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(Recovery) Sound Destruction Device Ultimate Distortion Module (B-STOCK)
Cat: 949360 Rel: 01 Jan 90
B-STOCK: Box opened, but product is in excellent condition and in perfect working order
Notes: ***B-STOCK: Box opened, but product is in excellent condition and in perfect working order***

Sound Destruction Device (Ultimate Distortion Tool)

The Sound Destruction Device is a variable resistor distortion with a twin T-notch filter that distorts, glitches, clips, and filters sound into unearthly shapes. Five parameters allow for creating super thick fuzz, starved splatters, and sonic malformations. CV control takes the damage to another level. Warp, contort, and twist shapes to create your own distinctive tones. The Sound Destruction Device has no limits. It is the ultimate distortion tool!

Designed and assembled in Seattle, Washington. Includes a limited 1-year warranty, if registered within 30 days of purchase.

8hp, 18mm deep, 10ma current draw.
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 1 in stock HK$844.61
Improviser EP
Improviser EP (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: AMP 024. Rel: 06 Jun 22
Minimal/Tech House
Machines Of May (7:25)
Gadget (7:21)
Dark As Night (7:43)
Swiss (6:26)
Review: Since returning to action in 2016 after a seven-year break, 1990s techno survivor Lee Renacre AKA 100 Hz has released some of the best music of his career. This fine four-tracker marks the long-serving Londoner's first outing on Romanian imprint Amphia, who are best known for serving up sparse, minimalistic tech-house. As you'd expect, there's a slightly fuller sound here, though sonically it's as pleasingly druggy and mind-mangling as much of the imprint's output. Renacre brilliantly flits between trippy, arpeggio-driven, house-tempo techno (the otherworldly 'Machines of May'), dubstep-influenced UK bass/techno fusion ('Gadget', which echoes the ethos of his early 100 Hz releases with James Chapman), intergalactic tech-house ('Dark as Night'), and frankly filthy low-end wobblers ('Swiss').
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 in stock HK$136.21
Me Against The World (25th Anniversary Edition) (reissue) (B-STOCK)
Cat: 844889 (B-STOCK). Rel: 01 Jan 90
Hip Hop/R&B
If I Die 2Nite
Me Against The World (feat Dramacydal)
So Many Tears
Young Niggaz
Heavy In The Game (feat Richie Rich)
Lord Knows
Dear Mama
It Ain't Easy
Can U Get Away
Old School
Fuck The World
Death Around The Corner
Outlaw (feat Dramacydal)
Review: ***B-STOCK: Creasing to corner of outer sleeve but otherwise in excellent condition***

When he released third album "Me Against The World" in 1995, Tupac Shakur was arguably the biggest name in hip-hop. As we now know, it wouldn't last, with the LA rapper losing his life in a drive-by shooting 12 months later. As tragic as his demise was, his music still resonates and this album - here reissued to celebrate its 25th anniversary - is arguably the best of the lot. Produced by an all-star cast of beat-makers (Brian G, Easy Mo Bee, Tony Pizarro and Moe ZMD included), the set offered a glossy and polished take on the then dominant gangster rap style while including numerous nods to R&B, swing and G-funk. If you don't already own a copy, grab one of these pronto.
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 in stock HK$203.25
2hp ADSR 4-Stage Linear Envelope Module (black)
2hp ADSR 4-Stage Linear Envelope Module (black) (envelope generator synth module)
Cat: 686006 Rel: 04 May 18
Four stage linear envelope module in 2HP.
Notes: ADSR is a four stage linear envelope with two expressive ranges. Each stage can be modified independently allowing for the creation of complex, multi-segment envelopes. Great for modulating filters, VCAs, and oscillators.
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 2 in stock HK$774.55
2hp AVert Dual Attenuverter Module (silver)
2hp AVert Dual Attenuverter Module (silver) (attenuator/dual/stereo/utility synth module)
Cat: 662178 Rel: 11 Sep 17
Dual utility attenuverter - 2HP
Notes: AVert is a dual attenuverter. Each channel offers the ability to attenuate and invert any input signal. The signal present at channel one is normalled to channel 2, allowing for two unique output signals from a single input. Get Inverted.
