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New releases last eight weeks: Coldwave/Synth

Coldwave/Synth vinyl released in the last four weeks
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Gimme Love EP
Cat: EW 12003. Rel: 09 May 23
Gimme Love (7:05)
Dykes On Hormones (6:16)
Dare You (7:19)
Cannoli Amore (5:24)
 in stock HK$148.41
PIAS 40 (12")
Cat: BIAS 4006. Rel: 27 Apr 23
Ayatollah Jackson (4:24)
Drama In The Subway (5:12)
HaPeople (3:49)
Danger Zone (6:28)
Bucaresse (7:07)
Penser Et Agir (Est-Ce Un Crime?) (2:55)
 in stock HK$101.67
Midnight Thoughts EP
Cat: MELOD 012. Rel: 19 May 23
Soft Lips
Soft Lips (Chinaski remix)
Midnight Thoughts
Review: It's hard to straddle euphoric and dystopic, but Chilean producer Manuel Ortuzar aka Aural Trace has just about done it. The borders between new wave, electroclash and post-punk are all but shattered on their new EP 'Midnight Thoughts', wherein the artist finds it no great feat to inspire a sense of both tension and wonderment in the listener, through combinations of chuffy clap-whacks, quadruplet bass patterns, and an overall neon-drenched synthy style reminiscent of what might happen if William Friedkin directed a cyberpunk film.
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 in stock HK$113.77
Don't Cry EP
Cat: KOMPAKT 459. Rel: 03 May 23
Don't Cry (6:20)
Elysium (6:13)
Don't Cry (Ambient version) (4:18)
Review: Producer and DJ Stephan Barnem teams up with fellow artist Futuristant for a cross-Mediterranean foray into high-concept melodic techno. 'Don't Cry' is nothing short of a euphoric anthem, mixing tropes from synthwave, electro and big room into a piece that could easily function as the next HALO soundtrack theme. A robotic voice narrates the entire journey - "bringing you light, I am the star, shining so bright, I am the rain refreshing the earth, I am the laughter, I am the mirth" - as if it were the telepathic monologue of a deus ex come to grant salvation to us all.
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 in stock HK$97.48
Structure Without Tomorrow
Structure Without Tomorrow (hand-numbered 12" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: MTRONW 011. Rel: 27 Apr 23
Morality Of Violence (5:26)
Black Dot (version X) (4:24)
Black Dot (Cardopusher remix) (4:54)
Kiss Of The Leaf (5:20)
Hatred (5:17)
Autumn Remembrance (5:39)
 in stock HK$126.07
PIAS 40 (limited 12")
Cat: BIAS 4005. Rel: 28 Apr 23
No Hope No Fear (4:31)
Naked Uniform Dead (Hot Trash mix) (5:03)
She's Not Alone (5:26)
Discipline (Punish Them) (5:08)
Message (Act Up mix) (5:12)
Young Prisoners (4:52)
 in stock HK$101.67
Fate In Seven Lessons
Fate In Seven Lessons (limited heavyweight cloudy clear splattered vinyl 12" + insert)
Cat: HEARTWORM 107X. Rel: 30 May 23
Prayer From Nowhere (4:56)
Night Light (4:27)
Psalm 23 (4:11)
Love Is All (4:33)
Happy Birthday Dark Star (4:00)
Honey Flower (5:28)
Promised Land (4:26)
 in stock HK$317.02
Sanctuary Of Ideas
Sanctuary Of Ideas (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: LPDR 011. Rel: 11 Apr 23
Idea's Eve (11:03)
Full Moon Dance (6:51)
Capricorn Rising Over Jerusalemite Temple (23:12)
 in stock HK$97.48
You & I? (remastered)
You & I? (remastered) (heavyweight transparent red vinyl 12" limited to 250 copies)
Cat: TDE 1211. Rel: 04 May 23
You & I (6:20)
You & I (instrumental version) (6:19)
You & I (I-Robots Reconstruction) (9:02)
Review: First released way back in 1984, Ego Neco's sole single is an Italo-disco obscurity that has long been sought-after by dusty-fingered crate diggers. Step forward Turin Dancefloor Express, a label dedicated to celebrating the city's disco and post-disco heritage. Their pleasing reissue boasts both versions from the original 12": the sparkling, synth-heavy original mix, where stylish, new wave-influenced female vocals ride unfussy machine drums, squelchy bass, freestyle-influenced melodic motifs and colourful lead leads, and the dub mix-style 'Instrumental'. We also get a bonus I-Robots 'reconstruction', which successfully strips back the track to bass, drums and shimmering lead lines before introducing the rest of the original's vibrant synth sounds.
