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Broken Beat/Nu Jazz charts

Bestselling Broken Beat/Nu Jazz vinyl
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Get It Together: Exclusive Vinyl Only Official 45 Edits
Get It Together: Exclusive Vinyl Only Official 45 Edits (limited hand-numbered 7" in Juno exclusive branded sleeve)
Cat: MUKAT 087. Rel: 22 May 23
Get It Together (feat Vanessa Freeman - Yoshi's 45 edit) (4:26)
Get It Together (instrumental with Backing vocals - Robin Lee & Nik Weston 45 edit) (4:05)
Review: Long-serving Japanese nu-jazz collective Kyoto Jazz Massive is back in focus again after a cool outing featuring Roy Ayers back in February. This time they're on Mukatsuku with this limited edition and hand numbered 7" featuring a pair of new edits of their 'Get It Together' tune Featuring Vanessa Freeman. The first is from Yoshi and is a glorious bit of big disco energy with diva vocals and sumptuous chord stabs. The second is an instrumental with backing vocals which then gets edited by Robin Lee & Nik Weston into something a little more free, loose and cosmic.
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 in stock HK$73.08
El Raton (Panama Cardoon rework)
El Raton (Panama Cardoon rework)
El Raton
Review: KC
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Tags: Latin
 in stock HK$89.38
Hot Pot 003 Andres Edits
Hot Pot 003 Andres Edits (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: HPR 003. Rel: 05 May 23
Flipwood Mac (7:44)
Rapture (4:19)
Review: We're told that the Hot Pot label has been specially resurrected to put out these jams from the one and only former Slum Village DJ, Mahogany Music artist, hip-hop head and house don that is Dez Andres. They are some of the edits and reworks he has been playing out on the circuit in his Detroit hometown and they get pressed up nice and loud here on fresh wax. First up he reworks a stone-cold classic with a distinctive Latin house twang while on the flip, his signature boom-bap drum work defines another killer groove. Super stuff as ever from the man.
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 in stock HK$107.72
Superfunkanova Vol 3
Cat: ZEDD 7005. Rel: 31 May 23
Together Band - "Calif Curl Calif Girl" (4:29)
The Firebolts - "Firebolts Hustle" (3:13)
Review: The latest in the 'Superfunkanova' series hears Woody Bianchi unearth little-heard-before rarities in the genre, with two rather naive and lo-fi but ultimately delightful songs peeking through the fold. The deep-friend strings of 'Calif Curl Calif Gurl' by the Together Band helms up the A-side, while the inflammable, instrumental soul mass that is 'Firebolts Hustle' by The Firebolts comes hits us like a Flaming Moe on the B.
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 in stock HK$111.82
Over You
Over You (12")
Cat: HSREC 004. Rel: 31 May 23
Over You (5:07)
Over You (mix 2) (4:48)
Shining Through (5:38)
Shining Through (dance mix) (5:39)
Review: This naive street soul gem is so rare, that - prior to its repress here by Heels & Souls - it was barely accessible anywhere save for a potential L500 re-flogging on eBay. Luckily, those with their best interests at heart do the glorious work of repressing the tracks 'Over You' and 'Shining Through' - as well as their slightly different dance mixes - to EP-length wax. You're lucky to be in the presence of some quintessential street soul here, featuring detuned vocals, crude plodding drums and digital strings that evoke shafts of evening light on city concrete. And if you're ever suffering a bad breakup, 'Over You' is the harsh remedy.
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 in stock HK$111.82
Exclusive Blend
Cat: JAL 417V. Rel: 01 Jun 23
Exclusive Blend (3:22)
Spanish Flea (3:54)
Review: The JalapeNo label sure does like it hot and this one is no different. It sees the return of label regulars Skeewiff for a new series of outings that take the form of reworked covers of some of their favourite library tracks, inspired by greats of the genre such as Keith Mansfield, Brian Bennett, and Alan Hawkshaw. First up is 'Exclusive Blend,' a rather classic instrumental composition by Mansfield. 'Spanish Flea' is on the flip and is a version of a very famous work by Herb Alpert and his Tijuana Brass Band. It's a funky take with lots of percussive energy and big strings.
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 in stock HK$109.77
Tear The Place Up
Tear The Place Up (LP + insert + MP3 download code)
Cat: JAL 395V. Rel: 18 May 23
Green Light Go! (feat Andy Cooper) (3:20)
Mash Up The Sound (3:34)
Stanky Funk (feat Bootie Brown) (4:06)
Tear The Place Up (feat Andy Cooper) (3:34)
Hypnotise (3:26)
Reconcile (feat Charles Morgan) (3:40)
Never Gonna Let Go (3:45)
Interpretacion De Mama (1:02)
Vamonos (feat Andy Cooper & Marietta Smith) (3:12)
Sometimes I Wonder (3:25)
Push Right Through (feat Andy Cooper & Marietta Smith) (3:26)
Treat You Right (3:22)
Take Another Look At It (feat Marietta Smith) (4:32)
Review: This is the sixth album by the Bristolian production duo The Allergies (DJ Moneyshot and Rackabeat), widely known for their funky, hard-hitting hip-hop originals. With cameos from the likes of Bootie Brown, Andy Cooper, and Dele Sosimi, their latest album 'Tear The Place Up' is a rollicking whirl, and has rightfully been touted as "hip-hop meets Tarantino", with many a cheesy thriller film reference and floor-shaking beat in tow.