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 1 in stock HK$634.14
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quote 662178
2hp Div 2-Channel Voltage Controlled Clock Divider & Multiplier Module (black)
2hp Div 2-Channel Voltage Controlled Clock Divider & Multiplier Module (black) (clock modulator/digital/dual/stereo/utility synth module)
Cat: 686014 Rel: 04 May 18
Clock divider/multiplier module
Notes: Div is a 2 channel, voltage controlled clock divider and multiplier. Incoming clock signals can be multiplied or divided by a factor of 16 with a multitude of values in between.

CV inputs provide external control of the current clock rate, allowing for the creation of dynamic rhythms from a single clock signal.
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 1 in stock HK$837.49
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quote 686014
Good Time EP
Cat: 4AMKV 001. Rel: 19 Nov 21
Drum & Bass / Jungle
Good Time (5:24)
Callin' Your Name (feat Zaetrell) (4:35)
4AMK2 (Smoke Something) (5:05)
London Girls (4:50)
Played by: Ennio Styles
 in stock HK$93.48
Death Of Darkness
Death Of Darkness (limited blue vinyl LP + insert)
Cat: 425198 1703435. Rel: 20 Apr 23
Death Of Darkness (3:57)
Drive (3:21)
Gotta Rock (4:10)
This Murder Takes Two (feat Kat Von D) (3:34)
California (3:44)
Call Me Snake (3:39)
Dying In The Night (4:54)
Something Real (3:14)
Sundown (3:45)
Outlaws (5:48)
 in stock HK$207.35
Gimme Love EP
Cat: EW 12003. Rel: 09 May 23
Gimme Love (7:05)
Dykes On Hormones (6:16)
Dare You (7:19)
Cannoli Amore (5:24)
 in stock HK$148.41
Bird Hour
Bird Hour (limited purple vinyl LP (indie exclusive))
Cat: LPPNKSLM 104IE. Rel: 04 May 23
Secretly Bad (3:05)
I Like To Pretend (2:54)
Rude Body (2:58)
If I Ask Her (2:19)
Stripey Horsey (3:56)
Lean (3:27)
I Have A Lot To Say (3:07)
Born To Care (2:57)
Done With The Day (3:31)
Lighter Better (3:12)
Wakey Wakey (1:57)
 in stock HK$182.95
Bird Hour
Bird Hour (limited CD)
Cat: CDPNKSLM 104. Rel: 26 May 23
Secretly Bad
I Like To Pretend
Rude Body
If I Ask Her
Stripey Horsey
I Have A Lot To Say
Born To Care
Done With The Day
Lighter Better
Wakey Wakey
 in stock HK$101.67
Chronicles I
Cat: ATONLP 01. Rel: 02 Aug 16
Boundaries (6:38)
Extra (the 7th Plain remix) (8:04)
Grace (3:25)
Surface Bound (8:42)
The Super 8 (7:59)
T Funk States (6:37)
Slip 7 Sideways (4:24)
Chords Are Dirty (4:36)
Review: A-Ton is a new label from Berlin heavyweights Ostgut Ton, designed to focus on "ambient, archive and alternative music". They've pulled off something of a coup for this debut release, persuading British techno legend Luke Slater to open up the archives of his '90s intelligent techno project, The 7th Plain. Chronicles I boasts a mixture of previously released and unheard material, which moves from glistening, outer-space ambience (the near perfect "Boundaries", "Grace"), to fizzing Motor City techno ("T-Funk Statues"), via intergalactic intelligent techno, dusty downtempo grooves (the jazzy hip-hop rhythms and ambient electronics of "Slip 7 Sideways"), and melodious IDM.
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 in stock HK$186.95
The Biggest Prize In Sport (B-STOCK)
The Biggest Prize In Sport (B-STOCK) (limited green vinyl LP)
Cat: RRS 204 (B-STOCK). Rel: 01 Jan 90
Boys In The Gang
Inside Out
So Long
Fun Thing
The Biggest Prize In Sport
Stop! Stop!
English Wipeout
 in stock HK$109.77
Midas (12")
Cat: RB 115. Rel: 11 Apr 23
Deep House
Reuben (6:16)
Midas (6:58)
Espalmador (5:56)
Xuclar (5:32)
Under You (with Matrefakt) (4:58)
Review: Following some knock-out releases for Shall Not Fade and Last Night On Earth amongst others, 9th House comes to Running Back with a dazzling display of deep house perfection which stretches out across five tracks. 'Reuben' is a sprightly slice of 90s-tinted euphoria while 'Midas' tips further towards the bold melodic sensibilities of trance for a proper hands-in-the-air situation. At every turn this EP offers the richest harmonies and rhythm sections you just can't mess with - a truly steadfast, feel-good EP to get a sizeable mass of bodies moving in unison.
