they all communicate, a language for the feelings that have no name. Untitled A1 - A6 leads one along intimate soundscapes of pattering drums and tinkering piano, a sense of closeness and trust develops with the introduction of each new idea much like the beginning of a bed time story. Untitled B1 - B3 then begin to breathe more openly awash in angelic colours before abruptly turning downward on B4, a wall of booming drums and atmospheres from the furthest reaches of the galaxy before the last trio of songs settles gently back on Earth.
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 in stock HK$138.17
Monster (Soundtrack)
Monster (Soundtrack) (limited gatefold LP + booklet)
Cat: RZJM 77742. Rel: 05 Jun 23
20220207 (6:52)
Monster (3:48)
Hwit (6:27)
Monster (2:33)
20220302 (2:48)
Hibari (9:02)
Aqua (4:27)
Review: .
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 in stock HK$353.71
Music Has The Right To Children
Music Has The Right To Children (gatefold 2xLP + sticker)
Cat: WARPLP 55R. Rel: 18 Oct 13
Wildlife Analysis
An Eagle In Your Mind
The Color Of The Fire
Telephasic Workshop
Triangles & Rhombuses
Turqoise Hexagon Sun
Kaini Industries
Rue The Whirl
Pete Standing Alone
Smokes Quantity
Open The Light
One Very Important Thought
Review: Widely regarded as Boards of Canada's finest hour, Music Has The Right To Children finds itself the subject of a well-deserved 2LP gatefold reissue from Warp Records. One of the most defining records of what was known for better or worse as IDM still sounds as timeless as it did in 1998, as the library tones of "Wildlife Analysis", thick downtempo rhythms of "Roygbiv" and out of focus melodies of "Olson" prove. Essential!
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 in stock HK$182.95
Oscuras Flores
Oscuras Flores (180 gram vinyl LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: DENLP 369. Rel: 01 Jun 23
Ritua (3:14)
Salome (5:36)
Portal (5:11)
Yaga (5:35)
Lament (3:04)
Relics (5:23)
Trigolosvar (6:22)
Invictus (3:10)
 in stock HK$186.95
Nothing Lasts But Nothing Is Lost (remastered)
Cat: TWSLP 28RM21. Rel: 22 Feb 23
Botanical Dimensions (2:55)
Outer Sphongolia (4:18)
Levitation Nation (3:07)
Periscopes Of Consciousness (2:32)
Schmaltz Herring (2:27)
Nothing Lasts (4:55)
Shnitzled In The Negev (2:49)
But Nothing Is Lost (6:00)
When Shall I Be Free (4:45)
The Stamen Of The Shamen (2:29)
Circuits Of Imagination (3:04)
Linguistic Mystic (2:34)
Mentalism (2:27)
Invocation (2:02)
Molecular Superstructure (2:21)
Turn Up The Silence (1:05)
Exhalation (2:10)
Connoisseur Of Hallucinations (1:47)
The Nebbish Route (1:52)
Falling Awake (2:15)
Review: British psy-trance oddity Sphongle have been traversing the highways and byways of transcendental music culture since the late 90s, and they remain as adored within the scene as ever. Their third album, Nothing Lasts - But Nothing Is Lost is considered one of their great opuses - a twisting and turning fever dream of exotic passages, mind-warping synthesis and lysergic grooves from the studios and brains of Simon Posford and Raja Ram. Split into 20 tracks, but supposedly formed of eight phases in a cohesive dream sequence, it's the ultimate trip, and it's finally getting a repress on vinyl via Posford's legendary Twisted Records, one of the true bastions of psy-trance culture.
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 in stock HK$243.84
Baptismal (limited clear vinyl LP)
Cat: SHIMMY 2017LPC1. Rel: 02 Jun 23
Submersion (20:57)
Immersion (10:39)
Ascension (9:35)
Review: The master and his student - not that we're trying to label Kramer as a novice producer given he could easily school even some of the most accomplished studio hands. Nevertheless, Laraaji is considered one of the true godfathers of ambient, having been there way, way back in the early 1980s, releasing on Brian Eno's Day of Radiance imprint and gracing us with an inordinately good back catalogue since then. The point being that Kramer, like almost everyone stepping into this space in the past 40 years, has certainly learnt something from that living legend. At least some of that is put to excellent use on this collaborative joy, which uses three distinct movements to draw us deep into a simple yet compelling sonic odyssey.
