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New releases last eight weeks: Disco/Nu-Disco

Disco/Nu-Disco vinyl released in the last four weeks
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Love In Motion
Cat: BAP 184. Rel: 24 May 23
Love In Motion (12" version) (6:20)
Love In Motion (instrumental) (5:36)
Love In Motion (Vanzetti & Sacco edit) (6:46)
Review: 1000 Ohm is a Belgian synth-pop/new wave duo that formed in 1981; the following year, their debut single 'A.G.N.E.S.' became a local hit, thanks to its prominent drum lines and a loyalty to the fun-loving melodic monotony endemic to the genre at the time. But despite their initial success, their second single 'Love In Motion' didn't come until 1984 on Clip Records; this disco cheerer-upper is as powerful and bold as it is relaxing and beach-worthy, straddling two distinct emotions through two distinct call-and-response lines. The B-side features an instrumental version of the same track, as well as a remix by the faux-anarchist duo Vanzetti & Sacco.
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 in stock HK$128.12
Gimme Love EP
Cat: EW 12003. Rel: 09 May 23
Gimme Love (7:05)
Dykes On Hormones (6:16)
Dare You (7:19)
Cannoli Amore (5:24)
 in stock HK$148.41
Lit Up
Lit Up (7")
Cat: JCITY 017. Rel: 04 May 23
Lit Up (4:40)
Lit Up (The remix) (3:51)
Review: A Skillz and Krafty Kuts are veteran names by now but at one option they were some of the hottest new DJs and producers in the game. They pioneered a breakbeat, cut-up and paste sounds 20 years ago that was high on energy and with plenty of character. Now they look to the roots of the sounds they used to draw from and serve up a new single on Jam City that is all about disco. 'Lit Up' has loose, jumbled drums and funk basslines with some great vocal flourishes up top from Gizelle Smith. A remix on the flip takes things into deeper new soul territory.
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Played by: The Allergies
Tags: Disco Funk | Nu Disco
 in stock HK$117.87
Let Me/Move EP
Let Me (4:25)
Let Me (Pool Boy remix) (4:21)
Let Me (Midnight mix) (4:15)
Let Me (demo mix) (3:06)
Move (4:06)
Move (instrumental) (4:06)
Let Me (Pool Boy instrumental) (4:18)
Let Me (Midnight instrumental mix) (4:16)
 in stock HK$144.31
SIK 001
SIK 001 (hand-stamped 12" repress)
Cat: SIK 001. Rel: 31 May 23
Another Cigarette (4:44)
Klat Klat (6:33)
Raw (5:06)
 in stock HK$105.67
Not An Ordinary Story EP
Cat: AV 001. Rel: 28 Apr 23
Homesick (6:12)
Italo Vision (4:45)
Round The Wave (5:54)
Sentimental Dance (5:06)
 in stock HK$119.92
Pegasus (7" limited to 150 copies)
Cat: TSRZV 35. Rel: 24 May 23
Pegasus (3:30)
Crown Me (4:20)
Tags: Disco Funk | Nu Disco
 in stock HK$148.41
Burkina Faso (feat Jura Soundsystem mix)
Burkina Faso (Wagadugu Blues)
Burkina Faso (Wagadugu dub)
Burkina Faso (Jura Soundsystem Discodub)
Review: Emotional Rescue can be relied on to dig up obscure, left of centre dance gems and serve them up to newer, wider audiences. Adu's reggae-pop cut 'Burkina Faso' is a great example, re-purposed for the dancefloor without any of its original flavour lost in the overhaul. A
South Saharan/West African emigre to Brixton, Rauf Adu would go on to fairly sizeable European fame with the Eddy Grant-esque 'Human To Human'. This, however, is his 1982 debut for Copasetic Records, another reggae-pop inspired, ludicrously catchy effort with scorched electric guitar and a Compass Point-style drum/bassline providing rhythmic rocksteadiness. As well as the buffed up original, there's a dub mix, which gives his beautiful guitar plenty of room to breathe, and an appearance from the Isle of Jura Sound System boss Kevin Griffiths , whose remix completes the trio of mixes.