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 in stock HK$111.82
1982 (B-STOCK)
1982 (B-STOCK) (limited black smoked vinyl LP)
Cat: LSTUMM 480 (B-STOCK). Rel: 01 Jan 90
Waiting On A Train
A Trip In Hulme
Tombo In M3
Constant Curve
Afro Dizzy
Holy Smoke
Tier 3
Ballad Of Acr
Review: ***B-STOCK: Creasing to corner of outer sleeve & in excellent condition***

ACR have returned to post-punk-electronica megalabel Mute for a new 'partnership', ensuring that the entirety of their catalogue gets reissued. That being said, the unlike-anything-else-ever-heard-before band are also looking to the future, not shying away from releasing new LPs. Don't get confused; the LP '1982' was not made in 1982, it was made in the last few years, and will be released in 2023. Says it all really. Were the 80s simply better? We don't know, but perhaps a deep-dive into the album's themes can provide an implicit answer. Macuncian rapper Chunky appears throughout the moody industri-funk ensemble's new reverie, giving a present-day voice to a haunting spectre. Overall, though, you've got instrumental styles from Afrobeat, jazz, cosmic, disco, and of course, industrial post-punk, coalescing into a certain ration of wild, wild music - perfect for austere times ahead.
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out of stock HK$146.36
Mer De Noms (B-STOCK)
Mer De Noms (B-STOCK) (180 gram vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: 49253 (B-STOCK). Rel: 01 Jan 90
The Hollow
Sleeping Beauty (extended intro)
Thinking Of You
Over (Alt)
 in stock HK$325.22
Obsidian Promises
Cat: SE 016. Rel: 05 May 23
Ancient Singularities (6:54)
Eternal Collapse (6:56)
Orbital Lock (5:38)
Region Approach (7:07)
External Imprint (5:47)
Unified Fields (5:37)
 in stock HK$140.31
Invasive Overdrive EP
Invasive Overdrive EP (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: HIPS 001. Rel: 01 Mar 23
Minimal/Tech House
Abdul Raeva - "Invasive Overdrive Track" (6:42)
Aldonna - "Inner Elation" (5:25)
Demi Riquisimo - "Maggy Doesn't Need To Know" (7:27)
Inner Zone - "The Vision" (5:23)
Donald's House - "Jam 3" (6:40)
Review: Big hello to new label A Lifetime On The Hips which has a great name and great stamp on this limited edition first 12". It kick off with a various artists affair packed with full flavour cosmic tech. Abdul Raeva opens up with the twinkling melodies and sleek tech drum work of 'Invasive Overdrive Track' then Aldonna's 'Inner Elation' gets more deep with a steamy whispered vocal and shimmering drums. There is more classic sound US house from Demi Riquisimo, lashing of snappy techno from The Vision and bouncy astral house from Donald's House's 'Jam 3'. A great first EP.
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Played by: Alexis Le-Tan, SY
 in stock HK$121.87
22/12/2017 Guilin Synthetic Daydream/How To Avoid Ants
Eve Aboulkheir - "22/12/2017 Guilin Synthetic Daydream" (18:18)
Lasse Marhaug - "How To Avoid Ants" (16:50)
Played by: Stunty
 in stock HK$176.90
The Very Best Of The Bon Scott Years
Cat: SGVNY 023. Rel: 04 May 23
Live Wire (5:04)
Hell Ain't A Bad Pace To Be (5:04)
Problem Child (5:04)
The Jack (5:04)
Highway To Hell (5:29)
High Voltage (3:39)
Whole Lotta Rosie (5:34)
If You Want Blood (You Got It) Let There Be Rock (6:19)
 in stock HK$148.41
Back In Black
Back In Black (heavyweight vinyl LP)
Cat: CBS 80207. Rel: 01 Jan 90
Hells Bells
Shoot To Thrill
What Do You Do For Money Honey
Givin The Dog A Bone
Let Me Put My Love Into You
Back In Black
You Shook Me All Night Long
Have A Drink On Me
Shake A Leg
Rock & Roll Ain't Noise Pollution
 in stock HK$262.28
Fly On Tour: Dallas 1985
Fly On Tour: Dallas 1985 (clear splattered vinyl 10")
Cat: 1153451. Rel: 19 May 23
Fly On The Wall (3:43)
Back In Black (3:37)
You Shook Me All Night Long (3:25)
TNT (3:23)
Highway To Hell (3:47)
Shake Your Foundations (3:57)
Sink The Pink (4:06)
 in stock HK$199.25
Ballbreaker (B-STOCK)
Cat: 888430 49291 (B-STOCK). Rel: 01 Jan 90
Hard As A Rock
Cover You In Oil
The Furor
Boogie Man
The Honey Roll