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 in stock HK$166.66
Tales Of Ephidrina (30th Anniversary Edition) (remastered) (Record Store Day RSD 2023)
Liquid Insects (0:31)
Swab (6:26)
Mountain Goat (4:50)
In Mind (10:18)
Ephidrena (10:44)
Auto Pimp (5:07)
Fat Cat (4:17)
Pod Room (5:02)
Mountain Path (4:11)
Static Field (7:02)
Sky-Scraper (extended) (4:31)
Swab (alternative) (4:44)
 in stock HK$260.14
Deep Into The Unknown We Shall Endlessly Roam
Deep Into The Unknown We Shall Endlessly Roam (white & brown vinyl LP + MP3 download code limited to 200 copies)
Cat: PITPZDLOOP 2LP. Rel: 25 May 23
Mute Faces Remained Transfixed In Perpetuity (8:21)
And The Smoke Of Torment (6:08)
Ascendeth Up Forever (7:15)
Untitled (9:36)
Deep Into The Unknown (2:34)
We Shall Endlessly Roam (3:33)
And Quietly Fade Away (2:49)
Review: The ever inventive and always prolific zake is back on his own label Past Inside The Present with yet another new album. Deep Into The Unknown We Shall Endlessly Roam has already arrived with us on cassette tape and now it comes as a limited edition album on white and brown vinyl with just 200 copies pressed. It has been made from archaic tape machines such as a Sony M-570V microcassette voice recorder and obsolete VSC Soundpacer and then recorded to analogue tape for that levelly lo-fi and misty aesthetic. The artist himself says this record is "is dedicated to those who continue to yearn for greater understanding" and it is another sublime listen.
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 in stock HK$207.35
Journey To The Core
Journey To The Core (limited LP)
Cat: PRS 07. Rel: 05 Jun 23
Count 2 30 (6:47)
Pool (8:26)
Sandel (7:11)
Journey To The Core (6:48)
0 Room For 1 (4:35)
Glad To Be Here (4:44)
Dissolve In Sugar (5:27)
 in stock HK$150.46
Museum Of Consciousness (remastered)
Cat: TWSLP 45RM21. Rel: 21 Mar 23
Brain In A Fish Tank (7:52)
How The Jellyfish Jumped Up The Mountain (10:09)
The Aquatic Garden Of Extra-celestial Delights (11:40)
Juggling Molecules (9:16)
Further Adventures In Shpongleland (6:15)
The Epiphany Of Mrs Kugla (6:37)
Ticking The Amygdala (8:35)
Review: Sphongle continue to gift their fans with these exquisite reissues of their illustrious catalogue, catching up to more recent times with the richly dynamic sound of Museum Of Consciousness. This 2013 epic leant in on every dimension of Simon Ponsford and Raja Ram's sound, at once bristling with kinetic electronica energy while keeping their much-loved mysticism front and centre. It's a trip, like a Sphongle album should be, but it's also got a certain bite which more than stands up to the rigours of the modern dancefloor. One of the group's great skills has been in moving with the times while staying true to a certain deep-rooted, festival-friendly playfulness. Grab a slice of cosmic delight, freshly remastered for your brain to happily feast on.