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 in stock HK$103.72
Beautiful You
Beautiful You (translucent pink vinyl 7")
Cat: MXAK 002. Rel: 05 May 23
Beautiful You (Danny Krivit 7" edit Of Hex Hector's Lush remix) (5:20)
Beautiful You (4:34)
Review: The revered songstress that is AK is back on Most Excellent Unlimited for another hot and soulful single that comes on the heels of a special 7" release of her seminal 'Say That You Love Me.' This one, 'Beautiful You' is making its vinyl debut here and comes with strong messages of empowerment and affirmation. The lyrics and vocals are uplifting as is the music which comes in the form of a 7" edit by Body & Soul legend Danny Krivit' of GRAMMYr award-winner Hex Hector's Lush remix. It's a perfectly paired back sound with the original on the flip, and both tunes really make their mark. This is a great package that's exclusive to wax.
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 in stock HK$101.67
Somebody Else's Guy (Record Store Day RSD 2023)
Somebody Else's Guy (4:29)
Somebody Else's Guy (Revisited dub) (4:25)
 in stock HK$178.86
Cat: ALMACKS 01. Rel: 26 May 23
So Ready (6:16)
Running Out Of Time (6:51)
What You Don't Do (8:26)
What's The Use (5:24)
 in stock HK$117.87
Deep Cover #7
Deep Cover #7 (hand-numbered 12" limited to 300 copies)
Cat: DEEPCOVER 7. Rel: 17 May 23
Stanton Carlisle (5:30)
Navarone Again (5:16)
Review: Amor fati is one of the core principles of stoicism - translated into English as "love of fate", or "love of one's fate" - it should therefore come as no surprise that Amor Fati's production work seems to dig deep into atmospheres while still riding on the immediate infectiousness of tech. Split over two tracks, the EP is a real giver, managing to do multiple things at once and not drop a single spinning plate. 'Stanton Carlisle', for example, nods to toy box techno and sharp micro house, all razor high hats, stepping snares, and bounding energy, using friendly noises to develop an arrangement that really doesn't let up. Over on 'Navarone Again', we're in more of a synth wave dystopia, waves of retro harmony and slightly ominous choral vocals intermixed with a sample about leaders of the universe.
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 in stock HK$150.46
Hot Pot 003 Andres Edits
Hot Pot 003 Andres Edits (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: HPR 003. Rel: 05 May 23
Flipwood Mac (7:44)
Rapture (4:19)
Review: We're told that the Hot Pot label has been specially resurrected to put out these jams from the one and only former Slum Village DJ, Mahogany Music artist, hip-hop head and house don that is Dez Andres. They are some of the edits and reworks he has been playing out on the circuit in his Detroit hometown and they get pressed up nice and loud here on fresh wax. First up he reworks a stone-cold classic with a distinctive Latin house twang while on the flip, his signature boom-bap drum work defines another killer groove. Super stuff as ever from the man.
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 in stock HK$107.72
This Is Home (repress)
This Is Home (repress) (limited hand-stamped white & red splattered vinyl 12")
Cat: ROLLER 001RPSPL. Rel: 04 May 23
This Is Home
Love Explosion
 in stock HK$109.77
Midnight Thoughts EP
Cat: MELOD 012. Rel: 19 May 23
Soft Lips
Soft Lips (Chinaski remix)
Midnight Thoughts
Review: It's hard to straddle euphoric and dystopic, but Chilean producer Manuel Ortuzar aka Aural Trace has just about done it. The borders between new wave, electroclash and post-punk are all but shattered on their new EP 'Midnight Thoughts', wherein the artist finds it no great feat to inspire a sense of both tension and wonderment in the listener, through combinations of chuffy clap-whacks, quadruplet bass patterns, and an overall neon-drenched synthy style reminiscent of what might happen if William Friedkin directed a cyberpunk film.
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 in stock HK$113.77
Sta Guagliona Mo Dda
Sta Guagliona Mo Dda (12" repress)
Cat: FTR 1010. Rel: 01 Jun 23
Sta Guagliona Mo Dda (4:17)
Sta Guagliona Mo Dda (instrumental) (5:26)
Voglie 'E Mare (4:14)
Review: From the dedicated Neopolitan archivists Periodica comes a holy grail reissue of a deep cover, highly coveted release from 1983. The groove on Tonino Balsamo's 'Sta Guagliona Mo Dda' is an absolute neck-snapper, with the toughest drum machine beat carrying slinky b-lines and slick synth lines alike while Balsamo flows in a semi-rap style over the top. It's a monster given a fresh master to cut it with any modern jam you care to throw its way in the mix, and the instrumental is on hand for those who want to zero in on that throbbing arpeggio. Also watch out for the dirty beatdown 'Voglia E Mare', which lays the synths on even thicker.
