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KOLSCH Vinyl & CDs

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Speicher 128
Cat: KOMPAKTEX 128V. Rel: 07 Jun 23
Cold Air
Review: The Speicher series feels almost as old as techno itself by now. It has long been one of the many jewels in Cologne label Kompakt's crown and Kolsch, one of the label's chief mainstays, has been behind many of them. This 128th such offering is a dreamy yet dynamic techno sound that sits up there with some of the label's best offerings. 'Cold Air' is urgent and edgy but always awash with waves of melodic sheen even when the ragged bass is in free fall. 'Environ' then has a 90s IDM Warp feel to it with its bright reflective melodies filtered and drawn out, stretched and smeared over a big and bouncy beat.
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 in stock HK$109.77
Speicher 119
Cat: KOMPAKTEX 119. Rel: 25 Mar 22
Woohman (5:44)
Speicherband (7:41)
Review: The Kompakt Speicher series continues to be an essential drip feed into the global techno scene, and Danish producer Kolsch has been one of those steadily supplying the goods since 2010. On this latest drop he's sounding especially playful as 'Woohman' plays around with militaristic drum fills and bugging acid lines to create a true party monster. 'Speciherband' has its own ideas about showing force with brass stabs that sound like a marching band on parade, albeit within the context of highest-grade big room techno. Make no mistake, these tracks are here to make you party whether you like it or not.

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 in stock HK$105.67
1989 (gatefold heavyweight vinyl 2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: KOMPAKT 373. Rel: 19 Sep 17
1989 (1:00)
Serij (5:22)
Gra (5:56)
In Bottles (6:00)
Grey (4:48)
Grau (5:44)
Push (6:00)
Gris (5:31)
14 (5:00)
Khairo (6:16)
YKPI (5:47)
Liath (5:26)
Goodbye (6:53)
Review: On his previous albums, 1977 and 1983, Rune Reilly Kolsch explored different aspects of his childhood, delivering music inspired by favourite formative memories. Predictably, this third full-length also has an autobiographical bent, inspired as it was by what the Danish producer calls his "difficult early teenage years". As he was dealing with both puberty and the break-up of his parents' marriage, it's perhaps unsurprising that 1989 features more music that's melancholic in tone, with extensive use of evocative string arrangements, rough-round-the-edges synthesizers, yearning pianos and nods towards early German techno. Clearly, young Kolsch was prone to teenage mood swings, too, because there's also plenty of surging tech-house beauty and heartfelt dancefloor positivity amongst the glistening poignancy.
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 in stock HK$223.64
Speicher 93
Cat: KOMEX 093. Rel: 27 Sep 16
Minimal/Tech House
Grey (4:58)
KIR (7:02)
Played by: Resident Advisor
 in stock HK$109.77
Speicher 79
Cat: KOMPAKTEXTRA 79. Rel: 26 Jun 14
Minimal/Tech House
Review: Kolsch gets his freak on with this latest release on for the Kompakt Extra label which represents the Danish producer's fourth Speicher in total. We are not sure what Rune Reilly Kolsch was on when he was in the studio making "Papageno" but we sure would like some, as the production is bugged out to the extreme! Detuned synths and malfunctioning electronics collide magnificently with manipulated basslines and stripped back percussion before Kolsch introduces a most pleasant detour into a more melodic plane blessed by fluttering vocals from When Saints Go Machine's Waa Industry. On the flip, Kolsch teams up with pianist Gregor Schwellenbach for the sublime "Cassiopeia" which surely ranks as one of Kompakt's most affecting B Sides of recent memory.
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Tags: Tech House | Minimal
 in stock HK$107.72
Speicher 70
Cat: KOMPAKTEX 70. Rel: 18 Nov 11
Minimal/Tech House
Opa (7:50)
Der Alte (9:55)
 in stock HK$105.67
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