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 in stock HK$243.84
Romantic Piano
Romantic Piano (LP + insert + MP3 download code)
Cat: JAG448 LP. Rel: 25 May 23
Hinoki Wood (1:30)
Ways Of Seeing (2:33)
Cicadas (1:58)
Juno (2:13)
A Stretch (1:32)
City Song (4:02)
Sitting On The Piano (2:23)
Guitar Piece (3:19)
La Langue De L'amitie (feat David Bazan) (3:31)
2017 (1:47)
April To April (1:51)
Cinnamon (3:20)
! low stock HK$191.05
Secret Life
Cat: TEXT 055CD. Rel: 17 May 23
I Saw You
Come On Home
Review: The idea that everyone's favourite modern-day TikTok button-masher and producer extraordinaire, Fred Again, would team up with historic ambient music titan Brian Eno was anyone's guess. Surprisingly, though, Brian Eno was a childhood neighbour of Fred's - of course, similar experiences beget similar creative expression. We also suppose just about anything can happen when you fall in with Kieran Hebden aka. Four Tet, who runs the label that houses this brand new record from the pair, Text Records. This surprise LP is sure to be mobbed with massive fan demand - not least due to the unlikely pairing, but also because it's gorgeous. Fred Again's pop-samplework is reworked into an entirely different context than his usual banger experiments; cuts like 'Radio' instead recall the rough heavenly-textural work of underground ambient artists on Soundcloud, with its phone-liney vocals equally reminding us of the heartfelt understatedness of tracks like Yves Tumor's 'Limerence'. Brian Eno, meanwhile, outdoes himself on the album's start-stoppy, but no less evocative structure, complementing Fred's vocal-sample-centric approach extremely well. Deeper listens confirm the heart-tugging theme: the hidden aspects of human relationships - intimacy, vulnerability, and trust.
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 in stock HK$73.08
The Last Days Of Gravity (remastered)
Cat: TWSLP 32RM. Rel: 24 May 23
Happy Pills (8:43)
All I Want (9:32)
Elephant Machine (6:21)
Your Friends Are Scary (6:30)
I Am A Freak (8:58)
Ribbon On A Branch (7:45)
Sleepwalker (part one) (0:51)
Sleepwalker (part two) (11:25)
Psychic Gibbon (7:25)
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Polyverse (2xLP)
Cat: PRTR 21. Rel: 23 Jan 23
Prelude (3:26)
Oscillating Grids (8:13)
Orion (9:03)
Cycle I (interlude) (6:04)
New Ground Galactica (6:03)
Cycle II (interlude) (3:06)
Astronomicon (6:10)
Derelict Satellites (6:02)
Postlude (6:11)
Review: Kosmogonik offers up a top debut album here packed with fresh ambient, techno, house and electronic deepness. Polyverse has nine exploratory cuts that take you on a real trip through the cosmos, right from the suspensory opening chords of the prelude. After that come the lean and elegant Detroit techno lines of 'Oscillating Grids' and the far-sighted cosmic bliss of 'Orion'. 'New Ground Galactica' is about as delightful and wondrous as electro gets and lovers of breakbeats will find plenty to get excited about on 'Astronomicon' with its smeared chords and colour alien details. A gorgeous album of well-crafted electronic escapism.
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 in stock HK$168.71
Dehli9 (reissue)
Dehli9 (reissue) (limited gatefold 4xLP in embossed spot-varnished sleeve)
Cat: K7 140LPR. Rel: 13 Apr 23
Oscar (feat Anna Clementi) (5:21)
Me & Yoko Ono (feat Anna Clementi) (6:11)
Gute Laune (feat Tweed) (4:57)
Mango Di Bango (6:18)
Wonderful (feat Earl Zinger) (5:04)
Every Day & Every Night (feat Sugar B) (12:46)
Rolf Royce (feat Stefan Graf Hadik Wildner) (5:47)
Sperl (7:39)
La Vendeuse Des Chaussures Des Femmes (6:49)
Session 1: D- Moll (2:55)
Session 2: Einschlaf (1:43)
Session 3: Wien In E (3:11)
Session 4: Schwimmer (3:41)
Session 5: 1504/7 (3:21)
Session 6: Slow Hell (3:04)
Session 7: Song (2:54)
Session 8: Romanze In Es (2:18)
Session 9: Fluss (6:08)
Session 10: Ping (3:13)
Session 11: 2504/1 (3:00)
Session 12: Piano 1 (8:38)
Review: Austrian duo Tosca aka Richard Dorfmeister and schoolmate Rupert Huber, are synonymous with downtempo and ambient and have been for over two decades. It's exactly 20 years in fact since their third album, Dehli9, dropped 2003 and offered two quite different sounds. The first half of the record is what you might call traditional downtempo, the second a more sparse affair defined mostly by plaintive, evocative piano pieces based on '12 easy to play piano pieces' by Rupert Huber. It's a sombre but alluring listen in which the space between the minimal notes really comes alive.