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 in stock HK$150.46
Main Attraction (Dr Packer remixes)
Main Attraction (Dr Packer remix) (7:23)
Main Attraction (Dr Packer dubstrumental mix) (7:08)
Review: High Fashion Music has dipped into the back catalogue of '80s electrofunk stars BB&Q Band before, asking long-serving Essex house producer Michael Gray to remix their much-loved scene anthem 'Dreamer'. This time round, they've asked Aussie star Dr Packer - a man famous for his popular updates of disco and boogie jams - to sprinkle some magic over 1986 single 'Main Attraction'. As you'd expect, his full vocal A-side 'remix' makes use of a lot of the band's original instrumentation - synths, synth-bass, sparkling guitar riffs etc - while adding a touch of easy-to-mix house swing. The flip-side 'Dubstramental', which cannily updates the 1980s boogie dub mix sound for 21st century dancefloors, is arguably even stronger.
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 in stock HK$138.17
Finger On The Trigger
Finger On The Trigger (hand-stamped 7" repress) (1 per customer)
Cat: GATT 002. Rel: 11 May 23
Finger On The Trigger (4:37)
Crazy In Kingston (7 Inch rework) (4:04)
Review: On the second volume in the GATT edits series, Swedish scalpel fiend Beatconductor once again pairs a previously unheard rework with something sought-after from his catalogue. In the latter category you'll find flipside 'Crazy in Kingston', an early noughties mash-up that adds Beyonce's superb lead vocals (and Jay-Z's on-point rap verse) from the peerless 'Crazy in Love' with a dusty old reggae riddim. It's a simple idea, beautifully executed. The brand-new (or at least previously unheard) cut this time around is 'Finger on the Trigger', a lolloping, life-affirming tweak of a 1970s dancefloor soul number that sits somewhere between the stomping heaviness of Detroit Soul and the proto-disco deliciousness of Philly Soul.
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 in stock HK$117.87
The Drag Stop
The Drag Stop (hand-stamped 7" repress)
Cat: GATT 001. Rel: 11 May 23
The Drag Stop (4:20)
Something Better (edit) (4:26)
Review: Some hand-stamped 7" white-gold here with Beactconducter serving up a couple of brilliant disco dazzlers for late night sessions. 'The Drag Stop' pairs some aching soft-rock vocals with tumbling congas and chunky disco drums that march on wards and upwards as the synths bring some cosmic drama. On the flip is a more retro sousing disco gem with 'Something Better' (edit). It has funky drums and piano chords dancing next to hip swinging finger clicks and some big vocals. All in all a vital pick up that offers two some dance-y disco delights.
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 in stock HK$113.77
Wish (7" repress)
Cat: GATT 005. Rel: 11 May 23
Wish (4:43)
I Miss You (4:33)
 in stock HK$115.92
Mister Wong
Mister Wong (12" repress)
Cat: ISLE 006. Rel: 27 Apr 23
Mister Wong (4:39)
Mister Wong (Disco dub) (4:46)
Mister Wong (Disco dub - Jura Soundsystem extended edit)
Review: In 1972, French producer turned ZE Records founder Michel Esteban released a one-off single as Bella Vista, "Mister Wong". Like many of the records the New York-based entrepreneur worked on, the track gleefully joins the dots between spacey synth-pop, NYC style mutant disco and what these days we'd call sun-kissed Balearic disco. The slow motion, glassy-eyed original version comes accompanied by the original flipside "Disco Dub" - a much sparser affair focused on the killer slap bass, reverb-laden percussion and slivers of guitar and synth - and a brand new "Extended Disco Dub Edit" by Isle of Jura chief Kevin Griffiths as Jura Soundsystem. This extends the oh-too-short Disco Dub for greater dancefloor pleasure while adding some fantastic new percussion.