Burnin' Alive
Hail Caesar
Love Bomb
Caught With Your Pants Down
Whiskey On The Rocks
 in stock HK$162.56
Flowers (reissue)
Flowers (reissue) (140 gram clear vinyl LP)
Cat: DEMREC 847. Rel: 04 Dec 20
Life Is A Flower (3:40)
Always Have, Always Will (3:39)
Cruel Summer (3:32)
Travel To Romantis (4:06)
Adventures In Paradise (3:25)
Dr Sun (3:33)
Cecilia (3:52)
He Decides (3:09)
I Pray (3:09)
Tokyo Girl (3:32)
Don't Go Away (3:34)
Captain Nemo (3:59)
Donnie (4:29)
Everytime It Rains (4:46)
 in stock HK$150.46
Da Capo (reissue)
Da Capo (reissue) (140 gram clear vinyl LP)
Cat: DEMREC 848. Rel: 04 Dec 20
Unspeakable (3:13)
Beautiful Morning (2:58)
Remember The Words (3:41)
Da Capo (3:08)
World Down Under (3:31)
Ordinary Day (3:20)
Wonderful Life (4:12)
Show Me Love (3:38)
What's The Name Of The Game (3:02)
Change With The Light (3:32)
Hey Darling (3:14)
The Juvenile (3:40)
 in stock HK$146.26
1992-2001 (reissue)
1992-2001 (reissue) (limited gatefold blue vinyl 2xLP + insert with obi-strip)
Cat: LITA 15911. Rel: 20 Apr 23
Shaker (4:00)
All The Time (3:36)
Louise (6:49)
Return From The Ice (5:13)
How Sweet I Roamed (3:04)
Germs (4:32)
Shore Power (4:27)
Always Late (5:37)
Things Are Gonna Be Alright (demo) (3:58)
Midnight Cowboy (3:23)
Chew (6:01)
Too Much Time (4:04)
Vibrato (4:32)
Pico (4:12)
Stray (demo) (5:58)
Smokey (5:16)
Review: Los Angeles trio Acetone were one of the most quietly influential bands of the 1990s, blending elements of country, folk, and psychedelic rock into a unique sound that was all their own. Fans of Duster, Mazzy Star or Slint - but for whom a lilting country twang is also a necessary ingredient in the listening pie - will be sated. 1992-2001 collects the band's entire discography, including their legendary album If You Only Knew, which has been out of print for years. Sensitive, plodding and occupying only the haziest of backwaters of memory for most, highlights from this eerie LITA throwback include the tracks 'Germs' and 'Midnight Cowboy'. But all the tracks do the job, to be honest.
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! low stock HK$341.41
Acid Motherly Love
Acid Motherly Love (limited gatefold transparent orange vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: REPOSELP 110. Rel: 24 May 23
Psych/Garage Rock
Douchebag: Tales Of Mystery Zone (2:29)
Douchebag: Sometime In Your Pussy (14:27)
Douchebag: Lament Of After Egos (4:58)
Astro Elvis ESP (14:52)
Che Gia Si Fa (10:58)
Traitors With Beautiful Hearts (3:57)
Santa Sanrodriguez (15:09)
Johnny Johnny Jerusalem (3:14)
out of stock HK$266.28
Hellbender (Soundtrack)
Hellbender (Soundtrack) (limited LP + insert)
Cat: STS 161. Rel: 09 Nov 22
Rip It (0:52)
Blood On The Stone (1:45)
Hollow (1:52)
Drive (1:57)
Hit & Run (1:40)
Armagedon (2:45)
Tiny Little Pieces (3:19)
Dead Forever (1:37)
Devil Wings (3:14)
Falling In Love (1:48)
Straight To Hell (1:18)
Ride Of The Hellbender (1:16)
Out Of Luck (2:46)
Black Sky (2:23)
Maybe I'm The Rain (2:31)
Velvet Moon (1:35)
Burn Down Love (3:28)
Totem (3:57)
Hellbent (3:28)
I Like A Lot Of Bones (2:48)
 in stock HK$241.89
Pegasus (7" limited to 150 copies)
Cat: TSRZV 35. Rel: 24 May 23
Pegasus (3:30)
Crown Me (4:20)
Tags: Disco Funk | Nu Disco
 in stock HK$148.41
Blue Monday
Cat: AV 001. Rel: 15 May 19
Deep House
Blue Monday (6:40)
Blue Monday (dub) (5:05)
Review: Mancunian Kevin Gorman used to make some great minimal techno on his Mikrowave imprint but has since moved on to create some of his best music under the Adesse Versions moniker. With a slew of fine edits and remixes under his belt, he presents us with a killer cover and tribute that's set to be one of the summer's biggest anthems. A tribute to the seminal New Order classic "Blue Monday", Gorman retains the very same Moog bass and ARP strings from the original, over a groovy breakbeat and a vocal reminiscent of Bernard Sumner himself. It was an ambitious feat, but Gorman manages to pull of an impressive rendition here, which also comes accompanied with a handy instrumental version on the flip.