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Paradise Crick
Paradise Crick (heavyweight vinyl LP)
Cat: RVNGNL 93. Rel: 25 May 23
Bendin' In (3:38)
Map To Here (3:38)
River Turns Woodley (For Frogman) (3:38)
Fire Keplo (3:38)
Crick Dynamo (3:38)
Tilth Dusk Drains (3:38)
Tilth Dawn Rustles (1:42)
Mercy Lowlands (2:52)
Paradise Pass (4:43)
Stars Hangin' Shallow (2:55)
Backdrif (2:38)
Crick Foam (1:19)
Evenin' Out (1:59)
Review: There's clearly something in the water in Colorado: a hotbed for alternative electronic tones. The obvious answer would be all the weed the place is now famous for, but we prefer to think it's the stunning and seemingly-never ending natural landscape that hits you the moment you look up. No stranger to music making, local one M. Sage presents his latest interpretation of those surrounds, with Paradise Crick a deep dive into sounds at once manmade and natural. A gentile trip through floating noises and hypnotic fragments of time, it's blissful, instantly captivating stuff, quickly locating the part of the brain that makes you feel immersed and making itself at home. Meandering through the lot feels like time well spent, outside, listening to babbling brooks and gazing out on lakes reflecting beams of sunlight back into the world.

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Cat: TO 123. Rel: 18 May 23
Clearing/Elemental/Ahl Al Samaa/Lifter
Save This Manual For The Future/Sit Still/All That Is Sometimes Not Considered
 in stock HK$126.07
Tales Of Ephidrina (30th Anniversary Remastered Edition) (Record Store Day RSD 2023)
Liquid Insects
Mountain Goat
In Mind
Auto Pimp
Fat Cat
Pod Room
Static Field
Mountain Path
Sky-scraper (extended version)
Swab (alternate version)
 in stock HK$109.77
Everyday (LP + poster in debossed sleeve)
Cat: MT 00387. Rel: 13 Apr 23
Awake (3:16)
Emily (3:27)
Someone Else (4:10)
Love Theme (4:31)
Pieces (4:30)
Gin Under The Sink (5:05)
Apollo (6:36)
Hearts (6:54)
Violet (5:39)
Affection (3:09)
Review: Tourist's melancholic electronic palette gets revived on his second album, 'Everyday', which follows up the 2016 hit 'U'. While the former album told the story of a deep heartbreak, this one explores the calm after the storm, with this electronic traveler no longer dwelling on what was lost. Spoken word meditations on depression intersperse with ambient flows, as the album seamlessly picks up from post-intro opener 'Emily' into the future garagey tones of 'Love Theme'. It's all in one key, providing a seamless, life-affirming journey from one vignette to the next.

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 in stock HK$176.90
Agartha (CD)
Cat: KOMPAKTCD 176. Rel: 24 May 23
Abyss I
Subterranean Life
Ceremony Of The Dead
Floating Against Time
Abyss II
 in stock HK$103.72
Less Popular Than Cats
Reedale Rise - "Track 1" (19:53)
outlier - "Track 2" (19:15)
Jo Johnson - "Track 3" (19:43)
Romanticise The World - "Track 4" (21:34)
Review: Verdant's tenth release is another meandering and mystic trip through ambient electronic sounds that leaves you a million miles away from wherever you started. All four artists here excel with electro producer Reedale Ris kicking off in languid, far-sighted fashion with their mournful synths and distant cosmic designs. Out.Lier's 'Track 2' is another one cast adrift on deepest space with smeared pads and floating aural details suspending you in mid air. Jo Johnson's cascading synth motifs are pure and innocent and cathartic and Romanticise The World's 'Track 4' is mellifluous and hopeful.