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 in stock HK$158.56
Memory Lane Lying In Pain
Memory Lane Lying In Pain (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: OVER 012. Rel: 25 May 23
Memory Lane Lying In Pain (4:05)
No Rules, More Nudes (3:51)
Heart On Its Knees (3:39)
Memory Lane Lying In Pain (LVCA remix) (5:28)
Memory Lane Lying In Pain (LVCA remix instrumental) (5:26)
 in stock HK$138.17
That Scene (Ganz Wien) (Record Store Day RSD 2023)
Cat: 196587 43787. Rel: 25 May 23
That Scene (Ganz Wien) (4:18)
That Scene (Ganz Wien) (instrumental) (2:29)
 in stock HK$168.71
Mad World (Astonished)
Mad World (Astonished) (12" + MP3 download code)
Cat: KLD 004. Rel: 24 May 23
Mad World (Astonished) (5:19)
Instabil (5:01)
Instabil (Bob Humid 4am Stabilisator remix) (5:02)
 in stock HK$146.26
Let's Try Being In Love: The 12" Mixes (Record Store Day RSD 2023)
Let's Try Being In Love (12 Inch extended mix) (10:12)
Let's Try Being In Love (Louis La Roche mix) (4:54)
Review: Savage Garden's Darren Hayes returned from the wilderness in 2022 after a hiatus of almost ten years. During that time, he tried his hand at stand up comedy, kept a social media presence in the form of shared videos featuring him bursting into song, and evidently spent a fair amount of time recharging. After all, you don't make albums with the energy of Homosexual, the comeback piece, if you're running on empty.
Let's Try Being In Love was the first single taken from that, and in many ways the whole package is more about message than music - a guy publicly celebrating his sexuality and marriage after spending a very long time not feeling ready to do so, during a period in which he was a bonafide global pop star. Here said track appears in both 12" extended form and a Louis La Roche mix, both of which are made for chugging dancefloors, filtered tracking synths firing on all cylinders and an overall sense of self.
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 in stock HK$130.07
Grenoble (12")
Cat: MM 0001. Rel: 20 Apr 23
Grenoble (3:53)
Grenoble (The Hacker remix) (5:22)
Grenoble (Arnaud Rebotini remix) (5:02)
Grenoble (Pablo Bozzi remix) (5:12)
 in stock HK$107.72
IMS Vol 2 (reissue)
IMS Vol 2 (reissue) (hand-numbered 12")
Cat: MD 31806BLACKRE. Rel: 25 May 23
An English '93 (5:24)
Run Away (5:35)
Bubble Rap (4:53)
Review: IMS these days usually stands for the annual Ibiza Music Summit that kick starts each summer sedans, but for this disco-loving diggers out there, it means just one thing: International Music System. Here we have the latest reissue of some classic Italo disco tunes from the much-loved outfit, all remastered once more. This trip of top tunes have been taken from their 1983 album and they sound as good now as ever. 'An English '93' is a strident cut with melodies washing over the face of the cold drums and big chord stabs. 'Run Away' then gets breezy on a summer groove, and closer 'Bubble Rap' has that super old school feel.
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Tags: Hi-NRG | Italo Disco
 in stock HK$109.77
Blow Out
Blow Out (limited 12")
Cat: THANKYOU 024. Rel: 21 Apr 23
Blow Out (4:47)
Blow Out (instrumental) (5:09)
Review: Sound Metaphors sub label Thank You continues to explore lesser known niche records from visionary artists of the 80s by revisiting this single from Jah Wobble. 'Blow Out' is a shoe-in for any Balearic set worth its salt, pairing boxy drum machine rhythms with wistful keys and some blue-eyed soul vocal turns for a meandering ride through prime mid-decade sonic territory. Bleepy where it counts, just a little dubby around the edges and smooth up top, it's a refined, long form cut which sounds great with a modern remaster. Backed with the instrumental version on the flip, it's a no-brainer for diggers who might have balked at paying top whack for an original 85 edition.