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 in stock HK$101.67
Sound Of Music (reissue)
Sound Of Music (reissue) (LP + fold-out poster + insert)
Cat: PNV 0901. Rel: 01 Jan 90
How Sad (2:27)
4 3 2 1 (2:21)
Chinese Takeaway (2:38)
Johnny Was A Soldier (3:04)
Disco (2:12)
Eyes In The Back Of Your Head (3:13)
Joker In The Pack (2:18)
Lullaby (3:04)
My Baby Got Run Over By A Steamroller (1:54)
A Man's Gotta Do (2:10)
Let's Go (1:53)
Easy Way Out (2:56)
Shake Rattle, Bang Your Head (3:36)
 in stock HK$209.40
EPM20 EP2 (12" + MP3 download code)
Cat: EPM 22V. Rel: 21 Sep 21
The Advent & Zein Ferreira - "Strangeform" (5:22)
Carl Finlow - "Optogenetic" (7:17)
Detroit's Filthiest - "Werewolf" (5:21)
Modulator AKA Freddie Fresh - "Promars" (5:27)
Review: EPM20 Ep2 goes off on an electro tangent here. On this one, we have veteran producer Cisco Ferreira aka The Advent teaming up with his son Zein on the ferocious electro dystopia of "Strangeform" and as if that was not enough, another legend, the one and only Carl Finlow appears next with the abstract, cybernetic beats of "Optogenetic". Over on the flip, we have someone by the name of Detroit's Filthiest (quite an accolade!) who is in fact Motor City stalwart Julian Shamou (Motor City Electro Company) known for his work as 313 Bass Mechanics or Digitek, and longstanding hero of the Midwest Freddie Fresh should need no introduction; his contribution here under the Modulator alias is the deep mind IDM journey "Promars".
Read more
 in stock HK$115.92
Me (2xLP)
Cat: CRMLP 041. Rel: 15 Nov 19
Deep House
Star (Start) (1:31)
Finferli (5:06)
Costes (4:45)
Tina (3:37)
N 62 (9:12)
Me (3:58)
We'll Be Together (7:23)
Spektre II (6:32)
Elf (4:44)
Clark (4:25)
Shuttle (End) (3:30)
 in stock HK$158.56
The Only Light In This Tunnel Is The Oncoming Train
Cat: SOSI 18. Rel: 06 Apr 23
Dancing Is Not A Crime (3:31)
Holidays (2:42)
Wide Eyes On The Night Bus (4:29)
WAKE UP! (3:23)
Patchwork Quilted Veins (4:09)
Big Fish, Small Pond (3:32)
Ghosts On The Underground (3:28)
I'm So Glad You're On Ecstasy (3:51)
Hey Stranger (3:09)
Find Your Place (3:37)
 in stock HK$191.05
Behind The Times
Cat: 35344. Rel: 11 May 23
Who Said You Could Touch Me? (1:31)
Rolling Balls (2:31)
Highschool Football Hero (1:40)
Rizzo In The Box (1:54)
Cereal Wars (1:21)
Born In The US Of A (1:45)
 in stock HK$109.77
Eddie Picnic's All Wet
Cat: 37498. Rel: 11 May 23
Ny Quil (2:11)
Rizzo In The Box (1:49)
Who Said You Could Touch Me? (1:31)
I Wanna Get A Mohawk (1:17)
Love Is A Many Splendored Thing (1:35)
 in stock HK$109.77
Time Well Dread
Cat: EAP 12005. Rel: 24 Apr 23
Afrikan Simba - "Time Well Dread" (3:49)
Dub Foundry - "Dub Well Dread" (3:48)
Ranking Fox - "One For The Warriors" (3:48)
Dub Foundry - "Raw Dub" (3:47)
 in stock HK$111.82
The Afrorack
Cat: HK 042LP. Rel: 25 May 23
0sc (4:42)
2 Last Modular (5:29)
Inspired (5:11)
Bass (5:18)
Rev (3:23)
Why Serious? (9:49)
Cowbell (2:08)
African Drum Machine (2:35)
Desert (4:36)