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On Giacometti
On Giacometti (limited LP + insert + MP3 download code in debossed sleeve)
Cat: GONDLP 059. Rel: 18 May 23
In Between
Review: The product of an extended residency in the Swiss mountains, 'On Giacometti' is the Hania Rani's latest album, which focuses on the life and art of Swiss national treasure and sculptor Alberto Giacometti. Moving piano suites tempered by synth backings and ruinous ambiences are the names of Rani's game, all conveying the sense of peace exuded by the same Swiss mountains that struck Giacometti with divine inspiration. This is a black vinyl version with clear also available.
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 in stock HK$207.35
Resort Annexia (reissue)
Cat: A6A 11. Rel: 25 May 23
Resort Annexia (8:53)
Bec De Corbin (7:32)
 in stock HK$107.72
Cat: ISLE 015. Rel: 31 May 23
Peckham (5:11)
No Direction (feat Pike) (5:30)
Bridge (1:38)
Grenoble (feat Vague Imaginaires) (4:30)
Hospital Grounds (6:20)
How's Life (6:29)
Westway (Return) (3:17)
Review: Scottish textural experimentors 12th Isle venture across the pond once more, with the label's founder Stewart Brown topping up its exquisite techno-tropical fold for an exclusive look-in to his music made between 2015-2020 (hence the name). A combo of hardware and live-drummed dribblings makes for what might classify as an electroacoustic album but without the usual pretensions, as each track from 'How's Life' to 'Westway' trudge through a million different disparate scrapes and clanks, which each nevertheless retain enough of a similarity to each other, within their difference, to form a part of the same soundbath. The album is also something of an allusion to London living, with many of its rhythmic luminaries (such as multi-rhythmic maestro Pike Ogilvy and fellow 12th Isle affiliate Vague Imaginaries) also in tow.
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Revep (remastered)
Revep (remastered) (gatefold LP)
Cat: N 0532. Rel: 05 Sep 22
Siisx (11:22)
Mur (4:02)
Ax Mr L (4:29)
City Radieuse (7:49)
Veru 1 (7:52)
Veru 2 (5:16)
Review: Alva Noto and Ryuichi Sakamoto dropped this one first back in 2006. It was the third collaborative album between the ambient maestros and the third installment of V.I.R.U.S.'s five albums series. It was remastered last year and now gets served up as a reissue alongside three all-new pieces, namely 'City Radieuse', 'Veru 1', and 'Veru 2'. The first of those was written for a short cinematic essay in 2012. The album centres around the pano with padded bass and electronic frequencies adding extra depth and texture. It is another classic in their oeuvre.
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Codex VI (remastered)
Codex VI (remastered) (limited 3xLP)
Cat: TWSLP 48RM21. Rel: 11 Apr 23
Remember The Future (7:21)
The Magumba State (9:30)
Empty Branes (10:20)
Are We There Yet? (6:18)
Herr Gringleflapper's Secret Stash Box (9:35)
Strange Planet (8:58)
I Woke Up As A Shlummutz (6:41)
A Series Of Heads (5:10)
Celestial Intoxication (9:01)
Hammock Therapy (2:03)
Review: Perennial psy-trance masterminds Sphongle are revisiting their revered back catalogue with some choice vinyl reissues, and on this occasion they're looking back to 2017 epic Codex IV. On this particular record Simon Posford and Raja Ram took things in a particularly mellow, ambient and downtempo direction. Ram's eloquent instrumentation glides through lush soundscapes sculpted by Posford and vice versa, as one of the most iconic partnerships in all of psy-trance demonstrate their vision well beyond the trappings of generic definition. Cut across three mighty slabs of wax, this is another flawless immersion experience from one of the best acts to ever do it.