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Played by: Jura Soundsystem
 in stock HK$150.46
Signal Drive EP
Cat: DO 303003. Rel: 12 Apr 23
Signal Drive (3:42)
Recovery2 (3:50)
Scramble (5:48)
Signal Drive (MOY remix) (4:37)
Oh Nein (4:24)
Back2 (4:49)
Review: Almost 40 years after the acid sound was first accidentally stumbled across it is still providing artists with endless amounts of inspiration. This Dynamics of Acid label is another one dedicated to the cause and here Jonathan Hipgrave under his Jonny3snares alias explores six different and equally sublime sounds that will make your brain dance as much as your body. There is an inward sense of reflection to the opener 'Signal Drive', a deep melancholy to 'Recovery' then squelchy hyperactive rhythms define 'Scramble.' Three flipside cuts again pair meaningful synths with lithe drum programming to make for a fantastically futuristic EP.
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Played by: DJ Mau Mau
 in stock HK$126.07
Fetishista Kommunista
Fetishista Kommunista (limited hand-numbered translucent red vinyl 12" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: EE 039RTM. Rel: 30 May 23
Fetishista Kommunista (4:39)
Rez (4:30)
Videosex (5:34)
Krv (3:44)
Fetishista Kommunista (Rude 66 remix) (4:56)
Rez (Vive La Fete remix) (6:30)
Fetishista Kommunista (Vive La Fete Toilet remix) (5:42)
! low stock HK$154.46
Dimension Phantasy EP
Dimension Phantasy (5:06)
Dimension Phantasy (Captain Mustache remix) (4:41)
Dimension Phantasy (Oh Lord! remix By Play Paul) (6:13)
Dimension Phantasy (Oh Lord! remix - instrumental) (5:38)
Review: Martin Matiske was discovered by DJ Hell as something of a child prodigy already deeply immersed in the history and present moment of electro and synth-pop, and by 2012 he had already released his debut album Robotermusik. This release on Bordello A Parigi revives one of the tracks from that album, 'Dimension Phantasy', and gives it a standalone release with some interesting remixes. Captain Mustache does a fine job of threading extra arpeggio sparkle into the track without derailing it, while Play Paul turns the track into his own bombastic synth-pop anthem which appears in vocal and instrumental versions.
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 in stock HK$124.02
Eternal Reality
Cat: NN 025. Rel: 31 May 23
Be Free (5:36)
Behind The Scenes (5:03)
Shape (5:33)
Kotodama (5:14)
Review: French label Nocta Numerica clocks up a quarter of a century of releases with a suitably stylish electro trip from Martin Matiske. The German claims to have been mixing records and making tapes since he was 10 and the maturity and high production values of his sound certainly back that up. There is a Lifestyles of the Laptop Cafe feel to his brand of electro - deep and reflective in mood, with sleek lines and celestial chords that carry the mind and body away into the cosmos. It's timeless material that oozes class. Kudos to both label and artist.
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 in stock HK$132.12
Takes Over
Max Him - "Japanese Girl" (extended version)
PJ Marcus - "For Your Sweet Information" (extended version)
Roxana - "In Your Eyes" (extended Voval version)
Fabian Nesti - "Heigh Ho" (extended version)
Midnight Passion - "I Need Your Love" (club mix)
Max Him - "Lady Fantasy" (remix)
Review: Six tracks by some of the less conspicuous names in 1980s Italo disco scene get pressed to a singular unifying 12" here. Commemorating Cruisin' Records' 40th anniversary (1983-2023), 'Takes Over' is a delightful compilation scouring the exclusive vaults of its back catalogue, with label mainstay Nello Jay handling curation duties. Largely centring on the year 1985, two cuts from, 'Japanese Girl' and 'Lady Fantasy', come courtesy of Max Him, while the likes of 'For Your Sweet Information' by PJ Marcus, 'In Your Eyes' by Roxana', and 'Heigh Ho' by Fabian Nesti all stomp, gyrate, and whoop away, indulging the very same escapist fantasies as those involved in the scene back then.