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 in stock HK$119.92
Ray Mang Edits
Ray Mang Edits (limited 12" repress)
Cat: GRNGAR 004. Rel: 14 Apr 23
The Boogie (Ray Mang edit) (6:35)
Val, Vuw Ya (Ray Mang edit) (6:18)
Review: Balearic is perfected to near-Platonic form on this new split single from Joan Bibiloni, the Mallorcan artist and guitarist behind many such full-length masterpieces as 'Joana Lluna' and 'Una Vida Llarga I Tranquila'. Gouranga Music's re-licensing of Bibiloni's music here sees two new remixes by esteemed reworker Ray Mang; 'The Boogie' adds sheeny mega-production to Bibiloni's original, with tense chordwork and watery delays backing up a maddeningly restless instrumental. The ambient standout here, though, is the B, 'Val, Vuw Ya', on which Mang refuses to differentiate between pad, kazoo, tambourine and guitar, it's that washed out. A fascinating new release, straddling two disparate zones in Balearic music.
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 in stock HK$111.82
Dance On The Beat (reissue)
Dance On The Beat (reissue) (hand-numbered 12")
Cat: PM 121701BLACK RE. Rel: 25 May 23
Dance On The Beat (4:50)
Dance On The Beat (instrumental) (3:15)
Review: Seems it is time for this disco classic to get its latest reissue and we are always glad to hear it. It is a curious Italo disco gem from the rather mysterious Boeing. It came all the way back in 1982 and as soon as the needle hits the record it has you preparing for liftoff. Sprightly, funky and characterised by a classic, slightly trippy voice-of-god spoken word, cute synth squiggles and a rolling percussive layer that's almost too addictive. Comes complete with an instrumental if the vocal commands are just a little too much for you. This is a limited reissue on Full Time Production out of Italy.
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Tags: Disco Funk
 in stock HK$105.67
Let's Start The Dance Part II
Bohannon - "Let's Start The Dance" (part II) (7:31)
Bohannon - "Let's Start The Dance Part II" (part II - Marco Fratty & Corrado Presti remix) (6:28)
Barrabas - "Wild Safari" (3:59)
Barrabas - "Wild Safari" (Marco Fratty remix) (4:55)
Review: Use Vinyl reissues cuts that were once dancefloor staples within the Italian disco scene. On this double header, they serve up two stone cold classics, both of which come accompanied by beefed up contemporary reworks. On side A there's a chance to savour Hamilton Bohannon's 1981 re-make of his celebrated club cut, 'Let's Start The Dance Part II'. This version was notably tougher and even funkier than its predecessor, with tons of dub mix style drops into Bohannon's infectious disco-funk guitar licks and the impassioned female backing vocals. Italian house legends Marco Fratty and Corrado Presti (both formerly of PFI Project) provide a tasteful but excitable rework, before side B opens with Barabas's prototype Afro-cosmic gem 'Wild Safari'. Fratty goes solo to remix that, updating the track without losing its distinctive, percussion-rich ethos.
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 in stock HK$148.41
Boogie Drive 678 (Muro Re Edit)
Boogie Drive 678 (DJ Muro re-edit) (4:56)
Boogie Drive 678 (DJ Muro re-edit - Steel Pan dub) (4:52)
Review: Boo is a solo Japanese boogie vocalist who was largely active in the noughties; his most eminent album 'Post Soulman' was released in two volumes, and did thrilling justice to Boo's soulful vocals and faux-Philadelphia street beatstyle. Now rereleased as a single (originally one of the tracks from the album), 'BOOGIE DRIVE 678' gets a good look back on. With a busy mix and lyrics reflecting on the butterflies one feels when encountering someone who makes us feel "high inside", this reissue also comes with the venerable steel pan mix on the B.
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 in stock HK$166.66
No Limit (Mike Maurro remix) (Record Store Day RSD 2023)
Cat: PR 65026P. Rel: 09 May 23
No Limit (A Mike Maurro remix) (8:38)
No Limit (12" version) (6:31)
Review: As part of this year's Record Store Day festivities, Arista have got a real treat for fans of modern soul and disco. The A-side features a Mike Maurro remix of Breakwater's 'No Limit', a groovy and funky tune from their debut album. Maurro adds his signature touch of extending and enhancing the original elements, creating a dancefloor-friendly version that respects the original. The B-side features the rare 12" version, which showcases the band's tight musicianship and vocal harmonies. This record is a collector's item and a tribute to a classic song.