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 in stock HK$138.17
Double Delicious EP
MikeandTess - "Preacher Man"
Oldchap - "Big At The Jazz Club"
Bully Boy - "Central Train"
Vibes4yoursoul - "Delicious"
Review: French label Act Of Sedition returns this week with another splendid 7' double pack. A1 is Mikeandtess with a nice edit titled 'Preacher Man' that's seriously Dusty and slo-mo as you like it, while Oldchap's 'Big At The Jazz Club' chugs along just as slowly with its locomotive and jazzy groove with rap vocals. Over on the second disc, Bully Boy gets the late night boogie-down vibes in effect on 'Central Train' followed by Vibes4yoursoul with the sunny and low slung goodness of 'Delicious'.
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 in stock HK$134.17
All Ages
All Ages (12")
Cat: CWPT 006. Rel: 01 Jun 23
All Ages (3:52)
Afternoon At Barenquell (6:24)
Sanders Groove (4:07)
Soft As Moonlight (3:47)
Review: For the latest release on his admirably reliable CWPT label, Palm Trax has turned to Loket, the 'saxophonic alias' (in his words) of Berlin underground mainstay (and sometime Massimiliano Pagliara collaborator) Tahl Klainman. The four tracks on offer naturally put his emotive and entertaining sax playing front and centre, cannily combining it with all manner of stylistic influences and colourful synth sounds. He first joins the dots between trip-hop, dancefloor hip-hop and moody jazz-funk on 'All Ages', before opting for a smoother, sunnier and more bass-heavy vibe on the seriously summery 'Afternoon At Barenquell'. Over on side B, 'Sanders Groove' sounds like the missing link between DJ Cam, Portishead and Greg Foat, while 'Soft at Moonlight' is a skittish, up-tempo affair that defies easy categorisation.
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 in stock HK$130.07
Westbound Beats
Westbound Beats (limited coloured vinyl 5x7" box set)
Cat: OGIC 22777. Rel: 30 Mar 23
Baritone (2:33)
Pine (3:14)
Stevie (2:21)
Mark (4:01)
Jenny (2:11)
Steve (1:54)
Jayjay (3:42)
Armen (2:59)
Ella (2:05)
Jole (1:59)
Delete (3:19)
Now (2:02)
Carl (1:40)
Review: The 45 King was given unprecedented access to the rescued master tapes in the archives of the recently relaunched Westbound Records label in order to create the beats for this bumper album. The music of Junie Morrison and Ohio Players features heavily of course as The King pays tribute to the original iconic breakbeats that helped make him such a don in the hip-hop world. This box has seven singles in all, with 13 of these new tunes all appearing across seven differently coloured slices of wax.
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 in stock HK$443.19
Jazz n Palms 07
Cat: JNP 07. Rel: 10 May 23
Vamonos (8:13)
Con Alma (7:26)
Tiburon (7:14)
Guirnaldas (4:58)
Review: Any new tune drop the Jazz N Palms label is something worth getting excited about and this, the seventh, is another fine example of that. It is a label from an Italian beat maker and deep-digging DJ who lives in Ibiza and taps into the new Balearic sound. This one kicks off with the lively jazz stylings of 'Vamonos' then moves onto 'Con Alma', a broken beat dance floor viber layered with tons of percussion. 'Tiburon' brings more sunshine with florid flutes and big horns then 'Guirnaldas' closes with a steamy sax lead and funky breaks for good time sun-kissed fun.
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 in stock HK$111.82
Voo Sobre O Horizonte
Cat: JS7S 368. Rel: 04 May 23
Voo Sobre O Horizonte (4:51)
Why (4:26)
Review: In cahoots with legendary Japanese record store Jet Set, Freestyle Records has decided to offer-up a 45 featuring two tidy cuts from Lance Ferguson's Rare Groove Spectrum 2 album, a second set of inspired cover versions from the multi-instrumentalist, bandleader and producer. On side A the Melbourne-based musician gives his take on Azymuth classic 'Veo Sobre O Horizonte', re-imaging it as a starry, vintage synth-laden shuffle through sun-baked South American jazz-funk complete with woozy horns, Herbie Hancock keyes and eyes-closed female vocalizations. On the reverse Ferguson turns his hand to Carly Simon's 'Why', adding gorgeous horn solos and sunset-ready flourishes to a faithful re-recording of the reggae-influenced number's familiar groove.
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 in stock HK$103.72
Jungle Fever
Big Jim Hangers & His Men Of Rhythm - "Jungle Fever" (3:41)
Moon People - "Hippy Skippy Moon Strut" (2:36)
Review: Several new 7" cuts by our good friends over at Bou Ga Louw have landed in our grasp, the Argentinian label pushing brand new South American funk and soul heaters. Big Jim Hangers' 'Jungle Fever' is a high-octane instrumental ballad clearly dedicated to the dirtiest of acts out there, sex. Moans, groans, organs and drums complete the recipe, and this is an attitude mirrored on the B-side with The Moon People's 'Hippy Skippy Moon Strut'. This is a riotous mix of Afrobeat, funk, and jazz, and a mise-en-scene for free love.