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 in stock HK$186.95
Jet Airliner (reissue)
Jet Airliner (reissue) (limited numbered 180 gram audiophile translucent blue & red marbled vinyl 12")
Cat: MOV 12062C. Rel: 13 Apr 23
Jet Airliner (Fasten Seat Belt mix) (5:54)
Jet Airliner (instrumental) (3:50)
Jet Airliner (radio version) (4:17)
Review: Hugely successful German disco duo Thomas Anders and Dieter Bohlen are Modern Talking, and they made lots of sentimental as well dance floor-ready disco sounds back in the 80s. Much of it is being reissued by the behemoth that is Music On Vinyl and next is a limited edition marble red and blue vinyl version of this three-track 12". There is a campness to this which fans of the likes of Erasure are sure to enjoy - 'Jet Airliner# (Fasten Seat Belt mix) has big 80s drum sounds and glistening synths while the vocals drown in reverb. The instrumental is a little more clean though the drums and arps still make for a big impact and the radio version is also included to close.
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 in stock HK$162.56
Give Me Peace On Earth (reissue)
Give Me Peace On Earth (reissue) (limited numbered 180 gram audiophile clear vinyl 12")
Cat: MOV 12060C. Rel: 13 Apr 23
Give Me Peace On Earth (4:16)
Stranded In The Middle Of Nowhere (4:31)
Sweet Little Sheila (bonus track) (3:06)
Review: Modern Talking is the German pair consisting of Thomas Anders and Dieter Bohlen who were rather prolific back in the 80s and beyond. There has been a revived interest in their music of late and for that reason much of it is being reissued, including this new, limited edition and nice heavyweight 12" edition of 'Give Me Peace On Earth.' It's a three track disco odyssey that starts with the sentimental and syrupy sweet vocals of the title track, which is doused in loved up 80s chords. 'Stranded In The Middle Of Nowhere' is just as devastatingly heart broken with its slow, crashing drums and yearning vocals then bonus cut 'Sweet Little Sheila' picks up the pace for a lively dance floor disco workout.
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 in stock HK$162.56
Lonely Tears In Chinatown (reissue)
Lonely Tears In Chinatown (reissue) (limited numbered 180 gram audiophile yellow & orange marbled vinyl 12")
Cat: MOV 12061C. Rel: 13 Apr 23
Lonely Tears In Chinatown (3:32)
Give Me Peace On Earth (4:15)
Review: Modern Talking was one of the most successful German disco-pop acts of all time. It's an alias for writers, composers, producers and vocalists Thomas Anders and Dieter Bohlen and they put out a busy run of music back in the 80s that is reconnecting today with modern audiences. As such much of it is being made available again thanks to the Music On Vinyl label, and on various different coloured slabs of wax, no less. 'Lonely Tears In Chinatown' has all the playful pomp and campness of a Eurovision song winner with its big synth stabs and cold drum machine grooves. 'Give Me Peace On Earth' is an over-the-top ballad that drowns you in more 80s nostalgia.
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 in stock HK$162.56
Youngsters Of Vienna
Cat: EHAW 007. Rel: 13 Apr 23
Kleine Segelschiffe (3:17)
Einsamkeit (3:40)
Review: Dug out from the hidden corners of Austria's music scene, Prinz & Prinz released just one track back in 1984 on the Youngsters Of Vienna Vol. 2 compilation. Now Editions Hawara have rescued that tune, 'Einsamkeit' and backed it up with a previously unreleased jam called 'Kleine Segelschiffe' which is a truly exciting find for anyone who appreciates early 80s private press grooves. Synths? Check. Dub FX? Check. DIY pop vocals? You betcha. If you love obscurities from behind the closed doors of bygone eras, you're going to be all over this record.