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Tags: Disco Funk
 in stock HK$119.92
Berro E Sombaro (Record Store Day RSD 2023)
Berro E Sombaro (3:07)
Never Gonna Give You Up (7" edit) (4:21)
Review: Washington DC group Chuck Brown & The Soul Searchers have got a real belting Latin tune on their hands here with 'Berro e Sombaro'. It's a tune that has been sampled many times over the years though you will be hard-pushed to find an original version anywhere. It was originally the last tune on Chuck's Bustin Loose album from 1979 and soon became a go-to funk track with a big impact that also saw it make a mark on the 80s rare groove scene. On the flipside here is an exclusive 7" edit of 'Never Gonna Give You Up', which was composed by Gamble & Huff composed and has never been on 45 rpm before.
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 in stock HK$126.07
I Just Came To Dance
Cat: BIGAC 025. Rel: 02 Jun 23
I Just Came To Dance (3:34)
I Just Came To Dance (Smoove Nu-Disco remix) (4:01)
 in stock HK$140.31
Doing Our Own Thing
Doing Our Own Thing (Dimitri From Paris remix part 1) (5:01)
Doing Our Own Thing (Dimitri From Paris remix part 2) (4:57)
Review: Monsieur Dimitri from Paris works his magic on Casbah 73's organic disco grooves with a remix treatment that surpasses all expectations. Casbah's original track may sound like a band-recorded take with added production sheen, but it's actually a deceptively well-made track recorded by a talented solo artist. Dimitri brings added wompy disco-house heat to the track in two parts, with the first part focusing on the more bangerific elements of the original, and the B (part two) stripping things back to focus on the more minimal, solo dubby parts.
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 in stock HK$91.53
No Better Love
No Better Love (transparent yellow vinyl 12")
Cat: LJR 8002COLOURED. Rel: 18 Apr 23
No Better Love (4:11)
I'm Going To Give All Of Me (3:54)
No Better Love (5:57)
I Just Want To Be Loved By You (3:13)
Tags: Disco Funk
 in stock HK$113.77
Delectable U
Cat: NP 44. Rel: 10 May 23
Delectable U (5:53)
Delectable U (T Groove remix) (4:33)
Review: For their latest release, Six Nine Records has taken a deep dive into the back catalogue of Aussie nu-disco duo Confection, an outfit who released a wealth of (largely overlooked) cuts throughout the last decade. 'Delectable U' first featured on the pair's CD-only 2012 album Private Conversations and features core members Joshua Bageley and Juanita Tippins in full-on revivalist 80s soul mood - all rubbery bass guitar, glossy FM synth sounds, eyes-closed lead vocals and slow-motion S.O.S Band beats. This time round, it comes backed with a fresh remix courtesy of T-Groove that subtly speeds up the beats, thickens the bassline, showcases the band's Chic-style guitar licks and drags the track further towards nu-disco dancefloors. Simply superb!
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 in stock HK$180.90
Re Tilt (Record Store Day RSD 2023)
Holiday (Tame Impala remix) (5:22)
Luvin U Is Easy (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs remix) (5:21)
Relieve The Pressure (X-Coast remix) (4:25)
Angry Girl (CHAI version) (2:54)
Break It Bought It (CC:Disco! dub remix) (4:55)
Feels Like A Different Thing (Daniel Avery remix) (5:01)
Holiday (Erol Alkan OOO rework) (6:48)
 in stock HK$176.90
For You EP
For You EP (12" + insert)
Cat: FV 015. Rel: 05 Jun 23
For The Remote (6:29)
For A Snack (7:24)
For K (6:26)
For You (6:26)
Review: Couple Looking is a brand new project that brings together the Funnuvojere label head Massimiliano Pagliara with his Berlin-based mate and fellow DJ Chris Cruse, who is known as the force behind the LA queer party Spotlight as well as being involved with the legendary Club Toilet in Detroit. They have plenty of studio skills between them as this EP shows with its mix of raw lines and silky synth-scapes. 'For The Remote' is caustic and acidic house music from the old school, 'For A Snack' then builds the pressure with a taught bassline and twinking keys over more jacked-up drums. 'For K' is an uplifting house sound and 'For You' is balmy and dreamy chug-house.