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Played by: Voodoocuts
 in stock HK$164.71
Tormenta Tropical
Cat: TS 4505. Rel: 18 May 23
Tormenta Tropical (part 1)
Tormenta Tropical (part 2)
Review: Jazz N Palms is an elusive entity - are they a label, collective of DJs, or just one person: the producer Riccio? Whatever the case, they've got something of a rep for passionately mixing jazz and tropical music. Known for their regular parties at Pikes Ibiza (a classic spot - don't miss a visit if you go), their M.O. is to spin records only from an extensive collection of rare and exotic waxen slab vaults. Their EP 'Tormenta Tropical' here amounts as much to a tribute to this beloved music: Latin jazz and Afro-Cuban rhythms unfurl across just two neat cuts, as they're peppered by incredible guitar solos and bass propulsions. The essence of a tropical storm is thus caught in a sonic ester.
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 in stock HK$81.28
Poetic Justice
Cat: SSRLP 002. Rel: 25 May 23
Pullin' Back The Curtain (intro) (0:37)
Dues & Don'ts (3:21)
The Wait (Part1) (0:53)
Fraud Fades (0:52)
Suit Up (4:49)
Mood Swings (0:43)
Mono Pro Bono (2:17)
The Oath (1:21)
Taking The Stand (5:02)
All Rise (1:04)
Sinkhole (0:34)
The Appeal (2:20)
Loyalty Over Royalty (3:18)
The Wait (part 2) (2:07)
No Clouds On A Sunny Day (0:44)
The Wait (part 3) (3:56)
I Rest My Case (0:27)
Review: Three years ago, Dutch multi-instrumentalist and producer Noam Offir unveiled his debut album as Soul Supreme, a vividly realised fusion of jazz-funk, jazz-fusion, hip-hop, soul and electrofunk flavours that boasted impeccable musicianship. Poetic Justice, the rising star's hotly anticipated follow-up, continues in a similar vein whilst aiming higher. The musicianship is, if anything, even better, with liberal use of horns, P-funk synth sounds, Clavinet, warming electric piano motifs, loose limbed drums (blessed with the swing of live drums, but - we think - MPC-powered). It's basically the same old super Soul Supreme sound, taken to the next level. As a result, Poetic Justice is even better than its lauded predecessor. Don't sleep on this one!
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 in stock HK$170.66
Black Samba EP
Black Samba EP (limited 12")
Cat: CCP 06. Rel: 19 Apr 23
Black Samba (4:48)
Musa (Cumulative Collective rework) (5:23)
Cla Samba (feat Josue Ferriera) (5:05)
So Da Manha (7:05)
Review: Colin Curtis Presents is dropping some real heat this month with a pair of fine fusion EPs including one from GeeW and now this one from JuJu. This is another excellent transmission from the forefront of the contemporary British nu-jazz scene by Roderick Stewart. 'Black Samba' is one of those nimble and ass-wiggling rhythms the is punctuated by big horns, funky chords, busy percussion and a cool sense of style. 'Musa' (Cumulative Collective rework) keeps the life-affirming Roy Ayers melodies going over more effortlessly funky bass and 'Cla Samba' (feat Josue Ferriera) and 'So Da Manha' bring more Brazilian vibes to this superb EP.
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 in stock HK$186.95
Untitled (God)
Untitled (God) (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: FLO 0015LP. Rel: 12 May 23
I Am Free (2:02)
God Is Love (3:33)
Love Will Free Your Mind (4:37)
Guide My Steps (1:55)
I Surrender (4:19)
Champions (4:01)
Rafael's Prayer (0:52)
Spirit High (2:34)
Love Is All I Know (4:55)
Dear Lord (1:06)
Safe Within Your Hands (3:33)
Never Feel Fear (3:10)
We Are Gods (4:33)
Faith (4:03)
God Is On Your Side (3:57)
Luminous (2:06)
Free (4:31)
Colour Blind (2:35)
My Light (5:31)
God In Disguise (4:00)
Life We Rent But Love Is Rent Free (5:05)
Review: The Sault re-issuses keep on coming and among them comes 'Untitled (God)', intended as the dourest part of this quintuplet offering to God. This 11-track arm draws on gospel and film music more than anything else. In our view, this is the most suspenseful LP of the lot, with synthetic string sections standing in for parts that, were it not the 21st Century, we'd expect to be performed by full orchestras. No affect is lost, though: spiritual spoken-word prayers like 'Guide My Steps' recall the post-ironic vision of Dean Blunt, while everything from acapella meanderings to funk detours to improvisatory 6/4 choruses continue to pepper this long-form wonder of an album.
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 in stock HK$268.23
Taste What's Rhythm (reissue)
Cat: BEWITH 019TWELVE. Rel: 24 May 23
Taste What's Rhythm (6:03)
You've Got Me Beat (4:54)
Softly Saying Goodbye (4:12)
Review: Swamp Children were an early 80s cult band from Manchester who pioneered a unique blend of jazz-funk, post-punk and dub in their day. Their second EP 'Taste What's Rhythm' complemented their contemporaneous debut LP 'So Hot', and is a gem that more than deserves to be rediscovered. Through the least-caring, sultry vocals of Ann Quigley and the ultratight rhythms of Martin Moscrop (lA Certain Ratio), Taste What's Rhythm is a fresh delight of baggy Manc Balearica.