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 in stock HK$119.92
Costo Humano
Costo Humano (limited 180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: OR 113. Rel: 28 Apr 23
Violencia (3:23)
Futuro Podrido (3:32)
Quemar Bandera (3:30)
Cuerpo (3:34)
Sistema Falso (3:29)
El Gran Final (3:08)
 in stock HK$205.30
Alone (1-sided 12" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: DW 010001. Rel: 11 May 23
Alone (7:44)
Track 2
 in stock HK$152.51
Buone Vacanze Vol 2 EP
Ali Renault - "Galactic Boy" (5:59)
Senor Chugger - "Smell The Ashes" (7:23)
Back From The Wave/Umatik - "Endless Crossing" (7:03)
CT Kidobo - "Racing Thoughts" (5:58)
Review: Four months after the series' debut release landed in stores, Bordello a Parigi has readied a second Buone Vacanze EP. Like its predecessor, the four-tracker is packed to the rafters with fresh cuts inspired by the colourful, synth-heavy sounds of mid-80s European electro-disco. Ali Renault is the first to slap on the 'factor 50' and reach for an ice cream, with his 'Galactic Boy' delivering waves of cheery synth-stabs, pulsating Italo-disco bass and glossy synth sounds aplenty. Senor Chugger then steps up with 'Smell The Ashes', a throbbing slab of Italo-disco revivalism rich in cascading melodies and echo-laden drum fills, before Back From The Wave/Umatik doffs a cap to Bobby Orlando and the Pet Shop Boys on 'Endless Crossing'. Finally, CT Kidobo lays down some righteous sleaziness in the shape of minor-key miracle 'Racing Thoughts'.
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 in stock HK$117.87
Walking In The Neon (reissue)
Walking In The Neon (reissue) (hand-numbered 12")
Cat: FTM 201905RE. Rel: 25 May 23
Walking In Neon (6:40)
Walking In Neon (dub version) (9:04)
Strange Desires (instrumental) (5:51)
Strange Desires (vocal) (5:16)
 in stock HK$109.77
Pulsar Diaries
Cat: IFEEL 082. Rel: 23 May 23
Pulsar Diaries (5:19)
Delphic Expanse (5:14)
Blackburn Tales (7:06)
Fourth Amendment (4:31)
Farewell Theme (4:16)
Ursa Major (6:00)
Review: The man, the legend. Well, to those paying attention, anyway. 20 years in the game, Ilija Redman only seems to get stronger, carving out a niche for himself as both one of the best 'cosmic' DJs and a master producer of throwback 1980s boogie, weirdo disco, proto-electro and psychedelic chug, having graced the likes of Bear Funk and Is It Balearic?, and presented work on his own imprints Red Music and Imogen Recordings. On Pulsar Diaries he turns his deft talent to a slightly curveball sound compared to the usual stomping grounds, crafting warm synth wave from drum machine grooves and spaced out melodies. Purposeful beats and pieces meet the kind of tones that make you feel as though the tether has broken and you are adrift, floating through deep space with only rhythms to guide you.
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Played by: Ney Faustini, DJ ROCCA
 in stock HK$119.92
Dramatic Dance
Dramatic Dance (heavyweight vinyl 12" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: OR 111. Rel: 28 Apr 23
Spirit Of Ecstasy (3:18)
Love Balmain (3:12)
Crimes (3:17)
Witch Coast (demo) (3:53)
Idole (with Mega Sega Drive club) (3:47)
Idole (with Mega Sega Drive club - Skelesys remix) (5:12)
Cemetery (3:19)
 in stock HK$205.30
Mehr (7" limited to 150 copies)
Cat: FLR 03. Rel: 13 Apr 23
Mehr (3:47)
No Future (3:37)
 in stock HK$101.67
3 ('bubblegum red' vinyl 12")
Cat: FLT 052LPC2. Rel: 04 May 23
Disco (3:22)
Drop You (2:59)
Paradox (2:56)
Spun (2:03)
Hazing (3:13)
 in stock HK$174.85
PIAS 40 (limited 12")
Cat: BIAS 4002. Rel: 28 Apr 23
Fear & Desire (3:35)
The Pain Came (7:08)
Waiting For A Friend (3:28)
Baby Divine (3:28)
The End Of The Night (5:52)
Sister Suicide (3:45)
 in stock HK$101.67
Light Sleepers (Record Store Day RSD 2023)
Cat: 405053 8875409. Rel: 05 May 23
Light Sleepers (The Grid Twilight mix) (5:40)
Light Sleepers (The Grid Another Grid World mix) (5:43)
Last Chance (extended Brass mix) (4:23)
Last Chance (Brass mix radio edit) (3:18)
 in stock HK$113.77
Cartographic Venture
Cartographic Venture (10:51)
Coming On Monday (4:21)
Exposition To Revolution (6:33)
Review: Speakwave is a lesser-spotted alias from Frenchman Dynarec, who has been exploring the outer edges of electro on various superb labels for years. Here he builds on his famously melodic sound across a trio of cosmic cuts. 'Cartographic Venture' kicks off and is a ten-minute odyssey with cold melodies and tinny drums that have a retro-future feel. Distant vocals add an extra edge to 'Coming On Monday' which has wispy sci-fi lines darting about over more cold drums. 'Exposition To Revolution' closes out with an introspective feel but a widescreen sound that is clean and has lovely spiraling skyward melodies.
