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New releases today: Breakbeat

The latest Breakbeat vinyl + newly announced preorders
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Thursday 8 June 2023
New releases
Sky Echo
Sky Echo (180 gram blue marbled vinyl 12")
Cat: YUKU 035. Rel: 08 Jun 23
All My Hopes (5:33)
In The Sky (4:44)
We Follow (feat Softblade) (6:05)
Against Them (3:44)
The Stars (5:09)
And Everything Else (5:06)
 in stock HK$158.56
Dream The Dream: UK Techno Breakbeat & House 1990-1994
Cat: DMFPE 1LP. Rel: 08 Jun 23
Centuras - "Tokyo" (10:38)
Bandulu & Amaranth - "Love Lies Beneath" (7:38)
Strontium 90 - "Rave On The Congo" (7:58)
Orr-some - "We Can Make It" (6:58)
Biff'Um Baff'Um Boys - "Bombing" (5:53)
Epoch 90 - "VLSI Heaven" (Zone mix) (6:02)
Mind Over Rhythm - "Kubital Footstorm" (Global Beatmix) (6:14)
Dream Frequency - "Dream The Dream" (5:48)
As One - "Isatai" (5:01)
UVX - "Elevator (Trancefloor Transporter)" (5:11)
Review: Dance Music From Planet Earth is a new sub-label from Ransom Note that kicks off with a heritage compilation, Dream The Dream. It looks back in great detail at UK Techno, House and Breakbeat 1990-1994 with Richard Sen as the man in control. He was a DJ back in those days, playing the most epic raves around Europe and taking some of the photos which now form the artwork for this collection. His obsessive record collecting from those days is reflected here across a series of sometimes obscure but always brilliant UK tunes for the worlds of ambient, techno, tribal house, breakbeat and early trance.
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 in stock HK$199.25
Wednesday 7 June 2023
New releases
Man From Mantis
Cat: LOVEP 03. Rel: 07 Jun 23
Pandemic (4:39)
Aggressive Mantis Squad (5:02)
Automatic Mouth (4:53)
International Sound System (4:56)
Review: Electronic legends Meat Beat Manifesto aka Jack Dangers and DHS aka Benjamin Stokes have been making music together for a long old time now so really know how to find a sweet spot between their respective sounds. In this case, they emerge from their lab with four finely tuned dancefloor destroyers that are steeped in a rich history of UK-centric sounds. 'Pandemic' is a wonky acid opener with plenty of warped designs and big breaks, then 'Aggressive Mantis Squad' brings more live drum breaks under crashing percussion and edgy synth terrors. 'Automatic Mouth' is a bass-driven and body-popping rhythm designed to get the floor popping before the all-out breakbeat assault that is 'International Sound System.'
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 in stock HK$128.12
New Preorders
Jupiter EP
Cat: QUAID 1. Rel: 28 Jul 23
Mind Games
Pre-orders at Juno

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est. release 28 Jul 23 HK$121.87
(No payment required now - pay when released)
Tuesday 6 June 2023
New releases
Interlinked (limited 12")
Cat: LERAQ 003. Rel: 06 Jun 23
Interlinked (6:05)
Sonic Ritual (6:09)
Binaural Beats (6:28)
Collective Memories (6:36)
Review: Leraq has previously dropped a couple of solid digital-only EPs since 2020 but finally marks his debut on wax with this crispy breakbeat excursion. 'Interlinked' is ice-cold and precise rhythmic techno with fluttering snares and shimmering synths adding a little meat to the drum's bones. 'Sonic Ritual' is a more fulsome cut with broken beat loops and warped bass making for a skittish rhythm. 'Binaural Beats' is another one that shapeshifts constantly, as various different leads, basslines and percussive patterns all vie for your attention. 'Collective Memories' shuts down with deep and cavernous introspection. .
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 in stock HK$119.92
Monday 5 June 2023
New releases
CCCP Edits 7
Cat: CCCP 7. Rel: 05 Jun 23
Bichpaket (5:22)
Okaral (6:16)
Robot (radio version) (4:15)
Po Zadumke (10:21)
Pomogaika (4:54)
 in stock HK$113.77
Out Of Streets EP
Out Of Streets EP (limited 12")
Cat: VRM 002. Rel: 05 Jun 23
Panzer (6:58)
B08 (7:49)
Out Of Streets (10:58)
 in stock HK$128.12
MSZ 01
MSZ 01 (limited 12")
Cat: MSZ 01. Rel: 05 Jun 23
Track 1 (5:44)
Track 2 (5:54)
Track 3 (6:49)
Track 4 (5:18)
Review: We don't know anything about this new self titled EP and label project from MSZ but the music is well worth talking about. 'Track 1' sets off at a slick pace with polished and punchy drums layered up with balmy chords and a classy peak time energy that will get fists skyward and faces smiling. It's a smooth and super cool opener, and the second cut is no less colourful and charming with its busy, garage-tinged drums and low-key bassline funk. On the flip are two more cuts that mix house, tech, electro, breaks, bass and spaced-out vibes into something driving and dynamic.
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 in stock HK$77.28
Happ EP
Happ EP (limited 12")
Cat: CBV 001. Rel: 05 Jun 23
Happ (7:26)
Happ (Suciu remix) (7:32)
No Backwards (8:02)
Francua (with Osvit) (7:58)
 in stock HK$124.02
We Took Pelham
We Took Pelham (cassette)
Cat: USUP 02. Rel: 05 Jun 23
We Took Pelham (2:40)
Charlie Don't Surf (5:35)
Brooklyn Scraps (3:02)
Lopez (3:26)
King Titos Gloves (6:26)
Malpaso (4:34)
Day One (5:28)
Live @ The Capri (6:09)
Lopez (part 2) (10:32)
In Pursuit Of The Pimpmobile (5:59)
Punisher (3:35)
Lawrence Of A Labia (6:07)
Blade (6:45)
Outro (6:42)
! low stock HK$128.12
Grace (reissue)
Cat: WEME 080. Rel: 05 Jun 23
Waka Wac (3:46)
Ava Acid (4:13)
Yedek 2 (4:02)
10 Bedroom (4:49)
Rickshaw (3:29)
Youcun (4:44)
Kassp Acid (3:14)
Vox (4:00)
Jimb (2:38)
Oot (5:23)
Grace (4:22)
Sarangot (6:21)
Review: Joey Kendrick is perhaps better known for the braindance gear he's put out under his own name for Rephlex and the like, but he's also played around with plenty of aliases over the years too. His work as +10 actually predates his breakthrough years on Rephlex, having been released on the classy Canadian label Napalm Enema. Grace came out in 2007 and it sounds a little rowdier than later Kendrick works, but that's also part of its charm. Hence stalwart Belgian braindance believers WeMe have opted to reissue the CDr-only album as a double vinyl for your twitch, glitchy, acidic pleasure. It's a feast for the cerebellum, no doubt about it.
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 in stock HK$227.64
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