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Played by: Casbah 73, DJ ROCCA
 in stock HK$126.07
Uniquely Fresh
Cat: 2055 BLACK. Rel: 18 May 23
Uniquely Fresh
Earth Is Not For Humans
Seeing Is Believing
Review: Contemporary broken beat great Kaidi Tatham treads new ground as Shokazulu, a new alias. Tatham's M.O. is to add extra verve and groove to the often rigid broken beat sound, a trend that shouldn't have proliferated, given the ostensible rooting in ideas of freedom that jazz should have. 'Uniquely Fresh' sums this up to a T, mixing in all-live-performed funky basslines, jazz chords, intricate drum patterns and augmented melodic ornaments, while getting at something extra-transcendent and space-age. The slap-funk of 'Earth Is Not For Humans' is our highlight here.
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 in stock HK$103.72
The Jazz Room Vol 2
The Jazz Room Vol 2 (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: BBE 678CLP. Rel: 04 May 23
Eternal Buzz Brass Band - "Sounds Good" (6:40)
Cesar's Salad - "Manteca" (6:50)
Chip Wickham - "Rebel No 23" (7" edit) (3:58)
The Stance Brothers - "Roll Call" (3:56)
Cruisic - "Jazz Carnival" (4:39)
Daniel Crawford - "Water No Get Enemy" (5:38)
Los Po-Boy-Citos - "Fried Neckbones & Some Home Fries" (4:50)
Raul Monsalve Y Los Forajidos - "Black & Decker" (4:50)
Clare Fischer - "African Flutes" (8:12)
Cheick Tidiane Seck - "Niger Mambo" (8:00)
Florian Pellissier Quintet - "The Hipster" (5:30)
Take Vibe - "Golden Brown" (3:09)
Fast 3 - "Don't You Want Me?" (8:27)
Review: The Jazz Room is a hotly curated selectors' V/A compiled by jazz expert and BBE label owner Paul Murphy. Following the success of the original comp first released in 2019, this one comes up after a full four years' worth of curating and mulling, and aims to represent the full range of both classic and contemporary jazz sounds, from New Orleans to Latin jazz, in quick succession. Consisting of contemporary jazz versions of the likes of Fela Kuti, Raul Monsalve and, for some reason, The Human League, said contributions by the likes of Cruisic and Clare Fischer aim to trace the - yes, the - comprehensive throughline of jazz from past to present, all while refusing to abstain from BBE's trademark eclecticism. Highlights include 'Rebel No. 23' and Fast 3's Hammond-organ-injected 'Don't You Want Me'. Most importantly, no track goes without a driving, bright-bursting mood of energy.
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Tags: Latin Jazz
 in stock HK$213.49
Dream Puppy (5:38)
Shark Butt (5:19)
Cabin Days (2:07)
In Mind (3:05)
Truman (2:57)
Lenas Song (2:42)
Mysterious River Snake (2:46)
Ceberus (4:16)
Weekend At Brian's (4:17)
Marshmallow (3:40)
Review: Marshmallow is an album by The Sweet Enoughs, a project by Paul Bender, Simon Mavin and Lachlan Mitchell, also members of the Australian neo-soul band Hiatus Kaiyote. Compared to the latter project, The Sweet Enoughs are relatively obscure: 'Marshmallow' was released, no less, on Wondercore, who specialise in underground rarities from Australia. With its cover looking like an old mood music compilation picked up for 50p in Oxfam, the album ironically draws on easy listening, exotica and lo-fi music, carefully playing with our assumptions and pretensions around the genres. Nevertheless, beauties like 'Lena's Song' and 'Cabin Days' present far greater substance than their faux-exotic veneer lets on. Listen and find out what lurks under paradise.
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 in stock HK$162.56
What Kinda Music
What Kinda Music (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: 281212 3108. Rel: 24 Apr 20
What Kinda Music (3:50)
Festival (4:43)
Nightrider (feat Freddie Gibbs) (5:00)
Tidal Wave (4:10)
Sensational (1:25)
The Real (2:40)
Lift Off (feat Rocco Palladino) (5:20)
I Did It For You (4:01)
Last 100 (4:01)
Kyiv (3:28)
Julie Mangos (3:19)
Storm Before The Calm (feat Kaidi Akinnibi) (3:01)
Review: As fast-rising underground stars in their own right, you'd expect any collaborative album from soul-fired South London singer/songwriter/beat-maker Tom Misch and prolific jazz drummer Yussef Dayes (best known for his now long-running collaboration with Kamaal Williams) to be rather good. "What Kinda Music" is, with the pair mixing and mangling elements of soul, jazz-funk, electronica and jazz, a set that defies easy categorisation. Both musicians exceed themselves throughout, with tipsy electronics, sweeping strings, bass, effects-laden guitars, woozy synth lines and Misch's heartfelt, soul-flecked vocals offering a perfect foil for Dayes' loose-limbed, headline-grabbing drumming.