Read more
 in stock HK$117.87
So Low
So Low (7")
Cat: BCR 146. Rel: 27 Apr 23
So Low (2:47)
You & I (2:21)
Review: The world is full of heart-rendering electronic pop. So much so, you sometimes have to ask yourself if we can handle - or indeed actually need - any more. Rendered almost-immune to the emotionally barrage that seems to haunt our airwaves, playlists, and Made In Chelsea episodes, anyone who still has feelings in 2023 is doing well by all accounts.
Then along come Synthia, billed by the Big Crown label as a 'supergroup', comprising production don Leon 'El Michels Affair' Michels, and vocalist Claire Cottrill, AKA Clairo. Debate over what constitutes a 'group' aside, So Low, a startling double-A is enough to make you forget everything we just talked about, throw away the idea of overkill, and dive right in. As if born to score something cool, reflective, thought-proving and devastatingly romantic, fans of Electric Youth, Cocteau Twins and Almagris should be here already.
Read more
 in stock HK$77.28
Surrounding Structures remixes
Surrounding Structures remixes (limited blue vinyl 7" + MP3 download code)
Cat: FC 184V7. Rel: 02 Jun 23
Difficult Machinery (Sonic Boom remix) (3:49)
Honestly (I Don't Wanna Know) (Vanishing Twin remix) (4:08)
 in stock HK$77.28
Alphabet Of Humanity
Alphabet Of Humanity (white vinyl 12")
Cat: THISBE 011. Rel: 09 May 23
Tyler The Prophet (8:33)
Praxis Und Theorie (5:13)
Cottbus Theme (5:26)
Alphabet Of Humanity (5:25)
Infrared Voyage (5:53)
Lounge Control (5:44)
Review: The music of Russian producer Volta Cab is known for is blend of post-punk, synthwave and downtempo elements, resulting in a dark and cosmetic plod though nightmarish yet cartoonish sonic backstreets. Like living somewhere sun-soaked in the 1980s and bowling down the road in the the driver's seat of a car that converts into a giant mechanised owl at night, the tracks here are at once sinister and sultry. Catch the tonal shift on the B-side, however, where the EP undergoes a sea-change into Meat-Beat style electro.
Read more
 in stock HK$138.17
Mandroid Parables
Cat: BF 02. Rel: 11 Apr 23
Greenhorn (5:19)
Bell Ends (6:28)
Trident (6:48)
Junket (6:32)
 in stock HK$146.26
PIAS 40 (limited 12")
Cat: BIAS 4001. Rel: 28 Apr 23
Poison! (4:53)
Bang! (4:35)
Barbi & Ken (3:38)
Let Them Come To Berlin (4:56)
Deep Down South (5:14)
Old Friend Sam (6:02)
 in stock HK$101.67
Dry Tears EP
Dry Tears EP (12" + MP3 download code)
Cat: BRT 006. Rel: 31 May 23
Dry Tears (5:37)
No More Dramas (5:42)
No More Dramas (Filmmaker remix) (4:45)
Ghost Spirit (5:14)
I Only See Happy Faces On Instagram (6:51)
 in stock HK$144.31
Frankraut (10" LP + MP3 download code limited to 300 copies)
Cat: MMS 606. Rel: 04 May 23
Frankraut (6:06)
Bretzel In Esslingen (4:45)
Mais Elle Est Passeee Ou La Melodie? (4:56)
La Chica Del Tyffanis De Playa De Aro (6:21)
Navajo Space-Ship Swing (5:41)
Bratwurst In Da Bush (4:14)
 in stock HK$134.17
Player Non Player
Player Non Player (limited LP)
Cat: LPGRON 269. Rel: 13 Apr 23
Grass (4:04)
The Visit (4:07)
Trouble (3:35)
Odile (3:27)