Review: Afrorack is a Ugandan producer whose self-built modular synthesis approach to making music has lent him much credo over the years, but perhaps none will lend him so much as The Afrorack, which comes as the latest and least deniable expression of his sound to date. Four tracks of traditional African rhythmatics merge with live sound synthesis and ghost-powered CV noodlings, producing an incredible foray into avant-garde electronics few could argue has ever been heard before. Whether it be caused by the trance-intoned 'Inspired' to the grit-covered 'Bass', Hakuna Kulala must be chuffed to have Afrorack form part of their catalogue, as his music is certainly among their best for representing the lesser-trodden and most criminally unsung corners of African electronic music.
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 in stock HK$182.95
After Later Audio nRings Micro Version Of Rings Module
After Later Audio nRings Micro Version Of Rings Module (digital/effect/filter/oscillator/synth voice synth module)
Cat: 805521 Rel: 14 Jan 21
Resonator module/rebuild of Mutable Instruments Rings
Notes: nRings

This is a new build of a micro version of Rings from Mutable Instruments. MicroRings, also called NanoRings, retains all the same functionality as a full-size Rings module.

The module is fully assembled, tested, and calibrated. Eurorack power cable is included.

These modules use tall bushing potentiometers to offer a more stable feel.
Read more
MRP:HK$1,585.59 SAVE 15%
 6 in stock HK$1,349.76
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quote 805521
Searching For A Former Clarity
Searching For A Former Clarity (gatefold LP + white vinyl LP + MP3 download coee)
Cat: FAT 6841. Rel: 01 Jan 90
Miami (3:59)
Mediocrity Gets You Pears (The Shaker) (2:39)
Justin (4:00)
Unprotected Sex With Multiple Partners (4:12)
From Her Lips To God's Ears (The Energizer) (2:35)
Violence (5:14)
Pretty Girls (The Mover) (3:05)
How Low (4:31)
Joy (2:21)
Holy Shit! (2:44)
Even At Our Worst We're Still Better Than Most (The Roller) (2:55)
Problems (2:37)
Don't Lose Touch (2:50)
Searching For A Former Clarity (3:33)
 in stock HK$256.13
The Age Of Love (remastered)
The Age Of Love (remastered) (purple vinyl 12")
Cat: DIKI 2101PURPLE. Rel: 05 May 23
Uplifting Trance
The Age Of Love (Charlotte De Witte & Enrico Sangiuliano remix) (8:10)
The Age Of Love (Jam & Spoon Watch Out For Stella mix) (6:48)
The Age Of Love (5:55)
Review: It's relatively rare to find a record whose reworks have made a more significant impact on club culture than its original mix, but The Age of Love's eponymous debut single is definitely one of them. This purple vinyl reissue bundles the rework that made the track famous - Jam & Spoon's wondrous, mid-90s 'Watch Out For Stella' mix, which remains one of the most magical trance tracks of all time - with the 1990 original, a Belgian new beat oddity that nevertheless contains all of the key ingredients (plus some extra-dreamy pads and a bizarre rap vocal). We're also treated to a more recent update from heavy techno stars Charlotte De Witte and Enrico Sanguiliano that wraps the tracks trancey lead lines and raw TB-303 acid lines around a stomping, big room-ready beat.