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 in stock HK$124.02
Watch Out EP
Cat: SC 1234. Rel: 20 Apr 23
Watch Out (4:54)
Nowhere (5:49)
Night Time (5:04)
Voodoo (5:07)
Cowbell (Eeh Aah Eeh) (4:31)
Review: Italian producer Giovanni Damico has always put plenty of effort into making his sounds come alive with lush, rich melodies whatever genre he's making. Now it is Afro and disco grooves that power this EP, with more of those majestic chords. They have a retro feel here - with tinniness and old-school futurism embraced over elastic and acrobatic beats and bass. 'Watch Out' is a party starter to kick off then there are more lazy and sleazy jams like 'Nowhere' and there twisted electronics of 'Voodoo' bring plenty of invention and a variety of vivacious sounds to this EP.
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 in stock HK$146.26
Cocaine In My Brain
Cat: CHAY 6091. Rel: 13 Apr 23
Cocaine In My Brain (5:12)
Marijuana In My Brain (extended mix) (3:36)
Review: The latest edition to the illustrious Charly catalogue - a re-release of Dillinger's most successful single from 1976, 'Cokane In My Brain' - marks a welcome return of this popular release to record stores. Listening to this release, it's easy to trace the figures the Kingston-born Dillinger has labelled as key inspirations in the sound he brings into existence - namely Dennis Alcapone and Lee "Scratch" Perry, the latter of whom he found himself under the guidance of following his big break in 1974 with the release of his single 'Dub Organizer'. There's a reason this achieved serious playtime - though not necessarily on the radio - worldwide following its release. A key release you certainly won't want missing from your collection.
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 in stock HK$138.17
Chez Madame La Baronne
Chez Madame La Baronne (12" in die-cut sleeve)
Cat: LEHB 002. Rel: 17 May 23
Chez Madame La Baronne
Chez Madame La Baronne (Idjut Boys Fazz Junk version)
Review: Earlier this year, French disco and jazz-funk combo Chatobaron joined forces with fellow Parisian Dimitri From Paris for the rather good 'I Like (The Music That You Play)'. While that was a wholehearted disco workout, this speedy sequel sees the band (and their high-profile collaborator) explore their West Coast jazz-funk influences via an inspired workout full to bursting with killer instrumental solos, dusty grooves, memorable motifs and a genuinely killer, cowbell-sporting percussion brerak. This time round, there are no Dimitri From Paris remixes; instead, dubbed-out disco favourites the Idjut Boys are on hand to smother the track in tape echo and dub delay. The result is a typically spaced-out, low-slung affair that naturally makes the most of the band's killer bassline and layered percussion sounds.
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 in stock HK$174.85
Disco Records 3
Cat: DISCO 3. Rel: 28 Apr 23
Never Leave You Baby (4:22)
Slow Love (5:46)
Slide Into Your Heart (5:23)
Funky Space Player (5:26)
 in stock HK$101.67
Discotecas 003
Cat: DISCOT 003. Rel: 23 May 23
Move (5:20)
Like Syrup (5:20)
Take It (5:54)
Always Forever (8:14)
Review: The freshest 12" Balearic vinyl release on the block comes courtesy of Discotecas, a label who prefer to home in on underground house and Balearic edits. The release features four tracks: 'Move', 'Like Syrup', 'Take It' and 'Always Forever', all of which are essentially lost vestiges of well-known songs. Some parts are genuine edits, sometimes they aren't and instead function as made-from-scratch imitations, but that's part of the art. Whether or not they're built on wholly original samples is superfluous - as long as the tracks pique the brain's deja-vu receptors, as they do with, their slap-basses, clavey shakers, and sultry beachside vocals, then we're good.
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 in stock HK$111.82
You Bring Out The Best In Me (reissue)
You Bring Out The Best In Me (4:46)
All Night Long (4:52)
Review: Originally released in 1983 on Evergreen Records, the D.I.T. Band's split 7" 'You Bring Out The Best In Me' has been remastered and reissued for a new generation of fans - needless to say, that hardly detracts from both songs' appeal, which need no second introduction. A Prince-like funk snappiness is central to the tracks, nailing the ultra-swung mood of early '80s funk with its oohs and aoows - clearly, the aim is to make you scream, "tight!" For those who like it snappy, futuristic, and rare, this one's for you.