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 in stock HK$182.95
Straight Foxin'
Cat: WOLFLP 006. Rel: 18 May 23
Kunta (feat Mauricesax)
Be Someone (feat Bezzix)
All I Do (feat Mauricesax)
Bouncer (feat Mauricesax)
New Cribs (feat Bezzix & Mauricesax)
ITWT (feat Mauricesax)
Kush Love (feat Passion Deez)
What If
Mild Fever
Bad Knees (feat Nephews)
Played by: Superbreak
 in stock HK$221.59
Hotline Bling
Cat: BCR 139. Rel: 30 Mar 23
Hotline Bling (3:29)
Murkit Gem (2:36)
Review: Bjorn Wagner's Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band have put out several fresh albums and many great 7"s on Big Crown and 'Hotline Bling' is another one. The mysterious Hamburg outfit brings their famous steel pan sound and reaches new heights here as they again cover songs that span genres and range from mega-hits to album cuts. Their own unique approach is to mix up the traditional sounds of Trinidad and Tobago with the original source material to leave you ready to dance all night long.
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 in stock HK$73.08
Get With It/Style Like Mine
Get With It/Style Like Mine (7" limited to 200 copies)
Cat: TIR 002. Rel: 05 Oct 22
The Jazz Souls - "Get With It" (3:41)
The Cowbell Brothers - "Style Like Mine" (3:51)
Review: Super limited, super handy 7" this one from US label The Influence which combines funk, breaks, house, hip hop and soul. The Jazz Souls kick off with some unabashed use of James Brown samples on 'Get With It.' Eventually, it becomes a rolling and funky hip hop number with florid melodies. On the flip side, The Cowbell Brothers 'Style Like Mine' has dirty bass riffs, tin-pot percussion and big breaks topped off with steamy female vocals. Great tools to liven up the club.
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 in stock HK$130.07
Roseland NYC Live
Roseland NYC Live (180 gram audiophile vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: MOVLP 480. Rel: 05 May 22
Humming (5:43)
Cowboys (5:21)
All Mine (8:22)
Mysterons (0:27)
Only You (6:05)
Half Day Closing (5:01)
Over (4:03)
Glory Box (5:36)
Sour Times (5:22)
Roads (5:50)
Strangers (5:21)
 in stock HK$243.84
Swivel Your Hips (Record Store Day RSD 2023)
Swivel Your Hips (part 1) (2:59)
Swivel Your Hips (part 2) (2:51)
 in stock HK$85.38
What It Feels Like (Carrtoons remix)
What It Feels Like (Carrtoons remix)
What It Feels Like
Review: Potatohead People's classic tune 'What It Feels Like' featuring T3 (Slum Village), Kapok and Illa J, first released in 2020 alongside an unmatched live video, gets not only a reissue on vinyl here but a remix treatment from in-demand bass player Carrtoons. Switching up the order of the verses, dubbing out the horns and adding in his signature basswork, Carrtoons brings a fresh flavour to the track's already steaming, boom-bap verve. Fans of Anderson Paak, Smoove or anyone operating in the crossover of neo-soul, jazz and rap will be much pleased by this one.
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 in stock HK$81.28
Wish I Didn't Miss You
Cat: MSV 025. Rel: 01 Jul 22
Wish I Didn't Miss You (3:52)
Wish I Didn't Miss You (remix) (4:17)
Review: Oooh! Angie Stone's "Wish I Didn't Miss You" definitely belongs in the canon of all time modern soul classics. Taken from her 2001 second album Mahogany Soul, the Swizz Beats produced track made optimum usage of an O' Jays sample and was instrumental in that LP going gold and propelling the former D'Angelo collaborator to stardom. It also inspired countless official and under the counter remixes with Blaze's perhaps the most recognisable. So yes this reissue on 7" from Outta Sight is worthy if you don't have the original in your collection and features a housed up remix from Hex Hector on the flip.
Read more
 in stock HK$79.33
Knee Deep In The North Sea (Deluxe Edition)
News From Verona
(Something's Going Down On) Zavodovski Island
Knee Deep In The North Sea
Too Many Cooks
Steps In The Wrong Direction
Monsoon: Top To Bottom
The Kon Tiki Expedition
 in stock HK$195.05
Black Sands
Black Sands (2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: ZEN 140. Rel: 30 Mar 10
Eyesdown (feat Andreya Triana)
El Toro
We Could Forever
All In Forms
The Keeper (feat Andreya Triana)
Stay The Same (feat Andreya Triana)
Black Sands
 in stock HK$158.56
Hit & Run
Cat: LMNKV 70. Rel: 16 Feb 23
Hit & Run (4:11)
Apache (4:52)
Review: Madrid-based Brighton boy Chip Wickham sure knows how to come up with exotic sounds. His name is perfect for the 60s spy theme style funk he cooked up for Lovemonk back in 2011. They proved so popular they quickly sold out and so the today 7" has now been repressed. 'Hit & Run' is exactly as it should sound based on the title - a soundtrack to a high-speed car chase in a 60s movie. 'Apache' then rattles and rolls with busy Latin percussive flair, tumbling drums and a sunny flute lead packed with joy. Both of these will inject any set with next-level vibes.
