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Back catalogue: Minimal/Tech House

Juno's full catalogue of Minimal/Tech House
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Gems Under The Horizon 2
&apos - "Vigo" (5:15)
Salamanda - "No Vacation" (5:39)
Ugne & Maria - "Into Orbit" (4:35)
Manta Ray - "Mysterious Ways" (5:54)
 in stock HK$117.87
Before The Flood
Cat: KM 056. Rel: 18 Oct 21
Before The Flood (4:56)
 in stock HK$97.48
Saving My Love
Cat: KM 058. Rel: 18 Oct 21
Saving My Love (4:18)
Review: Adam Port, &ME and Rampa at team up with Little Dragon are quite the collaboration here on 'Saving My Love', a one track 12' where the deep house sound of Berlin collides with Swedish pop sensibilities. Proper mood music for late night basement parties, the Keinemusik trio's idiosyncratic style of bold, emotive and futuristic groove is the perfect backdrop to Yukumi Nagano's breathtaking vocals. Tip!
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 in stock HK$97.48
Mentalphysics EP
Mentalphysics EP (orange vinyl 12")
Cat: PALMS 057. Rel: 17 Nov 22
All Day (8:12)
Melted (9:16)
Delta T (6:10)
Mid Valley (7:58)
Samo (6:20)
Review: Back in January, &On&On (a DJ/production duo comprised of Noni and Worth Way) were named by DJ magazine as 'ones to watch' in 2022. It's taken them the best part of the year to deliver on that promise, but the pair's Lost Palms debut - their first 12-inch of the year - is packed to the rafters with quietly impressive fare. For proof, check opener 'All Day', a tactile and gently warming blend of deep chords, techno synths and swinging, garage-influenced house beats, before basking in the wide-eyed breakdowns and classic-sounding deep house grooves of 'Melted'. Elsewhere, 'Delta T' is a wonderfully sub-heavy chunk of breakbeat techno headiness, 'Mid Valley' is a sparse, stripped-back, electro influnenced roller and 'Samo' is a psychedelic techno shuffler.
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 in stock HK$124.02
03 (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: 0 03. Rel: 26 May 23
Track 1 (13:35)
Track 2 (14:14)
 in stock HK$142.26
Improviser EP
Improviser EP (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: AMP 024. Rel: 06 Jun 22
Machines Of May (7:25)
Gadget (7:21)
Dark As Night (7:43)
Swiss (6:26)
Review: Since returning to action in 2016 after a seven-year break, 1990s techno survivor Lee Renacre AKA 100 Hz has released some of the best music of his career. This fine four-tracker marks the long-serving Londoner's first outing on Romanian imprint Amphia, who are best known for serving up sparse, minimalistic tech-house. As you'd expect, there's a slightly fuller sound here, though sonically it's as pleasingly druggy and mind-mangling as much of the imprint's output. Renacre brilliantly flits between trippy, arpeggio-driven, house-tempo techno (the otherworldly 'Machines of May'), dubstep-influenced UK bass/techno fusion ('Gadget', which echoes the ethos of his early 100 Hz releases with James Chapman), intergalactic tech-house ('Dark as Night'), and frankly filthy low-end wobblers ('Swiss').
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 in stock HK$136.21
Big Joint
Big Joint (clear vinyl 12")
Cat: CVS 006. Rel: 28 Feb 23
Big Joint (6:18)
Trent (6:51)
Beek (6:55)
Review: As his artist alias suggests, 100HZ has a great knack for making brain tingling frequencies that permeate deep into your psyche. 'Big Joint' manages to be brilliantly deep and rich in its make up despite being relatively sparse. Distant pads swarm like midges round a rubbery bassline and delicate percussion. 'Trent' - which may or may not be a reference to deep house don Ron Trent - has a late night sense of menace to the prying chords and icy, prickly drums and 'Beek' is perfect dead of night house music that demands you zone in on the little details and get utterly lost in the moment. Superb.