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 in stock HK$211.35
It's Your World (Japanese Edition)
It's Your World (feat Jennifer Wallace - Root Soul remix - DJ Jin edit) (3:50)
Step Out (feat Taliwa - Shuya Okino edit) (4:48)
Review: DJ Kawasaki went big on love performances with his last album One World back in 2021 and the resulting tunes mixed up fine house vibrations infused with immaculate jazz-funk instrumentation. He is back now and in top-notch form with a new 7" for At Home Sound in Japan. There is more of a disco feel to this one with the cosmically minded 'It's Your World' kick off on the a-side and then the just as good but differently groovy 'Step Out' taking care of the b-side.
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 in stock HK$162.56
Versions Part One: Disco Edits Re Rubs & Dubs
Cat: NATURE 001HBR. Rel: 23 May 23
Feel Dub (3:30)
Disco Power (4:02)
Midnite Freak (7:13)
Want Your Loving (8:45)
Chi-Town Theme (7:22)
Review: Since emerging last autumn, Newcastle-based Hot Biscuit Recordings has dropped a clutch of fine re-edit releases, mostly (though not entirely) courtesy of Chicago legend Rahaan. Here DJ Nature (AKA NYC-based exiled Bristolian Milo Johnson, once a founder member of the legendary Wild Bunch soundsystem) gets his chance to shine across a must-check double-pack. He first delivers a weighty, loopy, dancefloor dub style rearrangement of a suspenseful and low-slung disco treat ('Feel Dub'), before delivering a scalpel style edit of a string-laden disco-soul number ('Disco Power') and expertly stretching out a sensual, low-slung Fatback Band classic ('Midnite Freak'). To round things off, he lightly dubs out a shuffling disco groover ('Want Your Loving') and delivers a heavy take on a Windy City disco classic ('Chi-Town Theme').
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Tags: Disco Funk
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Quiet Village (reissue) (Record Store Day RSD 2023)
Quiet Village (part 1) (2:33)
Quiet Village (part 2) (4:59)
Review: Like many releases for Record Store Day, this is a rather rare and super expensive classic that gets a welcome reissue to make it available to us all once more. The Dome City Rock Orchestra hailed from New Orleans made heavy jazz funk sounds with tight as-you-like musicians all excelling on their instruments. The A-side is packed with energy, swirling synths and big bongos, wild flutes and cosmic vibes all making for a thrilling dancefloor gem. Part Two carries on where Part One left off, and both leave you feeling breathless but ready for more.
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Nausea EP
Nausea EP (12")
Cat: BAP 181. Rel: 05 Jun 23
Nausea (4:49)
Nausea (Sick Your Own mix) (4:05)
Noise In The Stairwell (5:34)
Jupiter Jack (Groovy mix) (5:39)
Jupiter Jack (Jupiter mix) (5:17)
Review: Since making his bow as Donald Dust six years ago, Tom Banks has codified a signature sound rich in jacking, Ron Hardy style drum tracks, surging Italo-disco melodies, late '80s European house sounds and 21st century nu-Italo tropes. All these ingredients - and more - can be heard on his latest EP for Bordello a Parigi. Opener 'Nausea', for example, audibly doffs a cap to Koto and Bobby Orlando, while the more percussive, sweat-soaked 'Sick Your Own' remix of the same track provides an energetic, peak-time ready alternative. There are two mixes, too, of 'Jupiter Jack': the new beat-meets-Italo-disco throb of the 'Groovy Mix' and the breathless mid-80s Chicago house flex of the 'Jupiter Mix'. Chiming, synth-pop-goes-electro number 'Noise in the Stairwell' completes a fine package.
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Eastside Edits 005
Cat: ESE 0057. Rel: 03 May 23
Second Nature (3:55)
Tapp Dance (4:18)
Review: Toronto-based 45 Label Eastside Edits is back with more of that heart-melting musical goodness for a fifth time. These two pearlers both rework classic samples into new and seductive funky beat frameworks. 'Second Nature' has twanging and funky bass and smooth rolling grooves with a laidback vibe all topped off with a distincitve hook. On the other side, 'Tapp Dance' has slower, deeper neo-soul vibes - two very tasteful reworks for sure.