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 in stock HK$87.43
REZ 16SIXTEEN (limited 12")
Cat: REZ 16SIXTEEN. Rel: 04 Apr 23
Jupiter (7:47)
Tripping (5:24)
The Bomb (6:27)
In Your Mind (7:12)
Review: As you will well know if you are reading this, prog house is back and it has been for ages. As always with any revival, there is good stuff and weak stuff. This EP is very much the corner from Forces of Nature, with authentic 90s soundscapes mixing up lush ambient synth designs, dreamy Italo drums and real musical depth. 'Jupiter' is super smooth and seductive as it cruises at high altitude, then 'Tripping' is a downbeat workout and 'The Bomb' takes you to the heavens on gorgeous melodies while the bass plunges low. 'In Your Mind' is perfectly comedown music to close the EP in style.
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 in stock HK$138.17
Modal Soul
Modal Soul (gatefold 2xLP)
Cat: HOLP 004. Rel: 04 Mar 22
Feather (feat Cise Starr & Akin From CYNE) (2:56)
Ordinary Joe (feat Terry Callier) (5:01)
Reflection Eternal (4:13)
Luv (Sic) (feat Shing 02 - part 3) (5:33)
Music Is Mine (4:19)
Eclipse (feat Substantial) (3:22)
The Sign (feat Pase Rock) (4:35)
Thank You (feat Apani B) (4:10)
World's End Rapsody (5:41)
Modal Soul (feat Uyama Hiroto) (4:36)
Flowers (4:00)
Sea Of Cloud (3:02)
Light On The Land (3:54)
Horizon (7:18)
Review: Before his tragic death in a car accident in 2010, beat-maker Nujabes was renowned as one of Japan's best exponents of hip-hop/jazz fusion. He released numerous albums in this style, with 2005's "Modal Soul" being widely accepted as the finest example. Here it gets the reissue treatment, remarkably appearing on vinyl for the very first time. Featuring some notable collaborations with both rappers and vocalists (see Terry Callier's re-recorded vocal on Nujabes' cover of his "Ordinary Joe"), the album blends both live and programmed beats (some hip-hop, others looser and jazzier) with impeccable jazz instrumentation, drowsy electronics, deep samples and more intricate musical touches than you can shake a stick at. In other words, it's a genuine fusion classic that has arguably long been overlooked.
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Crush (LP + insert)
Cat: ZEN 259. Rel: 18 Oct 19
Falaise (1:30)
Last Bloom (1:30)
Anasickmodular (1:30)
Requiem For CS70 & Strings (1:30)
Karakul (1:30)
LesAlpx (1:30)
Bias (1:30)
Environments (1:30)
Birth (1:30)
Sea-watch (1:30)
Apoptose (part 1) (1:30)
Apoptose (part 2) (1:30)
Review: A new album from Sam Shepherd AKA Floating Points is always cause for celebration, but even by his standards "Crush" is rather special. Largely eschewing the ambient jazz soundscape shuffle of 2017's "Reflections - Mojave Desert", it sees the Shepherd showcase his musical dexterity in stunning fashion via cuts that wrap shimmering neo-classical strings around what sound like modular electronics and rhythms that variously touch on broken beat, off-kilter experimental D&B and Autechre-style IDM. Of course there are ambient and experimental soundscapes showcased, but it's the fact that the album contains a swathe of formidably dancefloor-focused cuts in the style that first made him standout that pleases us most. Highlights include recent single "LesAlpx", the dreamy "Anasickmodular" and the "People's Potential" style deep house intricacy of "Last Bloom".
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 in stock HK$186.95
Yellow Jackets Vol 6
Deenamic - "Simplify" (9:12)
Byron The Aquarius - "Mind Disasterrrr" (feat Coto Loto & Computer Jay) (4:27)
Review: Yellow Jackets follow up on releases featuring the likes of Marcellus Pittmann, Fred P, Jose Rico and Specter with this sixth volume of machine soul. On the A-side it's Deenamic on the buttons, previously spotted on Neroli with the likes of Volcov and Marcello Napoletano. His approach to house music is scuffed and bumping around the drums, and full of pure soulful elevation in the synth lines - for a producer from Madrid he sure captures the spirit of Detroit in his production. On the flip Byron The Aquarius slips into light-touch drum & bass with ample swerves into half-time lounge bliss - a meandering mind-massage with contributions from Computer Jay, one for all machine jazz meditators to savour.
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 in stock HK$117.87
Boulevard: The Complete Series
Cat: F 022DLP/F 022/137002212. Rel: 01 Nov 90
Deep In It
Thank U Mum 4 Everything You Did
Street Scene 4 Shazz (Jazz Hop mix)
Easy To Remember
Sentimental Mood
What's New
Dub Experience 11
Forget It
 in stock HK$182.95
Back To Black
Cat: 1734128. Rel: 24 May 07
You Know I'm No Good
Me & Mr Jones
Just Friends
Back To Black
Love Is A Losing Game
Tears Dry On Their Own
Wake Up Alone
Some Unholy War
He Can Only Hold Her
Played by: Juno Classics, Aliwud
 in stock HK$164.02
Baby Got Work
Cat: BJ 732. Rel: 08 Jul 21
Baby Got Work (feat Kapok - DJ Jazzy Jeff & Kaidi Tatham remix) (4:02)
Baby Got Work (feat Kapok) (3:33)
Review: 'Baby Got Work' was one of many highlights from Vancouver twosome Potatohead People's 2020 album Mellow Fantasy, a smorgasbord of jazz-funk, hip-hop and nu-jazz fusion. Wisely Bastard Jazz Recordings have decided to release it as a single, pairing the duo's superb original - a summery slab of righteous, sing-along hip-hop/soul/jazz-funk fusion featuring vocals from Kapok and De La Soul's Posdnous - with a fresh collaborative rework by DJ Jazzy Jeff and Bugz In The Attic alumnus Kaidi Tatham. Their version subtly re-casts the track as a more colourful slab of hip-hop soul, complete with fresh scratches (courtesy of Jazzy Jeff) and some seriously spacey synths.