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Tags: Minimal
 in stock HK$144.31
Rawbeats Extrasensorial
100Hz - "Assert" (11:27)
Fer Marino & Juan Proeliis - "Acevedo Yard" (12:35)
Diego Santana & Pily - "Yoni Wagon" (12:35)
 in stock HK$119.92
Vitamina 03
131BPM - "Knusper" (5:40)
Annika Wolfe - "FR3AK" (5:22)
Cromby - "Melter" (4:39)
DJ City - "Cexpress" (5:29)
 in stock HK$105.67
Feel A Little Strange
Cat: DB 278. Rel: 28 Jun 22
Feel A Little Strange (5:33)
Micro (6:09)
Dwelling (4:56)
Review: 2Phargon is an alias from Lee Mortimer, aka Friend Within, Sawtooth Sucka and many more names. Mortimer's prolific output speaks to his skill in the studio, which is of course why he was picked up by the mighty Dirtybird for this 12" of appropriately quirky groovers catering to the vibe Claude Vonstroke et al have been championing all these years. 'Feel A Little Strange' is a big, bashy rave monster with buzzing rave synths upfront and chunky tech house backbone to the beat, while the vocal sample waves the freak flag high. 'Micro' harks back to the mid 00s minimal sound Dirtybird emerged from, with plenty of playful and heady melodic flourishes to send the vibe skywards.
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 in stock HK$105.67
Em Potz
Em Potz (12")
Cat: VILREC 001. Rel: 13 Mar 23
Em Potz (First Trax) (6:03)
Em Potz (Second Trax) (4:57)
Em Potz (Fourth Trax)
Em Potz (Third Trax)
Review: The Vil label kicks off with a masterful reissue of a classic EP from 1993. 3 of Us was a trance and house project from an Italian collective made of F. Conti, Gianluca Rastelli and Marco Cucchia. They dropped only five EPs between 1993 and 1999 with this being the pick of the bunch. It hits the perfect sweet spot between the driving of hypnotic techno, the melodies of trance and the dreaminess inherent to much Italo music. Track one is a dark but smooth roller, the second has a stomping tech house energy to it and the third asnd fourth close out the EP with two more edgy techno stylers that bring old school cool to any club.
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Tags: 90s House
 in stock HK$126.07
Selador Decade Vol 1
3D & Robert Owens - "Known Love" (7:51)
Olivier Giacomotto & Quivver - "Snailblazer" (6:40)
Dave Seaman & Hernan Cattaneo - "Napkin Knowledge" (7:28)
Argia & Jepe - "Salitre" (7:38)
Review: In celebration of their tenth birthday, Selador marks the occasion in style with a four-track collaborative EP, featuring tracks from 3D, Robert Owens, Olivier Giacomotto, Quivver, Dave Seaman, Hernan Cattaneo, Argia, and Jepe. The opening track, 'Known Love', is a deep, pulasting house tune that feels like an instant classic, perhaps thanks to the soulful, pop-tinged vocals - think LCD soundsystem meets Four Tet. 'Snailblazer', the second track on the EP, takes a much darker turn, with a chugging, EBM-esque feel. Full-bodied and complete with obscured vocals, this is the kind of track to pull out your bag when it's time to really get stuck in. On the B-side, 'Napkin Knowledge' draws on the glistening synths of eurodance, yet still securing the melodies to a grounded bassline and rhythm section. 'Salitre' is the perfect closing track, rising up in a gleaming, ecstatic melody, before delicately returning to ground level. A varied yet firmly cohesive collaborative release - the perfect way for Selador to kick off their 2023 catalogue.
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 in stock HK$117.87
420 (purple vinyl 12")
Cat: LWKMUS 013. Rel: 20 Jun 22
Untitled 11 (4:19)
Untitled 1 (4:21)
Untitled 4 (4:22)
Untitled 6 (4:20)
Untitled 13 (4:16)
Untitled 5 (4:19)
Review: Though 420 was originally recorded and released in April of 2020, Galcher Lustwerk's pandemic project is an exercise in counting and patience. Originally from a 16 track, 69 minute release only available for Bandcamp for $69 (or $4.20 per track), the 420 project brings us practically brand spanking new Galcher EP, just under a different name. Finally at an accessible price (and including signature Galcher vocals in a majority of the tracks to boot) this vinyl release hopes to bring more fans who missed the original release to the 420 club.