Dragon (1:47)
Dragonlie (4:47)
Crave (2:09)
Fake Names (4:08)
No Pressure (3:56)
Dude On Horse (2:27)
Plaine (3:53)
It's Over (4:59)
 in stock HK$197.69
Jack Vegas
Jack Vegas (heavyweight vinyl LP + insert)
Cat: LPPROGRE 100B. Rel: 25 May 23
Waiting Room (4:02)
Number By Number (3:48)
Bloodless (3:44)
Madeleine (6:03)
Flaws & Flame (3:47)
Jack Vegas (7:12)
Decipher (4:06)
The Unravelling (5:02)
 in stock HK$176.90
Night Time Birds
Cat: KRXN 034. Rel: 02 Jun 23
The End Of The World (1:41)
Level Up (2:29)
Son (4:45)
Analog Sea (2:14)
Death Valley (8:05)
Night Time Birds (9:21)
Oceano (8:52)
 in stock HK$142.26
Kinda Happy Kinda Sad
Kinda Happy Kinda Sad (translucent yellow vinyl LP)
Cat: GCLP 4. Rel: 13 May 23
Uwu (0:53)
Lemme Go (3:15)
BFF (3:39)
Pulpo Frito (3:54)
Song For FIFA (3:52)
Kinda Happy, Kinda Sad (3:28)
Hubble (1:38)
Memories Are Better Than The Real Thing (2:35)
Dia Gris (3:14)
Fish & Chips (2:32)
Sleep Paralysis (2:45)
1000 Years (5:22)
 in stock HK$160.61
Hatiralar (LP + MP3 download code)
Cat: PINGIPUNG 080. Rel: 07 Jun 23
Yapilacak Kadin (2:53)
Her Seylerin Arasindan Gorundu Bana Bir Ceylan (2:35)
Gurbet Bekcisi (2:27)
Zengin Olur Giderim (2:02)
Orman Yangini (2:37)
Ya Benimsin Ya Onlarin (1:59)
Gel Elimi Tut (2:09)
Hatiralar (2:52)
Kiralik Ask (3:16)
Sekiz Sutuna Sekiz Manset (4:16)
Tahta Sucuk (4:21)
Sazliklardan Havalanan Havada Asili Kalan (3:05)
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Blacklips Bar: Androgyns & Deviants (Industrial Romance For Bruised & Battered Angels 1992-1995)
Meng & Ecker - "Shoot Yer Load" (4:57)
Joey Arias - "Good Morning Heartache" (4:32)
Edith Massey - "Punks, Get Off The Grass" (2:23)
Anohni As Precious Liar - "Ladies & Gentlemen" (0:43)
James F Murphy - "Satan's Li'l Lamb" (1:47)
Anohni & Pearls - "Janet Vampire" (0:34)
Christian Death - "Uncertain Journey" (3:00)
Vito Russo - "Disrupt Their Lives" (1:04)
Anohni As Fiona Blue - "Rapture" (3:58)
Diamanda Galas - "Double-Barrel Prayer" (4:58)
Sissy Fitt - "Sister Morphine" (4:25)
Tammy Taste Test - "Natasha" (5:08)
Divine - "You Think You're A Man" (3:29)
Marilyn & The Movie Stars - "So Disgraceful" (5:29)
Ebony Jet - "Satellite Of Love" (5:59)
Dean & The Weenies - "Fuck You" (4:01)
Anohni As Justin Grey - "People Are Small" (0:37)
Princess Tinymeat - "Angels In Pain" (4:01)
Coke - "Your Cigarette" (3:32)
Dave Vanian - "Tenterhook" (2:11)
Sissy Fitt As Carol TooGood - "Suspecting, Mrs Shyster" (1:43)
Anohni - "The Yellowing Angel" (feat Johanna Constantine) (2:04)
Dr Clark Reader - "13 Ways To Die" (0:49)
Minty - "Useless Man" (4:21)
Kabuki Starshine - "My Final Moments" (3:49)
Meng & Ecker - "Golden Showers" (6:10)
Anohni As Fiona Blue - "Love Letters" (5:46)
Anohni As Precious Liar - "Blacklips" (2:43)
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Circadian Rhythms
Cat: 505632 1685131. Rel: 13 Apr 23
Loved Up Lovers
Planetary Cautionary
Perfect Cadence
Disco Damage
Mamushka Babushka
Good Morning
The Circle Continues
Friends Like These
It's Love We Trust
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