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Agartha (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: KOMPAKT 461. Rel: 24 May 23
Abyss (2:25)
Searching (5:11)
Subterranean Life (5:51)
Ceremony Of The Dead (7:10)
Floating Against Time (6:32)
Abyss II (3:09)
Burning (7:31)
Agartha (6:29)
Darkness (3:52)
Eternally (4:46)
Review: To date Wata Igarashi has released most of his work as singles. The Japanese techno producer has steadily risen in profile thanks to releases for the likes of The Bunker New York, Nidgar, Bitta and Delsin, but now his trajectory shifts into a different gear as he offers up his first fully-fledged artist album outside of Japan for the mighty Kompakt. It's clear from the offset he's relished the opportunity to stretch out on an album and we're treated to some stunningly rendered ambient and downtempo soundscapes - just listen to the slow rise and fall of 'Searching' and you'll be instantly sold. There's space for drama and accomplished composition as on 'Ceremony Of The Dead', jazzy exploits on 'Burning' and much more besides, showcasing the unbridled imagination of one of Japan's brightest talents.
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Pure Movements
Pure Movements (limited white vinyl 12")
Cat: SNF 088. Rel: 20 Apr 23
Ephemeral (5:19)
Body Memory (5:21)
Genius Loci (5:05)
Physical Quietness (5:32)
Review: What do we think of when someone says the word 'ambient'? Maybe a stupid question, nevertheless the term is often taken as an implication of background sounds, or at least tracks that are loosely structured around ebb and flow rather than rigid forms. In no way a criticism, Luke Haze's Pure Movements offers a counterbalance to that idea.
Dropping on Bristol's Shall Not Fade - essentially an imprint you might as well buy every release from without bothering to listen - this link was always going to be a bit of a clue as to what's on offer. In many ways, the four tracks here play out like breakdowns within late night club sets, hints of euphoria, an atmosphere of build, informed by acid, progressive and techno, but certainly none of the above.
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Played by: Chris Coco
 in stock HK$111.82
Picture In Picture
Picture In Picture (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: ITX 028. Rel: 31 May 23
At Dawn (3:13)
Room Of Mirrors (3:57)
Little Break (6:46)
Ultramarine (3:02)
Headache Pill (4:39)
Picture In Picture (3:12)
Deja Vu (4:48)
Review: The notes we were sent with this new entry into the Ilian Tape ITX Series read "Mushroom Tea Garden Ceremony". It is indeed a rather occult and freaky ambient oeuvre that will have you hallucinating and second guessing where dreams start and reality ends such is the wooziness of the music. It is smeared with odd samples - a sad string, a window creaking open, a distant horn, so is hugely evocative both emotionally but also in terms of the mental imagery it cooks up as it plays out. We don't really know much about NIMU, but this release has got us wanting more.
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 in stock HK$134.17
Tales Of The Inexpressible (remastered)
Cat: TWSLP 13RM21. Rel: 23 Feb 23
Dorset Perception (8:06)
Star Shpongled Banner (8:57)
A New Way To Say 'Hooray!' (8:41)
My Head Feels Like A Frisbee (8:55)
Shpongleyes (9:20)
Once Upon The Sea Of Blissful Awareness (8:08)
Room 23 (5:07)
Around The World In A Tea Daze (11:37)
Flute Fruit (2:18)
Review: 'Shpongloid' is a word we like to throw around in our reviews occasionally; it's traceable back to Shpongle, whose defining psychedelic electronic music style is truly like no other. This reissue of the beija flor influenced 'Tales Of The Inexpressible' sheds new light on one of their densest, long-form 'single-take' trip albums. Breakbeat, new age tabla, robotic Konnakol, gated trance leads; all collide on this incredible album.