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 in stock HK$128.12
Jack Vegas
Jack Vegas (heavyweight vinyl LP + insert)
Cat: LPPROGRE 100B. Rel: 25 May 23
Waiting Room (4:02)
Number By Number (3:48)
Bloodless (3:44)
Madeleine (6:03)
Flaws & Flame (3:47)
Jack Vegas (7:12)
Decipher (4:06)
The Unravelling (5:02)
 in stock HK$176.90
Malesch (LP)
Cat: MIG 00731LP. Rel: 01 Jan 90
Post Rock/Experimental
You Play For Us Today (6:14)
Sahara City (7:52)
Ala Tul (4:55)
Pulse (4:50)
Khan El Khalili (5:34)
Malesch (8:38)
Rucksturz (1:55)
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But Not For Me: Live At The Pershing
But Not For Me: Live At The Pershing (limited 180 gram blue vinyl LP)
Cat: 950742. Rel: 11 Jan 23
But Not For Me (3:20)
The Surrey With The Fringe On Top (2:41)
Moonlight In Vermont (3:07)
Music! Music! Music! (Put Another Nickel) (2:51)
There Is No Greater Love (3:16)
All The Things You Are (3:29)
Poinciana (8:02)
Woody 'n You (3:31)
What's New? (4:10)
Cherokee (3:48)
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The Awakening (reissue)
The Awakening (reissue) (gatefold 180 gram audiophile vinyl LP)
Cat: 484761 1. Rel: 13 Apr 23
The Awakening (6:06)
I Love Music (7:21)
Patterns (6:17)
Dolphin Dance (5:07)
You're My Everything (4:43)
Stolen Moments (6:32)
Wave (4:27)
Review: American jazz pianist par excellence Ahmad Jamal recorded The Awakening in 1970, originally for the Impulse! label. He was joined by Jamil Nasser on bass and Frank Gant on drums, and amongst his own compositions such as 'The Awakening' you can hear him tackling works from Herbie Hancock amongst others. Considering Jamal was already 20 years into his career by this point, the album has been hailed by critics for highlighting his evolution as a pianist, creating a more complex style without sacrificing delicacy and expression. It's a classic which is also loaded with hooks you might well have heard elsewhere on tracks from Nas and Common, to name but a few.
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Mist EP
Mist EP (12")
Cat: TL 005. Rel: 27 Apr 23
Mist (5:55)
Scatter (6:55)
Spread (5:40)
Rhetorical (5:50)
Review: Madrid-based hypnotic techno expert Alfonso Lopez, known as Aiken, has released music on some of the genre's finest imprints such as M_Rec, Semantica, and local label Non Series. His latest offering, The 'Mist' EP, comes from his own imprint, Timeline, and consists of four impressive cuts. On the A-side, the title track and 'Scatter' offer cyclical tools with an intense, strobe-like attack that pushes the listener into mental overdrive. On the flip side, 'Spread' feels influenced by Jeff Mills and 'Rhetorical' delivers yet more powerful peak-time energy.
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Air In The Lungs
Air In The Lungs (orange vinyl LP)
Cat: LNFG 122. Rel: 20 Apr 23
You Didn't Know (3:48)
19 (2:33)
Eventually (5:07)
Comfort Of The Stars (3:24)
Long Time Coming (3:51)
Burn The Clocks (5:14)
Sweet Is The Dream (3:54)
First Light (3:51)
Stayed In The Hills (5:40)
The Horror & The Shock (4:39)
What Have I Done Wrong (3:30)
Loch Linnhe (3:29)
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The Original Cool Jamaican Ska
Cat: HONEY 040. Rel: 17 Nov 21
Reggae Classics/Ska
Fire (2:46)
Freedom Train (2:45)
Peace Perfect Peace (2:31)
Bad-Minded Woman (2:44)
Devil Or Angel (2:41)
You Are My Sunshine (2:36)
Home Town (2:28)
Life (2:35)
Adam & Eve (2:29)
Mary (2:28)
Lion Of Judah (2:34)
Remember My Darling (3:11)
The Saint (2:33)
Go, Gal, Go (2:39)
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Die Schonheit Des Scheiterns
Die Schonheit Des Scheiterns (marbled vinyl 12" limited to 200 copies)
Cat: MBBKR 02. Rel: 09 May 23
The Great Attractor (5:29)
Flucht In Den Alltag (5:36)
Die Schoenheit Des Scheiterns (5:31)
Zone Of Avoidance (6:37)
 in stock HK$119.92
Somebody Else's Guy (Record Store Day RSD 2023)
Cat: PMKA 1006. Rel: 04 May 23
Somebody Else's Guy (4:29)
Somebody Else's Guy (Revisited dub) (4:25)
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