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 in stock HK$81.28
5UR 001
5universos - "Magnetic" (7:23)
Lulla - "Lavos" (7:17)
Marius Laurentiu - "Daydream Loop" (7:40)
Nima Gorji - "Confused" (7:20)
 in stock HK$109.77
616LAB 03
616LAB 03 (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: 616LAB 03. Rel: 22 Jul 22
347 (6:01)
357 (6:28)
326 (5:43)
283 (6:24)
 in stock HK$113.77
The Whop
The Whop (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: 62ND 001. Rel: 07 Sep 20
Track 1 (8:15)
Track 2 (7:44)
HK$101.67 SAVE 33%
 in stock HK$68.11
Mutations (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: TMSEP 001. Rel: 15 Mar 22
Vera's Fish (5:20)
6am (3:28)
Rock Embassy (3:51)
Lambert RIP (7:01)
 in stock HK$134.17
808's & Drunken States
808's & Drunken States (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: ALB 008. Rel: 13 Feb 17
76-79 - "57 Hertz" (Czevski remix) (6:53)
Tommy Vicari Jnr - "Because You Can't See Dreams In The Light" (5:59)
Tommy Vicari Jnr - "L I W F U" (6:30)
Review: It's been a while since the Albion stable graced our platters, but they're back in style with more of that on-point house music voodoo for the heat of the night. This single is a vessel for the various sides of Tommi Vicari Jr, who rolls out his Czevski alias to deliver a bruising remix of "57 Hertz" by 76-79. It's a reverb-soaked, dubbed out affair with a rock solid rhythm section and plenty of trippy FX tweaking on top. On the flip it's a different story with a similar feeling as we get the straight up Tommi Vicari Jr material in the shape of two killer tracks crafted for transcendental moments of dancefloor hypnosis.
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 in stock HK$64.99
Polytraffic EP
Cat: GEODESIC0 03. Rel: 13 Apr 22
Polytraffic (5:39)
Metrics (6:50)
Master Of Disaster (7:11)
Thunder Effect (7:13)
 in stock HK$109.77
About Time EP
Cat: DRAGA 004. Rel: 03 May 23
About Time (6:57)
Planet (7:13)
Receiver (14:37)
Review: There is no shortage of top labels to come out of Romania that deal in futuristic tech and minimal house fusions. Draganenii is one of the newer ones but one that is already making its own name. A R steps up with the imprint's fourth EP here and it kicks off with the clipped, punchy house of 'About Time' complete with late-night chords and prickly percussion. After that heavy stomper comes the more floating acid modulations and cosmic house of 'About Time', then 'Receiver' shuts down with wonky lines, gurgling bass and a trippy energy.
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Tags: Tech House | Minimal
! low stock HK$113.77
Rocket No 3
Rocket No 3 (limited 7")
Cat: ITA 123. Rel: 20 Mar 23
Rocket No 3 (feat Jan Delay) (3:59)
Rocket No 3 (version) (3:59)
Review: Back in the early 2000s, Stefan Schwander (better known these days for his Harmonious Thelonious project) released a handful of fine 12" singles as A Rocket In Dub that successfully blurred the boundaries between minimal house and dub techno. Here, one of the series' most renowned cuts, 'Rocket No. 3', is revisited. Like the 2002 original mix, the A-side version is a hypnotic, softly spun delight, with echoing organ motifs, bubbly electronics, opaque synth sounds and new spoken word snippets (provided by fellow German artist Jan Delay) gently rising above a deep, dubby bassline and sparse, shuffling tech-house beats. Over on the flip, there's a dub style 'Version' mix that takes the track further into vintage Rhythm & Sound territory.
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 in stock HK$134.17
A Virgo On The Moon & Paolo Mosca - "Mattherhorn" (6:05)
Kebab Traume - "Nova Trance" (4:52)
Mario Liberti - "Treat Me Good" (5:59)
Matteo - "The Truth Was Out" (feat Lourene) (6:39)
Review: Muddy, dreamy and dubby new dance cuts from THREADS, who invite four of their mainstays to the fore with a dry and entraining take on trance. Kebab Traume (in English, 'Kebab Dream') wafts a mouth-watery cylinder of sonic meat under our noses with 'Nova Trance', which melds stabs, basses and kicks with all the certainty of a honey badger. Meanwhile, Mario Liberti's 'Treat Me Good' urges us to do just that via the mode sultry sampled vocals and funk bass whirls.