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Found Love
Found Love (green vinyl 7")
Cat: GCV 7004. Rel: 18 May 23
Double Dee - "Found Love" (feat Dany - Dimitri From Paris remix edit) (3:27)
Jestofunk - "Say It Again" (Micky More & Andy Tee remix edit) (4:29)
Review: For the latest instalment of the label's occasional seven-inch series, Groove Culture has decided to offer up fresh takes on classic Italian house hits. On side A, the legendary Dimitri From Paris gets his mitts on Double Dee's 1990 number 'Found Love', re-imagining it as a colourful blend of rubbery nu-disco and hands-in-the-air piano house that rightly places Dany's recognisable lead vocal front and centre. Flip for label chiefs' Micky More and Andy Tee's take on Jestofunk's 1993 classic 'Say It Again'. Like much of their work, the Italian duo's translation blurs the boundaries between funk-fuelled house and revivalist disco, with flanged, occasionally bluesy guitars, strung-out synth solos and energy-packed sax lines catching the ear.
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Dubs On 45 Vol 1
Cat: DBS 001. Rel: 10 May 23
Strike A Poke (6:21)
You Don’t Dub Me (6:43)
Review: Brand new this week, 'double trouble dub business' that's been burning up club systems all over the world. For a time only a select few DJs had this in their record bags, but these much anticipated bangers are now getting a full vinyl release. On the first side is a rip roaring edit of one of the greatest hits by the Queen Of Pop that's optimised for modern dancefloors. Over on the flip, things move into the after hours in minimal/tech house fashion with 'You Don't Dub Me' which samples a certain funky house anthem from the turn of the millennium.
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Funkyjaws & Friends
Eddie C - "Do You Wanna Dance" (6:48)
Elado - "25.4 Millimeters" (5:21)
Scruscru & S Timoshenko - "Ace! ID?" (5:21)
Funkyjaws - "In Your Ear With It" (5:53)
Review: The FunkyJaws Music label invites us deep into their world for a third time here with another delicious 12".It's a various artists EP that features one of our top disco favourites - Eddie C. He opens up with 'Do You Wanna Dance' which has vocals pacing about the mix and old school acid bass twangs under raw house drums. Elado's '25.4 Millimeters' is a Middle Eastern funk workout with spangled drum hits and the flip side brings twisted acid disco and the cosmic trip that is 'In Your Ear With It' from Funkyjaws themselves.
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Flight Risk
Cat: RSD 025. Rel: 05 May 23
Sky Dive (5:03)
Home Suite (6:28)
Missing Pixels (5:21)
Mount Juniper (4:50)
Review: Eddie Logix makes his return to Rocksteady Disco fold with this fresh new 12", 'Flight Risk'. It's a varied affair that pulls from a wide range of genres including leftfield, deep house, disco, Afrobeat, and even Balearic. Some of these tunes have already been picking up high-profile support from the likes of Leo Mas, Chris Coco and Danny Krivit - no wonder given that his last on the label sold out immediately. 'Sky Dive' is a nice loose limbed funky deep disco jam, 'Home Suite' has a superb new age flute lead and 'Missing Pixels' is a tribal Afro dancer. 'Mount Juniper' is the lively and tropical house number that has you dreaming of cocktails by the sea.
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Played by: Superbreak, LEGO EDIT
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You & I? (remastered)
You & I? (remastered) (heavyweight transparent red vinyl 12" limited to 250 copies)
Cat: TDE 1211. Rel: 04 May 23
You & I (6:20)
You & I (instrumental version) (6:19)
You & I (I-Robots Reconstruction) (9:02)
Review: First released way back in 1984, Ego Neco's sole single is an Italo-disco obscurity that has long been sought-after by dusty-fingered crate diggers. Step forward Turin Dancefloor Express, a label dedicated to celebrating the city's disco and post-disco heritage. Their pleasing reissue boasts both versions from the original 12": the sparkling, synth-heavy original mix, where stylish, new wave-influenced female vocals ride unfussy machine drums, squelchy bass, freestyle-influenced melodic motifs and colourful lead leads, and the dub mix-style 'Instrumental'. We also get a bonus I-Robots 'reconstruction', which successfully strips back the track to bass, drums and shimmering lead lines before introducing the rest of the original's vibrant synth sounds.
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