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Theremins | Moog Theremins

Theremins | Moog Theremins in stock for same day-shipping
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Gakken Toy Mini Theremin (assembly required, 6th edition version)
Cat: 904666 Rel: 31 Jan 23
Self-assembly mini theremin
Notes: Experience the world's first electronic musical instrument that you can play without touching it.

The world's oldest electronic musical instrument "Theremin", invented by Dr. Lev Theremin in 1920, is a unique musical instrument that is played by moving the hands closer and further away from the antenna.

Kit features:

- Of the two antennas normally used for pitch and volume, this is a simplified version of the theremin that uses only the antenna that changes the pitch.
- Since it has a built-in speaker, you can make a sound immediately after completion. There is an 3.5mm output terminal, so you can also connect it to an amplifier.
- Easy to assemble with a single screwdriver. It takes 30 minutes.
- This magazine is full of articles for playing theremin, including a theremin course. (please note: includedbooklet is written in Japanese).

- Uses 4 AA alkaline batteries (sold separately).
- This product is a revised version of the 2007 issue of "Otona no Kagaku Magazine Theremin Mini" with some changes to the specifications.
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quote 904666
Moog Etherwave Theremin Analogue Synthesiser (wood/black)
Moog Etherwave Theremin Analogue Synthesiser (wood/black) (etherwave theremin analogue synthesiser)
Cat: 873120 Rel: 14 Apr 22
Moog's Etherwave Theremin provides an accurate five-octave pitch range and balanced spacing between notes for a highly sophisticated degree of playability
Notes: The latest in a series of iconic instruments from Moog, the Etherwave Theremin harks back to the very start of Bob Moog's career but introduces modern touches and CV outputs to control modular gear.

Supplier's Notes:
Moog's Etherwave Standard and Etherwave Plus set the bar of performance theremin design over the last two decades. Now, the all-time highest selling theremin models get an update to become simply the Moog Etherwave Theremin.

Combining analogue playability with unprecedented performance potential, Moog's Etherwave Theremin provides an accurate five-octave pitch range and balanced spacing between notes for a highly sophisticated degree of playability.

Updated analogue electronics have been used to create Bob Moog's classic theremin circuit design while improving bass response in the lower registers.

The refined cabinet features hand-finished hardwood and two quickrelease plated-brass antennas. Additionally, rear-panel I/O connections and a detachable mic stand adapter ensure quick setup on the go.

Easily accessible front-panel controls allow for spontaneous changes in timbre, and the antennas' response can be adjusted to suit any player and their environment (advanced users can go a step further via the calibration access panel on top of the instrument).

A front panel headphone output-with dedicated volume control-pairs with the addition of a Mute button that silences the main audio output, while leaving the headphone output active for privately adjusting timbre and tuning. In addition, Etherwave Theremin can connect directly to-and control-your other modular, semi-modular, and Eurorack synthesizer systems via CV (Control Voltage).

Control your synthesizers or effects while playing the theremin by patching into Etherwave Theremin's 3.5mm Pitch CV, Volume CV, and Gate CV jacks for a completely new performance experience.

Technical specs:

Sound Source: Analogue Heterodyning Oscillator
Sound Modifier: Analogue VCA
Pitch Antenna: Performance control of the frequency range, from approximately 0 Hz to 4.2 kHz, based on hand proximity
Volume Antenna: Performance control of the dynamic range of over 70dB, based on hand proximity
Mute Button: On: Audio Out muted; Phones Out active
Off: All outputs active
Switch Jack: 1/4" jack for momentary footswitch (not included)
controls Mute function
Power: LED indicator (front panel); Button (rear panel)
Headphones: 1/4" output jack
Audio Out: 1/4" Audio output jack
CV Out: 3.5mm jacks for Volume CV Out, Pitch CV Out, Gate CV Out
Power Supply: Style: wall adapter; barrel connection; center-pin positive
Input: 100 - 240VAC; 50 Hz - 60 Hz
Output: +12VDC; 2A

In the box

Etherwave Theremin
Detachable Pitch Antennae
Detachable Volume Antennae
Calibration Tool
Power Supply
Quickstart Guide
User's Manual
Product Catalog ue
Registration Card

Weights & dimensions

Product only

Weight (lbs): 6.3 lbs
Weight (kg): 2.85 kg
Imperial (in) With Antennas: 18.73" H x 26.81" W x 6.59" D
Metric (cm) With Antennas: 47.58 cm H x 17.72 cm W x 16.74 cm D
Imperial (in) Without Antennas: 3.31" H x 17.72" W x 6.26" D
Metric (cm) Without Antennas: 8.4 cm H x 45 cm W x 15.9 cm D

Product in box
Weight (lbs): 9.6 lbs
Weight (kg): 4.35 kg
Imperial (in): 9.5" H x 21.25" W x 6.5" D
Metric (cm): 24.13 cm H x 53.97 cm W x 16.51 cm D
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 1 in stock HK$5,618.66
Moog Theremini Theremin (white)
Cat: 519900 Rel: 16 Jul 14
Theremin with traditional heterodyning oscillator for pitch control with built-in speaker
Notes: The Theremini is a re-imagination of one of the oldest electronic musical instrument in history, and Bob Moog's first love - the theremin. Its design fuses the experience of performing with an instrument you don't actually touch, with a powerful sound engine derived from Moog's award winning synthesizer, Animoog. The Theremini guarantees immediate success to any player at any skill level, while providing new ways to experiment with music, education, and gestural control.

Assistive pitch correction allows each player to adjust the instruments level of playing difficulty. At the maximum position, the Theremini will play every note in a selected scale perfectly, making it impossible to play a wrong note. As this control is decreased, more expressive control of pitch becomes possible. When set to minimum, the Theremini will perform as a traditional theremin with analog heterodyning oscillator and absolutely no pitch assistance.

A built in tuner supplies real-time visual feedback of each note as it is played, as well as its proximity to perfection. This is useful for correcting a users playing position, or to educate younger players about pitch and scales.

The presets section allows you to select from 32 wave or wavetable-based patches, store a selected scale & root note, set and recall a specified playing range, and specify per-patch settings for the included stereo delay.

Recessed in the top of the Theremini is a compact speaker perfect for private rehearsal and quick setup anywhere. Silent rehearsal is also possible via front panel headphone jack. Simply plug in ear-buds or headphones and the built in speaker becomes silent.

For live performance and gestural control, the rear panel features two line level audio outputs, a pitch CV output with selectable range, and a mini USB jack for MIDI I/O and connectivity.
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MRP:HK$3,699.72 SAVE 17%
 1 in stock HK$3,058.98
Widara Distant Voices Theremin
Cat: 939858 Rel: 31 Jul 23
Distant Voices Theremin by Widara.
Notes: A simple Theremin like the Distant Voices Theremin became famous mainly due to Jimmy Page, who has been using this weird instrument on stage for the most of his career. The pole antenna is not the best choice for theremins - a plate antenna is much more sensitive - but the show design has been defined by Jimmy.

Also this is not meant to play melodies as much as it is meant to produce a nice spectrum of horrifying sounds and noises.

Technical details:

Black plastic box

Width: 17 cm

Including all operating parts

Height: 8 cm without antenna

Depth: cca 6 cm

cca 60 cm antenna

Weight including 9V battery: cca 230 g
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