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Played by: Marc Hype, I Love 45's!
 in stock HK$63.03
VINCENT (gatefold 180 gram vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: FKJ 007LP. Rel: 07 Jul 22
Way Out (3:20)
Greener (feat Santana) (3:53)
Us (3:59)
The Mission (3:17)
Can't Stop (feat Little Dragon) (3:52)
IHM (3:23)
Brass Necklace (feat ((( O )))) (3:03)
Different Masks For Different Days (4:18)
A Moment Of Mystery (feat Toro Y Moi) (3:24)
Let's Live (3:40)
Once Again I Close My Eyes (2:52)
New Life (2:49)
Does It Exist (0:53)
Stay A Child (4:13)
Review: FKJ's glossy brand of instrumental funk and soul has reached many a great height, so now it's high time we looked back on the artist's roots. 'French Kiwi Juice' was his first album, showing off the artist's incredible multi-instrumental chops. Super-sweet yet also tart sonic juices from the Franco-New Zealander, returning to this exclusive vinyl pressing.
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Rock (Unplugged)
Rock (Unplugged) (7" + insert)
Cat: OTS 279. Rel: 12 Dec 22
Rock (Unplugged) (4:34)
All Up In It (DJ Chintam Blow Up short re-edit) (4:47)
Review: Remarkably, 'Rock (Unpluged)', DJ Spinna's collaboration with the Tortured Soul Band, is now 20 years old. Originally released by BBE on a now sought-after seven-inch, the cut adds tight, on-point scratches and sample trickery from Spinna to a languid, hot-stepping jazz-funk workout laden with loose-limbed drum breaks, warming bass, spacey synths and fantastic horn arrangements. Over on the flip you'll find a fresh re-edit of 2003 album track 'All Up On It', a more laidback chunk of scratch-sporting Hammond-funk that's as deep, jazzy and warming as they come. Whether you're a dusty-fingered hip-hop head or a fiery funk enthusiast, you need this in your life.
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 in stock HK$168.71
Back In My Space EP
Back In My Space EP (limited 12")
Cat: BM 012. Rel: 15 Feb 23
Back In My Space (3:45)
Don't Be Fooled (6:25)
Back In My Space (Airport Society remix) (6:07)
Back To Nature (4:06)
Review: It's hard to believe it is now a full decade since Dez Andres blew up off the back of his track 'New For U.' He had of course been toiling away for years before that, recording with Moodymann and DJing for Slum Village amongst other things. Since then the music has kept coming - some of it hip-hop, some of it house under this alias, and much of it a perfect fusion of the two. And that's what we get here on this new EP for Beretta Music - four lush deep house joints with his smooth signature drum loops and gloriously incidental melodies. The slower, funkier bounce of 'Back To Nature' is the EP highlight for us, but all four of these are a cut above, as per usual with Dez.

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 in stock HK$121.87
Good Vibes Bad Vibes
Cat: NSD 228LP. Rel: 22 May 23
The Good Vibes (intro) (0:33)
Penthouse Elevators (1:26)
Nature At Work (1:33)
Jungle Developments (1:29)
Ice Cold Coolers (0:52)
Bounce Keepers (3:41)
Another Two4 (2:49)
Smoked Cookouts (2:26)
Bands Jukes (1:45)
The Bad Vibes (intro) (1:59)
Intended Mayhem (1:58)
Leeches (1:43)
DGF (2:35)
Short Tempers (1:00)
Problems & Solvers (1:13)
Dead Ringers (2:19)
Angry Cosmos (2:09)
Unbeautiful (2:16)
Review: This is a new, short and seriously sweet album from Oh No - Madlib's bother - who is famed for being an innovator and mad talented when it comes to the art of sampling as well as rapping and beat making. He has a rich history of exploring a wide world of source material and here it is jazz funk great Roy Ayers in the spotlight. This superb instrumental collection deconstructs the work of iconic vibraphonist and is split into two halves each with its own vibe and all constructed from the early jazz-centric realm. Good Vibes is all about light and vibrant layers beaming in the sun and Bad Vibes is more dark and murky for angrier times.
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! low stock HK$205.30
Cat: ISLE 015. Rel: 31 May 23
Peckham (5:11)
No Direction (feat Pike) (5:30)
Bridge (1:38)
Grenoble (feat Vague Imaginaires) (4:30)
Hospital Grounds (6:20)
How's Life (6:29)
Westway (Return) (3:17)
Review: Scottish textural experimentors 12th Isle venture across the pond once more, with the label's founder Stewart Brown topping up its exquisite techno-tropical fold for an exclusive look-in to his music made between 2015-2020 (hence the name). A combo of hardware and live-drummed dribblings makes for what might classify as an electroacoustic album but without the usual pretensions, as each track from 'How's Life' to 'Westway' trudge through a million different disparate scrapes and clanks, which each nevertheless retain enough of a similarity to each other, within their difference, to form a part of the same soundbath. The album is also something of an allusion to London living, with many of its rhythmic luminaries (such as multi-rhythmic maestro Pike Ogilvy and fellow 12th Isle affiliate Vague Imaginaries) also in tow.