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Played by: Lostlojic
Tags: Minimal | Acid Techno
 in stock HK$105.67
Where Did You Go?
Where Did You Go? (limited 12")
Cat: TUNEZ 004. Rel: 04 Apr 23
Where Did You Go (6:18)
How Long Can We Stay Here (5:53)
Kozokudoro (6:15)
Let's Have It (6:22)
 in stock HK$132.12
Repeat EP
Repeat EP (12")
Cat: WHOAMIONWAX 001. Rel: 17 Jan 23
After (7:10)
Prax (7:36)
Repeat (7:29)
Repeat (Nu Zau remix) (7:35)
Tags: Tech House | Minimal
 in stock HK$128.12
BODYHI 03 (limited 12")
Cat: BODYHI 03. Rel: 19 Apr 23
Elemental Warfare (6:07)
Atmosphere Mk II (6:38)
Softcore Physics (6:15)
Hydra (Tiempo mix) (6:46)
Played by: SY
 in stock HK$111.82
Protogen EP
Cat: ECR 013. Rel: 16 Aug 22
Vapordisk (6:40)
Acidflex (6:20)
Vela (6:34)
New Horizons (6:08)
Review: There's messing about on this fresh 12" from Abdul Raeva, a duo made up of Joonas Arro and Steffan Todorovic. They only debuted last year but have since offered up four EPs on four different labels, each with their own vibe. This one has a bulky old-school rave-house sound to 'Vapordisk' and the and dance floor dynamite keeps on coming with 'Acidflex'. It's 3 am business on 'Vela' - a smooth and cruising groover with nice drum loops and tripped-out breaks close out with 'New Horizons'. Super stuff.
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 in stock HK$101.67
Invasive Overdrive EP
Abdul Raeva - "Invasive Overdrive Track" (6:42)
Aldonna - "Inner Elation" (5:25)
Demi Riquisimo - "Maggy Doesn't Need To Know" (7:27)
Inner Zone - "The Vision" (5:23)
Donald's House - "Jam 3" (6:40)
Review: Big hello to new label A Lifetime On The Hips which has a great name and great stamp on this limited edition first 12". It kick off with a various artists affair packed with full flavour cosmic tech. Abdul Raeva opens up with the twinkling melodies and sleek tech drum work of 'Invasive Overdrive Track' then Aldonna's 'Inner Elation' gets more deep with a steamy whispered vocal and shimmering drums. There is more classic sound US house from Demi Riquisimo, lashing of snappy techno from The Vision and bouncy astral house from Donald's House's 'Jam 3'. A great first EP.
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Played by: Alexis Le-Tan, SY
 in stock HK$121.87
Cat: BETRUTH 02. Rel: 20 Apr 22
Abdul Raeva - "Breakspesh" (6:57)
Dylan Forbes - "Spiralistic" (6:28)
Vitess - "Tropico" (6:33)
Ciel - "Song For Vinny D" (5:54)
 in stock HK$107.72
Kulture Galerie Vol 1
Kulture Galerie Vol 1 (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: KGV 001. Rel: 25 Apr 23
Abdul Raeva - "Grace" (6:11)
Gene Tellem - "Nervous Planet" (5:36)
Nesa Azadikhah - "Fleeting Emotions" (5:45)
Alien D - "Heavy Cream" (6:31)
Review: It's time to take your first steps into the Kulture Galerie, a new label that kicks off with a various artists offering which lays out is sonic mission in clear and compelling terms. This new venture from Metropolitan Soul Museum kicks off with the super fluid and liquid house sounds of Abdul Raeva's 'Grace' before Gene Tellem's 'Nervous Planet' gets all misty eyed and downtempo with a lush deep thinker. Nesa Azadikhah's 'Fleeting Emotions' then sets off a nice minimal vibe that is super warm and fuzzy and Alien D's 'Heavy Cream' is a float, breakbeat driven post-rave comedown.