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 in stock HK$243.84
Flow Through EP
Flow Through EP (12" limited to 200 copies)
Cat: AKS 9. Rel: 27 Mar 23
Empty Mind (6:12)
Pattern (5:45)
Review: Laima Adelaide's new 12" on Shahr Farang is as deft as sound design gets. The hugely limited 12" is all about quiet artistry and mastering the small things. The A-side 'Empty Mind' is a delightfully sparse and empty yet potent piece with supple, suggestive rhythms and sustained chords that are grainy and lo-fi. It's amazing just how absorbing such little sound can be. 'Pattern' then takes up the whole of the flip with a more pulsing and dynamic rhythm but the whole tune still seems to float through space with distant starry twinkles, deep space energies and a hopeful sense of melodic beauty.
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Devolving Trust
Devolving Trust (LP + MP3 download code limited to 300 copies)
Cat: MIALP 055. Rel: 31 May 23
Devolving Trust (24:57)
Devolve (18:08)
Review: A new chapter in the 'zen music for disturbed souls' series, Erik K. Skodvin adds to his legacy as alter-ego Svarte Greiner with another stunning EP that has plenty of layers to dive into, albeit on the surface seems constructed in an ultra-minimalistic way. Understanding the nuances takes a little background reading, but before that let's talk sounds - reverse out fragments of cello, electric-acoustic improvisation, sparse, dark, almost bleak and certainly a little but eerie. If that sounds intriguing enough, the process behind it should seal the deal. 'Devolving Trust' is actually a live recording, captured in the depths o the Schneider Brewery, Berlin. A setting the producer himself describes as "wet and hollow" with "long reverb", it's aural effect defines the music that's here. 'Devolve' then takes those tones and rethinks, retouches and reorganises them with similar gravitas.
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The Blue Notebooks: 15th Anniversary Edition (reissue)
The Blue Notebooks (1:15)
On The Nature Of Daylight (6:19)
Horizon Variations (1:52)
Shadow Journal (8:18)
Iconography (3:42)
Vladimir's Blues (1:18)
Arboretum (2:47)
Old Song (2:13)
Organum (3:15)
The Trees (7:46)
Written On The Sky (1:40)
A Catalogue Of Afternoons (1:47)
On The Nature Of Daylight (orchestral version) (6:35)
Vladimir's Blues 2018 (1:28)
On The Nature Of Daylight (Entropy) (6:51)
Vladimir's Blues (Jlin remix) (3:45)
Inconography (Konx Om-Pam remix) (3:59)
Review: As this expansive reissue proves, Max Richter's 2004 album The Blue Notebooks remains one of the greatest neo-classical works of recent decades. The album was famously inspired by the 2003 US invasion of Iraq and featured narration from actress Tilda Swinton. Such was the record's impact, in fact, that numerous pieces subsequently appeared on a variety of high profile movie soundtracks. To celebrate the work's 15th birthday, Richter has bundled the album with a second disc of largely unheard material. This includes a couple of intriguing remixes by Jlin and Konx-Om-Pax, two archive tracks produced during the album sessions, and a handful of new recordings of key instrumentals. These are all excellent, of course, but still pale in comparison to the inspired original album.
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Amber (reissue)
Amber (reissue) (gatefold 2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: WARPLP 25R. Rel: 11 Nov 16
Foil (5:58)
Montreal (7:10)
Silverside (5:28)
Slip (6:21)
Glitch (5:59)
Piezo (7:58)
Nine (3:41)
Further (9:56)
Yulquen (6:30)
Nil (7:40)
Teartear (6:43)
Review: As Autechre set out on an extensive live tour, Warp has decided the time is right to reissue their 1994 classic, Amber, on vinyl. Given that it's been unavailable on wax since then, and second hand prices have shot through the roof, this is undoubtedly a good thing. It remains one of the legendary duo's standout albums: a peerless collection of brilliant IDM tunes offering a perfect balance between the glistening, atmospheric melodiousness of their early work, and the crunchy, mathematical rhythms of their later releases. There are moments of eyes-closed calm ("Silverside"), bubbly, melody-led workouts ("Montreal", "Slip"), far-out electro missives ("Glitch"), and the odd icy epic (the brilliant "Further").
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 in stock HK$199.25
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