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 in stock HK$150.46
Modal Forces/Percussive Forces
Cat: BBER 7221. Rel: 18 May 23
Kiriath-Arba (Modal Forces) (3:01)
Shinar (2:34)
Beersheba (3:43)
Khmunu (3:04)
Beth-El (2:21)
Mittani (2:36)
Amurru (2:54)
Shechem (1:49)
Cincinnati Sunrise (Percussive Forces) (1:52)
Chicago Shift (1:48)
The Oakland Feel (1:27)
Pittsburgh Patrol (1:32)
Watts Awakening (1:48)
Dayton Daydreams (1:41)
Harlem Homerun (1:34)
Baltimore Beatdown (1:35)
Review: Techno veteran, DJ, composer, producer and notorious jazz lover Kirk Degiorgio explores both modal and seventies fusion sounds on this new full-length album project for BBE. Session drummer Chris Whitten brings some high-quality stick work to this album alongside Kirk's own signature vintage synth work, heavy percussive breaks and funk-fuelled future grooves. It's an album inspired by the great Library works of the 70s and 80s which, says Kirk, allows him to be "able to express ideas and thoughts in a maximum of two minutes at a time." It is creatively free and musically accomplished, as you would expect from this great British artist.
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Let's Invade The Amazon
Let's Invade The Amazon (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: BA 098V. Rel: 08 Sep 22
Let's Invade The Amazon (6:23)
Pale Splash Of Blue (7:22)
Let's Invade The Amazon (Yoruba Soul remix) (6:19)
Let's Invade The Amazon (JKriv remix) (6:33)
Review: Legend of the Madrid scene Casbah 73 is back with a new one for Kraak & Smaak's Boogie Angst here, featuring four new sweltering tracks. The message of environmental politics on 'Let's Invade The Amazon' sung by Hawaii by-way-of Texas' Tonya Wilcox is backed by a low slung disco arrangement, followed by the late night boogie-down instrumental 'Pale Splash Of Blue'. Over on the flip, remixes come from some right legends of the scene; Yoruba Soul takes the track deeper as expected, while Razor N Tape main man JKriv goes for a tropical vibe.
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 in stock HK$93.48
Cat: ALBFLP 013. Rel: 23 May 23
Permeate (3:25)
Unity Gain (5:29)
Eyes Shut (feat Faye Houston) (4:57)
What Is The State Of Our State (feat Repeat Beat Poet - part 1) (4:32)
Your Invasion Is A Lie (feat Idris Rahman) (3:31)
Unforgotten, Unforgiven (feat Nat Birchall) (4:33)
What Is The State Of Our State (feat Repeat Beat Poet - part 2) (1:20)
Flames (feat Tamar Osborn & Faye Houston) (7:00)
Refuge (interlude) (5:51)
Refuge (1:50)
Review: Albert's Favourites are like managers of a large public swimming pool - they've got a wave-making machine at their disposal. In this case his name is Scrimshire, a multi-instrumentalist, producer and DJ from London, who has been making figurative waves in the jazz and electronic scene for over a decade. His latest album Paroxysm, s a stunning showcase of his versatility, mixing themes of anxiety, anger and hope via a blend of jazz, soul, hip-hop and electronica. Featuring guest appearances from the likes of Emma-Jean Thackray, And Is Phi, Bessi and more, Scrimshire's vision is as doomy and tempered by electronica as it is influenced by classic jazz, providing a beguiling middle ground.
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Dummy (heavyweight vinyl LP)
Cat: 828 5221. Rel: 13 Mar 18
Mysterons (4:59)
Sour Times (4:13)
Strangers (3:58)
It Could Be Sweet (4:12)
Wandering Star (4:51)
Numb (3:58)
Roads (5:07)
Pedestal (3:39)
Biscuit (4:49)
Glory Box (4:54)
 in stock HK$213.49
Chega Mais
Cat: ONDA 02. Rel: 13 Apr 23
Ao Som De Marcos Valle (5:27)
Ao Som De Marcos Valle (JKriv remix) (4:59)
Chega Mais Lincoln (4:21)
Chega Mais Lincoln (Joutro Mundo remix) (6:37)
 in stock HK$126.07
HOLE 006
Cat: HOLE 006. Rel: 23 Jan 23
Live The Good Life (3:22)
Lean Back (2:23)
Koi Song (2:19)
This Is How We Do (remix) (2:51)
Review: Hole In One is a label that's not mucking about. It is seeing up top quality tunes at a fairly busy rate and this sixth one is another joy to the ears of hip-hop lovers. Drunkenstein is the man in charge and he kicks off with the sunny sounds and dusty breaks of 'Live The Good Life' before 'Lean Back' is a much deeper, slower, more jazzy joins for the afters. 'Koi Song' toys with golden era boom bap and some pensive piano chords while a strange lead brings an almost country twist. A remix of MC Gruff's 'This is How We Do' is last up and maybe the EP's highlight.
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 in stock HK$81.28
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