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Tags: Tech House | Minimal
 in stock HK$109.77
Danse Avec Les Loops EP
Cat: MB 052. Rel: 14 Dec 22
Raie Gina (7:34)
Nibar Kills (7:41)
Sam Dredi (9:00)
Raie Gina (Ben Verden remix) (6:29)
Review: Minibar continues to represent a high watermark in the minimal scene, staying true to a knotty, freaky sound which has subtly evolved over time but remains faithful to the innovation in the scene in the mid 00s. On this new release, Abe & Praymond team up to explore some insistent, hiccupping grooves with Minibar's DNA etched deep. There's a woozy quality to 'Raie Gina' which contrasts with the snaking, crooked beat, while 'Nibar Kills' taps into a cosy after hours vibe not a million miles from the oddball brilliance of the old Boogizm records. 'Sam Dredi' is a more purely stripped down affair, while scene stalwart Ben Vedren remixes 'Raie Gina' and gives it a cool and deadly shuffle.
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Tags: Minimal
 in stock HK$119.92
Delicate Limbs Remixes
Cat: 194397 88301. Rel: 28 May 21
Delicate Limbs (Omar S remix)
Delicate Limbs (Bedouin remix)
Delicate Limbs (Special Request remix)
 in stock HK$231.74
Do You See What I See EP
Cat: RAWAX S017. Rel: 30 Jul 20
Do You See What I See (7:47)
Roadster (6:59)
Systema (5:29)
Rual (7:00)
Tags: Minimal | Dub Techno
 in stock HK$97.48
Nine Oh Nine EP
Did You Catch That? (5:40)
Dark Dancefloor (4:48)
Take Nine Oh Nine (8:15)
Can You Keep Up? (4:32)
Review: The Abstract Eye aka Gifted & Blessed always makes electrifying music that brims and bristles with energy. It is dense and textural and requires close attention to unpack and get lost in but that effort is always more than repaid. This is another brilliantly heavy outing, a first on Technoindigenous, that makes great use of one of the most legendary bits of gear in any studio - the TR-909, Here the artist finds new ways to make it sing with acid-laced house, clattering percussion and cosmic synth work that will rewire your brain.

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 in stock HK$113.77
Cat: ACCATONE 001. Rel: 04 Nov 22
I Keep Coming Back (6:09)
It's All We Know (6:12)
Loose (7:49)
Goodbye (4:14)
 in stock HK$117.87
Space Drift EP
97NY (6:31)
Aeons (5:00)
Bad Sectors (5:18)
Space Drift (5:46)
Tags: Tech House
 in stock HK$105.67
I Got To Know
Cat: RFGV 005. Rel: 16 May 23
I Got To Know
I Got To Know (Alden Tyrell remix)
I Got To Know (Dick Johnson remix)
Review: After their last outing 'Atomic' sold out, Acid Jerks are back on Refuge with more of their 303 fuelled madness. They have a tried and tested sound by now but who will ever grow tired of ragged acid house? 'I Get To Know' has it all - the prickly acid squelch, the splintered and wooden drums and the dark and menacing vocal over the top. It's perfect warehouse music. Dutchman Alden Tyrell then roughs it up a little more with his Chicago-indebted remix and Dick Johnson adds a little bounce to the drums and layers in some slinky hi hats for a more undulating sound.
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Tags: Acid House
 in stock HK$109.77
Tacos Per Minute EP
Cat: RMS 010. Rel: 14 Dec 15
Tacos Per Minute (8:50)
Mezcalid (7:22)
Techno Wellys (6:20)
Review: Alex Wolfenden and Negghead are back everyone: look out! Known together as the Acid Mondays, these lads throw down yet another session of dirty and adrenalised tech house for long sweaty nights on the island's super clubs. First track "Tacos Per Minute" features a booming bass backed by a sleek and sturdy rhythm and trippy chords. "Mezcalid" is a deeper and more organic sounding house cut with druggy horns, trippy vocal samples and as always: a lot bass driving the groove. It's reminiscent of old stuff by Andomat 3000 & Jan or Michel Cleis. Finally "Techno Wellys" is the peak time weapon on here and it's sure to work. A signal run through a heavy delay provides the track's driving and trippy melody above a furious tom drum work out and intermittent druggy vocal samples.
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 in stock HK$58.94
Forget Your Imagination EP
Cat: ORSON 025. Rel: 31 Jan 23
Heavy Max (6:33)
Butify (4:41)
Forget Your Imagination (5:18)
Nuhamba (4:30)
When The Sun Meets The Acid (4:06)
Review: Big up to the Orson label for hitting a quarter of a century of releases. Malata based artists Neil Hales aka Acidulant gets the nod and shows of his love of direct acid sounds. He has done similar on the likes of DJ Pierre's labels Jack Trax Records and Afro Acid but really hits the next level here with hard hitting and turbocharged bangers like 'Heavy Max' next to slower, more spaced out and melancholic jams like 'Butify'. The flipside starts off deep and atmospheric with 'Forget Your Imagination' and that pensive vibe continue through 'Nuhamba' before dramatic closer 'When The Sun Meets The Acid.'
Read more
 in stock HK$117.87
Various Artists Vol 2
Acidulant - "Feel No Disgrace" (6:49)
Jon Lee - "Darkness Calling" (5:56)
Jay Tripwire - "Kneel To Zod" (7:59)
Space Ace - "Acid Odyssey" (7:19)
Praus - "Luigi's Illusion" (5:46)
 in stock HK$103.72
Moblack Gold Vol V
ACN - "Creatures" (6:10)
Emanuele Esposito - "Tuwani" (feat Mavhungu) (7:27)
Eden Shalev - "Cantos De Dennadon" (feat Cantos Des Baobab) (5:00)
Simo Moumen - "Samsara" (7:27)
Review: .Naples-based Afro house label MoBlack returns with the fifth edition in its various artist series titled Gold, tapping some of the scene's heavy hitters for their unique style of contributions to the catalogue. ACN opens up with the entrancing spiritualism of 'Creatures' on the A-side, followed by some of Emanuele Esposito's hypnotic polyrhythms on 'Tuwani' (feat Mavhungu). Over on the flip, Eden Shalev will elevate you with the truly life-affirming vibes of 'Cantos De Dennadon' (feat Cantos Des Baobab) and finally Simo Moumen treads deeper into moodier territory on the heady 'Samsara'.
Read more
! low stock HK$113.77
Pollution Project
Cat: ACTIV 013. Rel: 15 Mar 18
A New Dawn? (7:36)
Tar Sands (5:01)
Wildfire (5:26)
Masks For Gas (5:11)
 in stock HK$107.72
The Curve EP
Cat: WGVINYL 84. Rel: 23 Jun 21
The Curve (6:45)
Cyrus (6:21)
Alone (7:43)
 in stock HK$128.12
Watergate 27 EP 1
Adana Twins - "Jupiter" (Kollektiv Turmstrasse remix) (8:24)
Sabb & Black Circle - "Vega" (6:29)
JAMIIE & Niko Schwind - "Suwedi" (7:24)
Emanuel Satie & Nanghiti - "Forever More" (4:59)
Review: Watergate welcomes back a crew of regular artists for an EP taken from the 27th instalment of its long running mix series. The Adana Twins kick off with a dark and bubbling minimal house number to set a late night mood then Sabb & Black Circle combine to great effect on the more uplifting, piano laced 'Vega', no doubt inspired by the house icon of the same name. Flip it over for 'Suwedi', a tech house track that traps you in a trance with computer melodies and last of all Emanuel Satie & Nanghiti get all spiritual and joyous with the warm house surges of 'Forever More.'
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Tags: Tech House | Minimal
 in stock HK$77.28
SNDR 001
SNDR 001 (12")
Cat: SNDR 001. Rel: 14 Jul 22
ADMNTi - "Liquor Locker" (7:55)
ADMNTi - "BetaSpace" (8:02)
Laidlaw - "Open To Receive" (5:07)
Laidlaw - "Repeated Patterns" (5:54)
Review: Sonder is a new London-based label dealing in sprightly tech house with plenty of wiggle. Cutting the ribbon is ADMNTi, who has been on superlative form via releases for Dansu Discs, 4Plae and Yamanu amongst others. His 'Liquor Locker' and 'BetaSpace' cuts are splashed with a little sunshine, some garage bump and subtle trance touches, all the better to grease up the dancefloor. Laidlaw takes up position on the flip, offering his own strain of shuffling funky stuff for the peak time crowd. 'Open To Receive' has a subtly spiritual slant to it, while 'Repeated Patterns' gets into a snaking house trip with cheeky hooks and snappy basslines for days.
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Tags: Tech House
 in stock HK$97.48
A Visible Spectrum EP
Cat: ATWT 015. Rel: 07 Mar 23
A Visible Spectrum (5:24)
No More Dancing (6:59)
Spiders (5:25)
The Brawl (6:08)
Review: Quite the multi-national talent, German-based DJ Admo makes music that pulls from all manner of regional genre variations that cover the breadth of the house spectrum. From the groovier French cuts to his love of UK vocal samples, 'A Visible Specturm' seems apropos to Admo's mission. An instant favourite for us was track three, 'Spiders', a somewhat sinister tech house jam that would be the perfect soundtrack for sneaking, complete with nostalgic distorted vocal samples that sound like they are coming out of a Wiimote and goofy percussion stings. 'The Brawl' is another great cut from this four-track, a downtempo groove for the end of the night that wouldn't feel out of place in both a dirty Amsterdam hole-in-the-wall and an early 2000s cooking show - there's something deeply nostalgic about these sounds
Read more
Tags: Tech House | Minimal
 in stock HK$134.17
Walking Out Of The Ordinary EP
Cat: HB 003. Rel: 22 Apr 22
Regardless Of Where I Am In Life (10:59)
Regardless Of Where I Am In Life (Vern remix) (7:45)
Never Underestimate The Power Of Will With Djosh (8:16)
Tags: Minimal
 in stock HK$121.87
HMND 003
HMND 003 (12")
Cat: HMND 003. Rel: 24 Feb 23
Call Me (7:37)
FOU (6:41)
Bumpin (8:28)
Hugh Mungus (7:05)
Review: It's been a big breakthrough year for Aerofunk, who follows up recent releases for Silias, Fraise, Party Tricks and Subsequent to bring his snappy neo-rave gear to Humanoid. There's an almost big beat quality to some of the production flair here, as gnarly hardcore ingredients collide with some serious production chops in pursuit of serotonin-mashing thrills. 'Call Me' is rubbery acid techno with a playful demeanour and plenty of bleeps, while 'FOU' keeps the breakbeats up with a fierce intention which brings Plump DJs in their prime to mind. 'Bumpin' is rough and ready techno, but it's also sporting a plethora of snappy edits to keep things crafty.
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Consistently Inconsistent
Cat: STRWB 006. Rel: 12 Oct 22
Brek Somet (9:08)
Chillan (7:33)
Be (6:07)
Juicy (6:14)
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10 Years: Part 1
10 Years: Part 1 (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: DGS 10Y1. Rel: 23 Nov 22
AG - "Can't Cure Curiousity" (6:17)
Alex Jangle & MatztaM - "Glowbones" (7:04)
Faer - "Serious Repitions" (7:43)
Deadbeat & The Mole - "All Creepy No Sleepy" (5:45)
Review: It is no mean feat to last 10 years no matter your business, but to do so as a record label in this day and age is worthy of maximum respect. Fair play to Det Gode Selskab then for marking the occasion with a tidy new 12" that showcases just what the label is all about. There is chunky tech with grinding bass but lush old school melodies on 'Can't Cure Curiosity' while Alex Jangle & Matztam's 'Glowbones' cuts totally loose on dreamy synth daubs, painterly lines and rubbery house loops. Faer takes a more dark, heads-down path for his spooky 'Serious Repetions' and as you would expect of Deadbeat & The Mole they bring off-kilter loops, unbalanced drums and a ramshackle rhythm that will have you shaking your bones.
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Various Friends EP
A:G - "Sunset Expressions" (6:43)
Tonchius - "Airworm" (6:34)
Benny Bergdolmo - "Space D" (5:40)
Herzog - "Var Three" (7:28)
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